Friday, January 7, 2011

Premiere of "Let's Dance" with Jessica Andersson, Andreas Weise and Hannah Graaf

New season of popular "Let's Dance" show has collected mass of famous faces again and as we've got a lot of musicians I should undoubtfully give you a tip about this show if some of your faves participates there.
To be more exact we've got Jessica Andersson, Hannah Graaf, Idol-jury Anders Bagge, Idol-participant Andreas Weise, not really Swedish Alexander Rybak and loads of live music (Taio Cruz, Robyn, Donkeyboy, Salem al Fakir, Cee Lo Green, etc.) with bright-coloured dance-show. Sure this sort of shows isn't beloved by anyone but it's still stays popular in many countries and it's quite enjoyable to watch some well-known charecters trying to do their best in dance. Jessica Andersson looked gorgeous in her long purple dress and Andreas Weise's funny facial expressions haven't left anyone cold, check it yourself below.
By the way Da Buzz's new re-released version of latest single "U Gotta Dance" has become soundtrack for "Let's Dance" trailer but it's another story that I'll tell you as soon as we'll get this new version online.

Alexander Rybak och Malin Johansson - vals
Andreas Weise och Sigrid Bernson - cha-cha-cha
Hannah Graaf Karyd och Calle Sterner - cha-cha-cha
Anders Bagge och Cecilia Ehrling - vals
Jessica Andersson och Kristjan Lootus - vals

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