Saturday, July 31, 2010

Norlie & KKV ft. Lazee - Can I Be The One

Lazee just doesn't stop to provide new great collaborations these days and we get another one with fresh project Norlie & KKV.
Sonny Fahlberg (Norlie) and Kim Vadenhag (KKV) are two young Stockholm lads who met in gymnasium around year ago and decided to start new common project catching inspiration from completely different music styles mixing pop, rap, house, electro, rok, etc. in their own music. Project turned to be much more successful than anyone could expect and guys already have managed to perform with such respectable artists like Hoffmaestro & Chraa, Maskinen, Afasi & Filthy, Far & Son and J-Son. Right now they're working on the first album with producers Daniel Gidlund, Tore Jarlo, Camilo Britos and Brazilian Lorenzo Anzzur and releasing their debut single with support of Lazee.
"Can I Be The One" is very well-produced dynamic track based on rap-verses, high quality electro-sound and totally stunning dancefloor killers-refrains. Enjoy it below!

Baron Bane - Sordid Eyes

Swedish mysterious electronic (or indietronical as they say) project Baron Bane is ready for release of new album.
Band exists already 7 years and all the time they were quite active writing new music and giving live performances not only in Sweden but across Europe staying all the time undeground artists though. Everything around Baron Bane is quite mystical and members try not to break this atmosphere and prove their uniqueness with original performances involving loads of various artists. They use to hide their faces under masks and tell people beautiful legend of how they found each other that you can read on their facebook page.
First time I've heard about Baron Bane was Metro On Stage contest that the band entered with their previous single "Love.Cures.All" that sounds like if Mylene Farmer would go down to a deep depressive electronic sound with her fragile vocals and beautiful meditative melodies making it quite accessible and loveable for both electronic and pop-fans. You can download full pack of mixes for "Love.Cures.All" on Baron Bane's official page for free.

Now before release of the second album Baron Bane surprisingly turned direction to show their comletely new side with the single "Sordid Eyes" that can be compared with a delicate web sewed from acoustic riffs, hunting beautiful female vocals and soft thoughtful keys in a light sadness feeling. Both singles prove that forthcoming album's gonna be quite esthetical and beautiful masterpiece. You can check some album's teasers on band's youtube channel as well.

Baron Bane - Sordid Eyes by BaronBane

Jessica Folcker - Viva La Vida

Jessica Folcker's appearance in a list of Stockholm Pride's concert devoted to 90s made me surfing youtube in a search of some new videos of this amazing Swedish pop-singer. Last time we got new stuff from Jessica was 3 years ago when she released her electro-pop album "Skin Close" with very nice single "Snowflakes", both were incredibly underwhelmed though it wasn't the first time when Jessica making perfect pop-stuff in any direction she tried was not quite well appreciated by Swedish audience. Since that time we could only see some rare performance of Jessica on TV and in some public events and concerts. Last November she took part in "Sjung Nu" concert in Stockholm's Konserthus performing with live music and gospel-choir. I really like Darin's cover of this song but imagine how great it would sound with Jessica's vocal in studio version!

And another great video I've found is Jessica's covering ABBA when she was singing "The Name Of The Game" on a big ABBA tribute concert, first time I've heard this cover was around 5 years ago and then I've completely fallen in love with this version. Finally video has leaked and you can watch it below together with another great performance of Jessica together with Charlotte Perrelli and LaGaylia singing "Dancing Queen".

Update: By the way here's short video of Jessica performing at Pride, you can hardly see Jessica but you can perfectly hear full power of her amazing voice in her biggest world-wide hit.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hanna Stockzell - Gillar Du Mig

In terms of Stockholm Pride week when schlager is spread all over in the air and Swedish capital is overflowed with schlager-stars I should give you guys some fresh schlager-food that I've been missing quite long as this year Melodifestivalen left me (and I guess not only me) half-schlager-hungry.
Hanna Stockzell, ex-member of popular bubblegum-project (no, they're not Danish, it was just a step to Danish market although the band unexpectedly has made a big breakthrough in Japan), gave the world new amazing schlager-baby called "Gillar Du Mig", actually it's already more than 1-year-old child but I've just discovered it and was totally amazed from the first listen. It's a brilliant mix of Andreas Lundstedt's "Move" smelling electro-samples with dramatic verses blasting out with big schlager-chorus making listener think about some of Nina & Kim's and Shirley Clamp's greatest hits, beautiful and strong Hanna's vocal perfectly marks high level of this song. For the first time I didn't even believed that it's original track not performed before by some huge artist but it was for real and even more, Hanna wrote the song herself and she's in the process of work in producing center Team DiCaster, is involved as songwriter and singer in SVT's TV-show for kids and writes her own stuff not trying to get under any pressure and to go where her inspiration leads her. So if first Hanna's solo-steps are so impressive how far can her songwriting skills and future career grow? I hope quite far. You can check some other Hanna's songs on her facebook and myspace pages, sure it's different and not only schlager but it's all pop-stuff - ballads ("Lyft Mig Upp"), bubblegum-dance ("You've Been Kissing My Seth"), hope you'll enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's a cruel, cruel summer...

I'm staying quite nasty blogger these days. It's such a weird thing though - every last day on some of my favorite blogs I see bloggers writing about how much they are currently loaded with work, what is it? Maybe just this heat slowing us down?
Well, however not to leave you too bored and to turn you on a bit I'd like to share with you some nice mixes you'd spend this hot Summer along with.
First of all I should mention Soundfactory's best work for last 2-3 years at least. It's made for Linda Pritchard's last single "Miracle" and it's just brilliant with fantastic beat that we could expect from Von Der Burg's team, great scandi-dance bass line, play with Linda's amazing vocal, anthemic choir in the middle eight, totally ecstatic, check it!

Another worth listening mix that I would recommend to you is for Jenny Berggren's last single "Here I Am" made by Sthlm Sound Facility (songwriting team behind the song), very nice trance-work.

Pandora released Euroversion of her currently promoted "You Believed" and this time exactly what you could expect from eurodance-queen - powerful, energetic and very danceable.

Nexx has released in Sweden "Paralyzed" one of songs from their album "Synchronize Lips" in remixed version from DJ Andi. Sounds quite Romanian dance-pop that's sure a good thing (oh, is DJ Andi Romanian? Then I've guessed right!).

Basshunter's new hit "Saturday" has got Almighty treatment as great as Almighty can make. Hope it'll finally convince the world that this song deserves to become hugest hit of Basshunter though it's already widely played across Europe and #21 of UK chart isn't bad at all.

Also you should taste Therese' Alesso remix for "Drop It Like It's Hot" and check fragment of this gorgeous lady's recent performance, isn't she lovely?

And finally don't forget to listen Mohombi's new Chuckie mix for "Bumpy Ride", it's very-very nice as well.

This week Stockholm is full of different music events connected with Stockholm Pride. So everyone who will visit Swedish capital these days will be able to see Sarah Dawn Finer, Linda Bengtzing, Christer Sjögren, Pauline, Rebound, Le Kid, Titiyo, Marit Bergman, Sibel, Jenny Silver, NEO, Hanna Lindblad, Safura, Hera Björk, Lena Meyer-Landrut (not announced officially yet but quite obviously), Therese Grankvist, Anna Maria Espinosa, CC & Lee, Love Generation, Jonathan Fagerlund, Sandra Dahlberg, Ankie Bagger and many-many others. So we're waiting for some live performances leaking soon on youtube.
Cheers friends! Swedish Stereo's turning to a normal working mode very soon.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Robyn - Hang With Me (video)

Swedish Stereo is on the way back after small pause with updates caused by unexpected loads of job leaving me totally no free time to speak about so much of interesting stuff that I intended these days. I really hope you're still with me and we're coming back with what (or to be more accurate WHO) I left you with last week. I mean Robyn.
Surprisingly fast Robyn released new video for her forthcoming single "Hang With Me" and the video itself is cut of Robyn's life episodes on tour - performing, signing, spending time with her musicians, recording, playing, well, all of those things artists are about touring, it's very nicely shot by Max Vitali who also directed "Dancing On My Own". Single due to the last information from Robyn's site is planned for 16th August in Scandinavia, 17th August in the US and Canada, 3rd September in Germany, Switzerland and Holland and 5th September in the UK and Australia. Few days ago as well revealed tracklist and cover of the second part of "Body Talk" trilogy so you can find it below.

1. In My Eyes
2. Include Me Out
3. Hang With Me
4. Love Kills
5. We Dance To The Beat
6. Criminal Intent
7. U Should Know Better feat. Snoop Dogg
8. Indestructible (acoustic version)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Danny - In Your Eyes

OMG! Iconic Swedish pop-song gets rebirth by another Swedish pop-icon. Can it be any better? Definitely!
My newly discovered very interesting blog Swedish Rush supporting a lot of great pop-artists which I support too (so you should check it!) has found out recent performance (this June to be more accurate) of Danny in Poland when he was singing his own version of The Attic's probably biggest hit "In Your Eyes" and though arrangement stays 100% the same Danny's vocal makes it different. I really-really like Michael Feiner's vocal but if Michael sings it in more intimate and thoughtful way that is more proper for club records, Danny shows more expressive vocals bringing a lot of his own personality and making this a little bit poppier. Due to rumours on Polish forums (even google has "danny in your eyes" as autofilling tips so the song seems to becoming really popular among massive Danny's fanbase) new single is planned for release in Sweden and Poland very soon so get ready for a new music from Danny!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Robyn on David Letterman show

And a little more Robyn!
Just a few hours ago Robyn performed her latest hit "Dancing On My Own" on popular American David Letterman Late show looking as always stunning, charismatic and worth watching every second of performance. It's not the first time when Robyn was invited to this show, two years ago she has already performed there with "Cobrastyle" being supported by Teddybears on the stage. By the way last Robyn's album "Body Talk Pt.1" has already entered Top-100 of albums chart in U.S. (#97) and "Dancing On My Own" reached #3 in Billboard Hot Dance Club chart. In a few days Robyn and Kelis will start their North American All Hearts tour with amazing Dan Black and Far East Movement as supporting acts so let's cross fingers for the first and forthcoming parts of "Body Talk" to finally make a big break through on U.S. market.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Robyn - Hang With Me

Our beloved Poster Girl has just presented best news for today. Robyn's new single was aired on Radio 1 and the song is all kind of amazingness! It sounds like "Handle Me" melodics wrapped into "Dancing On My Own" sound. Great follow-up of the last single and comparing with "Dancing On My Own" this one sounds less tragic but not any less beautiful. The song (surprisingly for me) turned to be cover of Paola Bruna and you can hear original version on MuuMuse blog and convince yourself how far new version went from it. Earlier this year Robyn released acoustic version of this song on the first part of her trilogy "Body Talk Pt. 1" and on September 6th she plans to release new single along with the second part of "Body Talk".

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Royal Radio - Love Rescue Me

Sometimes in a search of new Swedish artists I just can't get the fact that band making 100% great stuff is not even signed yet. Choosing last season of Metro On Stage 2010 as the source of new music I often caught me on this thought. However if artist is really-really talented he will be found by audience and some interested publishers sooner or later.
I'd like to present you young but very promising band Royal Radio, this band has got to attention of big audience not so long ago. As many young artists guys put efforts participating in different competitions and performing live to get in touch with their audience. Their music has got first release year ago when guys took participance in Songbox competition Fan Crusade and their songs "On a Ride" and "Could I Should I" have appeared on final compilation. After that guys found contact with producer Nisse Westfelt (who worked as producer and drummer before with some big names like Markoolio, E.M.D., Marie Picasso, Ola, Elena Paparizou, Erik Segerstedt, Sanna Nielsen, etc.) and as the result of their work new song "Love Rescue Me" was born.
Every song of Royal Radio (that you can hear on their Myspace or Facebook page) is signed with brilliant melody and nice atmosphere amazingly connected with soft vocal of frontman Samuel Gajicki and "Love Rescue Me" is not exception, it's a beautiful well-produced pop-rock song with a smell of light sadness and warm feeling. Check the video for this song below.

Live collection of this week

Let's check what interesting we could watch this week in the biggest music tv-shows of Sweden. Yesterday we've got Sommarkrysset back but Lotta På Liseberg and Allsång På Skansen had a lot of interesting guests as well.
This time Lotta invited Swedish sweetheart Sanna Nielsen who performed her last single "Devotion" and new song "A Part Of Me" (that was presented earlier on Love Stockholm 2010 as "Sound Of Spring"), very pleasant work in Celine Dion direction of last Sanna's album. Another big public favorite Kalle Moraeus was singing his Melodifestivalen-hit "Underbart". Timo Räisänen who was also involved this year in after-show of Melodifestivalen performed his last single "Outcast". Watch whole show here.

Sanna Nielsen - Devotion
Sanna Nielsen - A Part Of Me
Kalle Moraeus - Underbart
Kalle Moraeus - My Nadine
Timo Räisänen - Outcast
Lotta Engberg - En sån karl

Allsång På Skansen this time presented 2 Top-5 finalists of Melodifestivalen - Timoteij and Darin. Darin gave stunning performance of his "You're Out Of My Life", new brilliant single "Lovekiller" and Lena Philipsson's cover "Kärleken är evig", it all was (not surprisingly) accompanied by screams of Darin's happily wild fans. Timoteij presented new single "Högt Över Ängarna", sure didn't forget about folk's beloved "Kom" and old song "Fjäril vingad syns på Haga". Other participating big names were Kikki Danielsson with her classic hit "Bra vibrationer" and new single "Let this light shine on me forever", ex-Rednex with new name Cotton Eye Joe Show, medley of their biggest hits and covers of "Ring Ring" and "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms", Movits! with their own "Äppelknyckarjazz", "Fel Del Av Gården" and karaoke of "Fritiof och Carmencita", Olivia Stevens with some classic stuff and Christopher O'Regan. Watch whole programme here.

Darin - You're Out Of My Life
Darin - Lovekiller
Darin - Kärleken är evig
Timoteij - Kom
Timoteij - Högt Över Ängarna
Timoteij - Fjäril vingad syns på Haga
Kikki Danielsson - Bra vibrationer
Kikki Danielsson - Let this light shine on me forever
Cotton Eye Joe Show - Medley
Cotton Eye Joe Show - Ring Ring
Cotton Eye Joe Show - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Movits! - Fel Del Av Gården
Movits! - Äppelknyckarjazz + Fritiof och Carmencita
Olivia Stevens - Det börjar med ett glas champagne
Olivia Stevens - Vill ni se en stjärna?
Christopher O'Regan

And finally Sommarkrysset as usual came back with Melodifestivalen-2010 participants, this time Crucified Barbara were singing their hit "Heaven & Hell", schlager-veteran Anne-Lie Rydé performed Vikingarna's cover "Hallå" from her new released album "Dans På Rosor", Fibes Oh Fibes! with one of their hits "Lovechild" and two Scandinavian guests Rasmus Seebach from Denmark performed currently popular in Sweden track "Natteravn" and Norwegian duo Madcon tried to repeat Eurovision-flashmob with single "Glow" being on the top of many European charts this Summer after band's performance in Oslo. Programme was finished with another big Madcon's hit "Beggin'", band was joined by Magnus Carlson with Swedish version of this song titled "Jag ber dig". Watch whole show here.

Crucified Barbara - Heaven & Hell
Anne-Lie Rydé - Hallå
Fibes Oh Fibes! - Lovechild
Madcon - Glow
Rasmus Seebach - Natteravn
Madcon & Magnus Carlsson - Beggin'/Jag ber dig

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ferró - Bailamos (on the Floor)

Artist who delievered one of the biggest Swedish pop-hits of 2007 - Valentino is back!
Ferat Amin has started his way in music back in 2003 when he entered a casting of popular tv-show Fame Factory. Earlier in school years he aimed to become football player but discovered huge music talent that has turned his way and pushed him to send demos to different labels and participate in castings. Luck didn't follow him on Fame Factory but finally releasing single "Hayati" mixing best traditions of Swedish pop and Eastern origin of Ferat (and by rumours reject of Melodifestivalen-2006) he's made big breakthrough entering Top-10 of singles-chart. Later he released another great single "What is Love" and disappeared for few years after that.

This year Ferat is back as Ferró with new single "Bailamos (on the Floor)" from not less than great team Jonas and Niklas von der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan who are responsible for amazing stuff for September, Nexx, Lucky Twice, Gathania, etc. that went so well in Europe last 5-6 years. "Bailamos (on the Floor)" contains all the brilliance of dance-stuff being released by this team - amazing tune, crazy dance beat and bassline that stuck in your head once and forever, with special Ferró's vocal and lyrics painting new image of Ferat as hot Argentinian caballero it works 200%. Hopefully soon this song will be another international hit from brothers von der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan.

Thanx to Poster Girl and scandipop for making me take a more attentive look at this song and find out the story behind it as unforunately there's no official site or webpage devoted to Ferró yet.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ace Of Base - All for You

Finally new single "All for You" of new Ace Of Base has arrived and now I'm officially excited with what we got! And what we got is very lovely 30-seconds sample representing best traditions of Swedish pop with nice vocals (cold but attracting), lovely and catchy tune and taste of AOB of 90s with modernized sound. Is it gonna be a hit? Yes, I'm sure it is and though the band with new female half for me is totally new project but very welcome now.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jasmine Kara - Try My Love Again

Can you imagine sweetness of Sibel, Anna Bergendahl and Pauline in one artist? That's what I discovered just a few days ago.
Jasmine Kara is a new artist, when she appeared on Love Stockholm 2010 with her new single "In The Basement" I thought that it's some foreign guest-artist, fast look at her Myspace page convinced me she is American and as the single didn't make a big impact on me, I turned my attention to other interesting moments of the festival. At the same time during Summer new Jasmine's songs were rolling around Swedish iTunes chart and now when Jasmine released new video for her another single "Try My Love Again" I've found out that she's actually artist with Swedish-Iranian roots who was born and grown in Sweden and though last years she tried to breakthrough in USA currently she builds career in Sweden and it promises to be successful. On July 28th Jasmine will release her album "Blues Ain't Nothing But A Good" in Sweden and right now you can check what she is about on her Myspace page. Mostly it's a retro blues-stuff, probably you'll find something similar with Christina A. style (because of loud strong vocal of Miss Kara as well).
Talking about "Try My Love Again" it's a verrry catchy piece of Summer, sounding poppier (even with some raggae-vibes) than "In The Basement", Jasmine shows herself like utterly nice person, full of life, energy and charm. That's what's totally buying me from the first look and listen and making Jasmine's performance at Allsång på Skansen in two weeks one of the most expected ones. Hope you'll like her too!

Victoria Day-2010

Yesterday Sweden celebrated 33th Birthday of Princess Victoria.
Every year Royal family and a lot of most respectable artists are invited to a big concert devoted to this day. This year was a little exception as Princess after her recent marriage was in her Honeymoon trip but all the rest of the family attended concert in Öland.
Concert was opened by Swedish pop-queen Charlotte Perrelli looking and sounding real fierce with Tina Turner's cover "River Deep Mountain High" and Sofia Karlsson's "Nu är det gott att leva". Another big schlager-name and newlywed Peter Jöback performed his own songs "I Allt Jag Ser", "En sång om oss" and The Divine Comedy's "Absent Friends". Gorgeous pop-diva Lisa Nilsson (who just like Peter was performed this year on the concert devoted to royal wedding) performed songs "I Samma Andetag" and "Himlen Runt Hörnet" which were included in her newly released compilation. Melodifestivalen-winner Martin Stenmarck performed his new single "Everybody's Changing" and "Som En Vän" from the album "I Septemberland". One of the most popular Idol-graduates Amanda Jenssen performed "I Choose You" from her last album. Schlager-veterans were diluted with young schlager-blood of Eric Saade who presented his biggest hit "Manboy". And I should also mention very nice performances of school cello-quartet from Lilla Akademin and fiddler Görgen Antonsson. Check whole concert here.

Eric Saade - Manboy
Charlotte Perrelli - Nu är det gott att leva
Charlotte Perrelli - River Deep, Mountain High
Peter Jöback - En Sång Om Oss
Peter Jöback - Absent Friends
Lisa Nilsson - Himlen Runt Hörnet

E.M.D. - Save Tonight (video)

Last Top-5 single of E.M.D. is getting video treatment.
Popular boy-band released their first single from forthcoming album "Rewind" back in May and now when single has fallen out of chart last week band attempted to give it a little more promotion with video showing process of recording new stuff in the studio along with more acoustic and minimal but still very charming arrangement of this song. You could actually watch this shooting in trailer that was presented little earlier.
As I told before E.M.D.'s album will be released on August 25th and will be a tribute to some great hits of 90s. And you can watch video for "Save Tonight" here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kadawatha - Agape

If I didn't tell you about some brilliant fresh rock bands long time I'm gonna fix it right now.
Project Kadawatha has started around its founder Daniel Kadawatha (who originally came from Sri Lanka) back in 2008, Daniel was joined soon by other band members Andreas Edström, Jacob Milton, Arvid Persson and Andreas Pihlgren. With its magically beautiful music - melodic, powerful and coming on the road of mainstream alternative rock being very special at the same time Kadawatha recommended themselves very fast on Swedish rock-stage and soon has caught the eyes of some respectable publishers receiving support in planned promotion in US and UK. However band is still young and its potential is obviously much bigger than what they already could show though they already have shown a lot. You can find some amazing demos of band on youtube - energetic and powerful "Bloom Now Bloom" and "Gonna Stay", fairy charming "Just To Say That I Love You" and "My Miracle", atmospheric and beautiful "Whitest Tiger" and "Monster In The Box".
But first of all I'd like to present you the track Kadawatha promotes mostly. It's "Agape", the song showing the core of the project as sophisticated interlacement of harmonies and unique musical aesthetics that makes Kadawatha such outstanding and special.
By the way band was honoured to be opening act during Paramore's concert in Stockholm, you can check their performance of "Agape" here.

Swedish House Mafia - One

Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello have just released video for their new single "One" that already entered Top-30 of Swedish single-chart and on the way to dancefloors and radio-stations around the world.
Swedish House Mafia is the title of three world-known Swedish DJs union that was formed when Axel "Axwell" Hedfors moved to Stockholm and met Sebastian Ingrosso and later Steve Angello and Eric Prydz but currently Prydz moved to Lodon and is not considered as the part of Swedish House Mafia. However guys stay friends and support each other in their sets. Sure previously members of SHM released some stuff together, probably you were on another planet if you didn't hear any of these brilliant samples of their work - Supermode's "Tell Me Why" (project of Axwell and Steve Angello), mix of Salem Al Fakir's "It's True" made by Axwell and Ingrosso and "Leave the World Behind" where all three DJs collaborated with Laidback Luke and Deborah Cox.
This time Swedish House Mafia decided to work with Pharrell and if someone has doubts about it becoming another future world hit of Swedish House Mafia - just don't!

Darin - Lovekiller

I have 3 news: 1) Darin's new single "Lovekiller" is ready for release 2) it's a third ballad single in a row 3) it's brilliant!
I need to confess, very long time I was in love with Darin's "Everything But The Girl" and though Darin released so much amazing dance stuff I was eagerly waiting for some great pop-ballad but I didn't even imagine that starting to make my wish come true this year with "You're Out Of My Life" and continuing with even better "Can't Stop Love" Darin will make it again. In common this song continues new Darin's style of emotional ballad followed by power beat this time with dramatical start of strings in a style of Queen's "The Show Must Go On" and impressive backing choir. The only missing thing is video that I really hope to finally get at least for the one of singles from forthcoming album. By the way the album will be released on August 25th (the same day when E.M.D. will release their new album, double present for any taste of Swedish girls).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jenny vs. Ace Of Base

Recently pop-blogs all over the web with a huge excitement announced about brand new song Mr. Replay by new Ace Of Base consisting of the same male part - Jonas Berggren and Ulf Ekberg and two young female vocalists Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson. It was hard to believe for me that it's official thing as the song sounded too much...hmmm, close to roots of Ace Of Base back in the 90s. Also thanx for the tips to scandipop we could hear the clips of new AOB music on party with Ulf's participance. That stuff was also surprisingly close to AOB roots so my fears that "Mr. Replay" was a fake seemed to be in vain. I'll remind you that Jenny Berggren who recently started her solo-career was twitting a lot that Ace Of Base is she and guys and there can't be any other staff under their name, but finally rumours which were going around long time was approved and new Ace Of Base came out under the light of press. Ulf told Aftonbladet that they didn't see Jenny in the studio two years and "Mr. Replay" is demo-version of new Ace Of Base song that will be released on their new album.
Jenny is touring right now around Sweden and preparing her debut solo-album "My Story" that will be released on September 15th. You can check some her performances on Bingolotto and acoustic live performance of debut solo-single "Here I Am" and other stuff below.
So what are you more excited about - debut album of Jenny or debut album of new Ace Of Base?

Jenny Berggren - Here I Am (Live on Bingolotto)
Jenny Berggren - The Sky Proclaims Your Glory (Live)
Jenny Berggren - I Turn To You (Live)
Jenny Berggren - Ravine (Live)

Kent - En Plats I Solen

Kent's album "En Plats I Solen" keeps #1 of Swedish chart second week after its debut and sure I need to give you a tips about this release if you still didn't hear about it.
This album turned to be (as it was expected from the first single "Gamla Ullevi") crossover between old warm melancholic but full of life style of Kent with dominance of live instruments and new colder electro-sound of last two albums. What is it made of actually? Nice intro "Glasäpplen" starting with acoustic guitar and Jocke's vocal growing to energetic track built on strings sample reminding previous Kent's hit "Ingenting", old-school synth-pop influenced "Ismael", Summerish The Ark-smelling "Skisser för sommaren", radio-friendly hits "Gamla Ullevi" and "Team building", synth-disco "Minimalen", classic meditative Kent's "Passagerare" and a lot of another very pleasant stuff. Well, when it comes to albums I prefer to let you judge yourself so check preview of album yourself below but remember that this is the album that you'll probably understand when you'll give it a few full listens.

Therése Neaimé - All I Think About Is You

Therése Neaimé is the artist with rich biography and long way until she finally established herself like a solo-singer.
She's half-Lebanese and half-Swedish. Therése has started her career in entertainment field from childhood singing in Stockholm East Gospel Choir, working as background singer and dancer for some international stars and as a model appearing on the cover of Swedish magazines in 90s. In 2004 Therése has entered Jörgen Elofsson’s songwriting team and started to work more seriously on developing her own music career, released first song "How Could You Leave Me" and soon started her own label Future Records in 2005. Later she was heavily promoting songs "The Future", "Keep It Up", "Mother's Pride", "Color Of Love", "Not Easy" from forthcoming album "Livin'", "Not Easy" entered Top-10 of Singles chart and the album also appeared in chart though only for one week that looked weird as it turned to be full of quite qualitative pop-stuff and you can check it yourself on Neaimé's site. However Therése's songs managed to break-trhough to US radiostations and to the Middle East and soon after album's release she released one more single "How Could I" in 2007. Therése wa also involved a lot in charity actions working with Foundation for Children with Cancer and her tour to Afghanistan.
Now she's back to work on her second album and the first bit of her new music is the single "All I Think About Is You" - very sweet piece of Summer pop powdered with Therése's Eastern mood and modern r'n'b sound reminding Anggun making her best stuff in "Luminescence" era.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mary N'diaye - Dumb Dumb

Sweden's got new pop-star making her impressive first steps and building her future career, name of this star is Mary N'diaye.
Mary is 23 years old, she has roots in Senegal/Gambia but was born and brought up in Stockholm and got her musical education in Sweden as well. Currently she's working with Air Chrysalis Scandinavia but she's already started her way to the big stage few years ago. Her new site is on the way but you can check some previous stuff on old page to taste her beautiful voice and to watch videos for previous singles "Yengal" and "Family".
New single "Dumb Dumb" was recorded with producer Jaakko Salovaara (BoomFunk MCs, Darude's Sandstorm) and Christoffer Vikberg (Danny, Edurne), it's a very stylish mix of electro-dance-pop with African/Caribbean vibes and special Mary's vocal. Mary herself calls her style "urban rock'n'roll". Video contains loads of bright images, beautiful color solutions and charisma of this utterly sweet and talented artist. I can say without any doubts it's one of the best Swedish music videos this year.
You can also watch live performance of "Dumb Dumb" and check another new Mary's great song "Take Me Home".

New videos from Martin Stenmarck, Basic Element and Hur Högt?

Last days we've got 3 videos from different artists of different genres which I'd like to present you.
Martin Stenmarck has shot video for his last cover-single "Everybody's Changing", very pleasant video with Martin wandering around empty amusement park and playing sad clown.
Another video is for the last Basic Element's "Got U Screaming" and it's actually cut of band's performances in Sweden, Poland and Russia, not bad, sometimes it's interesting to get such videos to see what artists are about in their live performances.
Third video is from new rap-project Hur Högt? (How high?) containing Näääk, Nimo, Adiam Dymott and Thomas Rusiak, guys are planning their debut album later this year and right now we're getting this nice video of band relaxing at picnic and eating crayfish till giant crayfish monsters coming out from the water with revenge to Hur Högt? and all the rest of humanity.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Allsång på Skansen keeps going with Eric Saade and others

Anders Lundin presented second episode of tv-show Allsång på Skansen and the biggest highlight for all pop-fan audience undoubtfully was performance of Eric Saade who presented two last singles - as always very well choreographed performance of "Manboy" and "Break Of Dawn" with funny moment of leading out on the stage happy crazy fan in the end. Winners of Dansbandskampen The Playtones performed Alexander Rybak's "Fairytale" and their own song "Excuse Me". Also audience could enjoy performance of Mikael Wiehe, Marie Küler, Marie Bergman, Wille Craaford & Marika Willstedt (you could see Marika on Melodifestivalen-2010 performing with Jessica Andersson on cello), foreign guests invited to Skansen were Australian Ten Tenors. Check whole episode here.

Eric Saade - Manboy
Eric Saade - Break Of Dawn
Allsång - Jules Sulvain Potpurri
The Playtones - Fairytale
The Playtones - Execuse Me
The Playtones - Temperaturen
Wille Craaford & Marika Willstedt - Bara Vänner
Wille Craaford & Marika Willstedt - Mormors sista ord
Ten Tenors - Bohemian Rhapsody
Ten Tenors - Thunderstruck
Marie Bergman - Ingen kommer undan politiken
Marie Bergman - Sång om syrsor
Mikael Wiehe - Strö all min kärlek
Mikael Wiehe - Det hrä rä ditt land
Mikael Wiehe - Sång till frihet
Family Four-potpurri
Marie Küler imitating Mona Sahlin
Allsång - Sånt är livet

Michael Feiner & Eric Amarillo - Free

Our beloved Swedish dance-heroes The Attic give us a piece of their new stuff that would be more proper as released Summer single but however it's very generous from them not to keep us waiting till new official releases and to share what they are about already now.
"Free" is ultra-catchy club-track built mostly on Michael's saxophone part, it's not as poppy as "Radiate" that I told you about in May but it has all those things which make The Attic so adorable - amazing tune that you remember from the first listen and can't get out of your head no matter how you try, great energy and always high quality.
Track is not released as The Attic's though, it's not clear for what it means (guys also released another track "Rock N Roll" as Michael Feiner & Eric Amarillo before) but who cares as long as Michael and Eric work together and keep providing us with something new.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mohombi - Bumpy Ride

Two weeeks ago I told you about summer hit Lazee provided with Mohombi - young and talented Swedish-Congolese artist and songwriter from RedOne's camp.
Now Mohombi presents his own brand new single "Bumpy Ride" - ultra-infectious and fresh sounding song mixing r'n'b-vibes, summer dance mood and mild melodic Mohombi's vocal. "Bumpy Ride" is produced by RedOne and it's already second case this year after Love Generation's debut single when RedOne's working with Swedish artists that's actually very pleasant. Don't forget to check another Mohombi's stuff (I love You, Letting Go), probably very soon whole world will be talking about this guy.

Glitter and glamour of Lotta på Liseberg

"Glitter and glamour". This was the theme of yesterday show Lotta på Liseberg and this time Lotta Engberg invited bunch of artists participating this year in summer tour Diggiloo - Alcazar, Jessica Andersson, Erik Linder, Lasse Holm, Morgan "Mojje" Johansson and others so all who can't visit Diggiloo show this year could see what they're missing. One of the brightest highlights of evening was schlager-medley of Melodifestivalen-2010, it was really nice to see Jessica Andersson singing song of her Second Chance rival Kalle Moraeus, Mojje singing Neo's "Human Frontier" with live arrangement and Alcazar and Erik Linder singing their own songs. Unfortunately Lina Hedlund couldn't perform, few days ago rehearsing she collapsed and due to problems with health connected with operation she went through this Spring Andreas and Lina had to perform without her. Jessica Andersson also performed her own Melodifestivalen entry "I Did It For Love" sounding and looking really fierce! Sure audience wasn't left without traditional karaoke with Lotta and participants, this time everyone could sing along After Dark's "La Dolce Vita", Lena Philipsson's "Dansa I Neon", Abba's "Dancing Queen", Herrey's "Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley", etc. You can watch whole show here.

Diggiloo-gänget - Melodifestival-medley
Jessica Andersson - I did it for love
Diggiloo-gänget - Relight my fire
Diggiloo-gänget - Jag diggar dej!
Madeleine Liljestam - Hurt
Mojje - Bananerna

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fibes, Oh Fibes! - Love Will Always Find a Way

Popular Swedish band Fibes, Oh Fibes! is ready for a new release of the single "Love Will Always Find A Way" from their last album "1987".
Next year group will be celebrating 10 years since its foundation but band's road to fame wasn't so short, only in 3 years after Fibes, Oh Fibes! was born they caught the eye of audence playing intelligent melodic pop-music inspired by Phil Collins, Lionel Richie and Toto with singles "One Hour Baby" and "This City's Got No Boulevards" from the first full-length album "Still Fresh". With the next try and new album "Emotional" (2006) band has marked themselves in Swedish albums-chart at #25, released new bunch of singles "Last Party", "Get Up", "Can't Be So" and got quite positive feedback from critics.
Fibes, Oh Fibes! came back in 2009 with a new album "1987" very well met by critics and public reaching #8 of Swedish chart this time. Singles "Love Child" and "Run To You" featuring Kim Wilde became hits on the radio and currently the band is on the way to promote new single "Love Will Always Find a Way" promising to be another big hit of Fibes, Oh Fibes!

Song has got remix treatment from Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow) and Damien Adore (Salem al Fakir) and you have a chance to listen to these new mixes already now!

Love Will Always Find A Way (Damien Adore Remake)

Love Will Always Find A Way (Winnberg Remix)

Thanx for the tips to Niklas!

Mikey Mic - Swedish Girls

Did anyone tell you how extremely hot girls in Sweden? If you believe or not, it's a fact and you're gonna get a proof right now.
New face on the big club stage Mikey Mic makes its loud debut with a brilliant club track "Swedish Girls" providing utterly sexual video for it.
Mikey has Jamaican root but has managed to live in England and America finally finding his home in Sweden, as legend on his site says "a Swedish blonde with big breasts called Inga kidnapped him and forced him to move to this wonderful country and live in a kinky cage with her and three twin sisters", what a lucky guy! Starting investigating club field before moving to Sweden Mikey moved to a practice after arrival performing as a DJ with such stars like September, Busta Rhymes, David Guetta and Flo Rida. Finally he came to releasing his own stuff that you can check on his myspace or start right on this page with checking his new single "Swedish Girls" devoted to all the beauties Sweden overfilled with.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

You wanna be famous...

Music theme "Famous" of TV-show "Made in Sweden" has got a chance to become a real hit in USA as it was borrowed by new Nickelodeon's American series "Big Time Rush" and will be promoted as a single and included in album planned to be released this August.

Sweden can enjoy this song already year since the first season of "Made In Sweden". Swedish Idol juries Anders Bagge, Andreas Carlsson and Laila Bagge being really creative producing team decided to make this new show demonstrating all required work made by producers with some new stars and main faces of the first season were Janet Leon (ex-member of girls band Play) and Kim Fransson. Results of both were quite impressive, Kim's single "3 Floors Down" has reached #1 and the album - #14, Janet's single "Let Go" entered Top-3 and the album surprisingly peaked at the same 14th place. Later Kim has left team of "Made in Sweden" being unsatisfied with management and Janet is currently has some plans to release her album in USA. However first season left this brilliant rock-soundtrack written by Andreas Carlsson and Desmond Child (charted only one week at #56) that was later changed to a more pop-sound for the next season devoted to comeback of band Play with old members Faye Hamlin, Anaïs Lameche and newcomer (but not new person for Swedish audience) Sanne Karlsson who was main vocalist of last E-Type's album replacing Nana Hedin. This time single "Famous" reached #1 and girls' comeback-album "Under My Skin" has entered Top-10 (#7), Play announced "Not The One" as another single but recently performed another song "Trash" from their album at LOVE Stockholm 2010 festival.