Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily MF: Rehearsals before Melodfestivalen-2011

We get more and more new pics in different stars blogs and in media by which we can realize that next year Melodifestivalen comparing with last year full of static performances with nothing but artist standing next to mic and singing some ballad this year will be full of dancing numbers.
For example above you can already see Jonas Matsson working on his performance with Rennie Mirro showing which schlager-poses should artist learn to become melamazing.

Dilba gets 7 dancers team and her manager Linda Sonnvik promises some truly great show. We hope it'll be amazing opening performance!

Will Le Kid stand in front of cameras with dead eyes and sleepy show? Nope!!! Le Kid are gonna DANCE!!!

Rickard Engfors is making some terrific show for Sebastian this year! It's gonna have LEDs with Sebastian's video behind, dancing girls and it's gonna be technical complicated. Don't know what it means but smells like excitement!

Jenny Silver who goes schlager this year seems like has moved from dark melancholic image and gets loads of dancers too. Rickard also works on her show and thinks to dress dancers like futuristic soldiers with bondage elements. Sounds like something incredible. Check more on his blog.

What about Linda Sundblad? Have you ever seen her in dance shows? You're going to also this time! So let's dance!

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s. said...

In Brolle' site you can also find some pics :)

Damian said...

Oh, didn't know Brolle's blogging, gonna follow :)