Saturday, January 15, 2011

New songs from Janet Leon

Play's ex-participant Janet Leon has become bright spot of 2009 when together with Kim Fransson she has taken part in the first season of the show "Made in Sweden" arranged by Meriola team consisted of becoming popular Idol jury - Andreas Karlsson, Anders and Laila Bagge. Janet's debut single "Let Go" reached Top-3 and debut solo-album reached #14, not bad at all! 2010 has passed without hint on getting new releases from Janet, singer was involved in musical Grease with Marie Serneholt and Sebastian Karlsson but we've caught some interesting unreleased Janet's stuff on youtube instead.
First song that made me rotate it like hundred times in a row is "Get Loose" - modern commercial dance-pop track (dance in more American way rather than Swedish dance-pop) with awesome hook and tasty production that makes us wondering why this song never was released. "No Gravity" is unexpectedly pure Swedish dance-pop track with electronic production making whole track sound like intended for September. And finally "Running" - beautiful power-ballad perfectly fitting r'n'b manner of Janet, classic and very fresh at the same time, I'm sure Rihanna wouldn't refuse to get it.

4 коммент.:

Jules said...

Any songwriter credits?!

Damian said...

I was looking for but unfortunately without success.

Anonymous said...

Shontelle have already released the song "No Gravity" It's also her name on her newest album. ;)

So I Guess that Janet just did a Demo on it.

Damian said...

Thanx so much for information! Song was written by Harry Sommerdahl and Hanne Sorvaag so Janet seems to be demo-singer.