Monday, January 24, 2011

Lucky Twice - Love Song (video)

Earlier last year you could get a first taste of new Lucky Twice's single "Love Song" - single that was in a stage of preparation before release quite long time. Though we already thought that song was put on a shelf and forgotten forever suddenly we've got new video for this song and it looks like a confident step forward.
Though it's still positive Von Der Burg pop-music that turned many heads few years ago and made girls dance sensation around the world, Lucky Twice has grown and from a bit teen-naive lovely performances it's gone to more sexy September-smelling project. Additional assocation also comes from colourful computer graphics of video giving a slight taste of "Cry For You" clip and the song is still pure Swedish-pop delight with ABBAesque layers and rush of dance-energy.
However when we've opened description of the video we've found this! "This was recorded in 2009 and released as the nonofficial music video with official clips in the year of 2010. Sadly, the group is no longer active and broke up in mid-Spring of 2010. Hannah Reynold, however still writes music and sings. Emelie Schytz still has a manager and we may see more stuff from her in the future." Incredibly sad but we really hope that it's not the the end of story and we'll hear from girls sooner or later, better sooner of course!

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