Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Loreen presents "Sober" live

This year Loreen is gonna be one of those stars we'll be maniacally following step by step. Girl has given to us what we're always hungry for - fresh, original and vocally incredibly powerful stuff and she'll be paying for this by our attention.
First good news have arrived from QX issue where Loreen has appeared on the cover, if you don't read Swedish you can read the most interesting on Schlagerfiasko that you can always rely on in delivery of the most important news in schlager-world in English.
What we wanted to know the most - Loreen will release EP this autumn, it will include 6-8 tracks but before she'll release another single. Now Loreen has started her summer tour with Rix Fm festival and people who visited first concert could already see her performing "My Heart Is Refusing Me" with dancers and "Sober" in acoustic version but today we've caught how "Sober" is going to sound in studio production. You can check it in live performance below and to our pleasure it's exactly in the same vein as "My Heart Is Refusing Me" - starting as ballad and turning into modern dance-track reminding Swedish House Mafia's "One" after the chorus and sure you get a big emotional Loreen's voice in a pack.

I can't leave you without mentioning this lovely dance-performance of "My Heart Is Refusing Me" by The DIVAstators, they always do fantastic work and it's not exception, loads of drama, dances and bloody schlager-massacre... but you should better watch it yourself till the end.

Gravitonas & Roma Kenga - Everybody Dance (video)

New video for the freshest single from Gravitonas and Roma Kenga "Everybody Dance" is here!!!
We wrote about this fantastic song not once and sure put high hopes on it but didn't know what to expect from the final result even with loads of teasers and photos from shooting. So what we've got? Loads of secretaries with fab hair, Roma, Alexander and Andreas as oppressed office workers, leather, lashes, kitsch, where did we see it last time? Ah, right! Army of Lovers! This video feels like Army Of Lovers more than any other video from any other Alexander Bard's project. And we LOVE it!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lili & Susie - Bailamor

Ok, guys, let's schlagerize this Monday with new single of our beloved schlager-milf Lili & Susie. Girls have prepared brand new single "Bailamor" and you can listen to it already now skipping to 13.03 below!
I guess I shouldn't warn you about highest schlager concentration in this song but comparing with for example "Show Me Heaven" it's much more summer pop than classic or neo MF-schlager.

Lyssna: 09.30 - 10.00 måndag 30 maj 2011

Few months ago another new girls track "Kom Och Ta Oss" has appeared on compilation of Swedish football club AIK "Keep It Black" sounding both anthemic in a sport anthem way and schlager-anthem way undoubtfully.

And if you still want some more of Lili & Susie here I'm leaving you with pretty amazing Jouni Ollila remix of the track "Tease Me" released on greatest hits compilation "Nu och då - Det bästa med Lili & Susie" and intended to become new single but it never happened. However we can listen to what had to be released on it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Elvis Barbra & Jag: mini-documentary

This year for Carola is all about recently released tribute-compilation "Elvis Barbra & Jag" on CD and concert in Dalhalla on DVD. Later in July Carola will perform at Princess Victoria day and we can only suggest that she'll be singing something out of this compilation as well.
But now to keep audience warm towards Carola's release official Youtube-channel has got some videos of Carola performing her tracks in the studio and in the club with some biographical comments from Carola herself and they're shot quite well to serve as separate music videos. We really hope that later these videos will appear in its full length but for now you can check what we have.

The Way We Were
In the Ghetto

Olle Hedberg - Wonderful

Recently I told you about the first participant of Idol-2010 to start solo-career after the show - amazing Olle Hedberg who came third but was one of those artists we didn't have doubts about talking about future career potential because of unique charm of Olle's voice and whole concept of guy with guitar and original vocal that can shoot well in Sweden.
However we were quite surprised when we've heard single for the first time, "Wonderful" has turned to be a cover of Gary Go's song that Europe could recently hear in Eurovision-2011 interval-act. Song has entered many charts all over Europe when it was released back in 2009 but it hasn't happened in Sweden so it can sound fresh for Swedish audience, it fits Olle's voice even better than Gary's and finally this pop-rock track is fantastic with its beautiful melody, anthemic growth and emotional husky Olle's vocal manner.
After release it has immediately jumped to the top of iTunes chart, it has fallen out in time but I really hope it's just a beginning of this song's success before it has got proper promotion.

Juvelen - Make You Move

Juvelen is one of those artists you're not gonna see regularly in charts or on top pop tv-shows these days but still if you're more or less into Swedish music you probably heard about him not once.
First time Jonas Pettersson a.k.a Juvelen was noticed in 2007 with his really special mix of Prince-falcetto and mild melodic synth-sound with light funky touch. Songs "Watch your step" and "Hanna" from his debut album "1" have become hits and international pop-blogging community has fallen for Juvelen. You can listen to the whole album here.
This month Juvelen has released new 4-tracks EP "Make U Move" and everyone who liked "1" are absolutely gonna love this soft electronic record with its relaxed and beatiful atmosphere. Our favorite on it is "Sweat It Out" but you can choose your own listening to live-set Jonas has performed in Nyhetsmorgon today.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crossfire - Summer Boo

Rigo looks like one of the most active and optimistic artists of Sweden. When they don't let him qualify to the final of Melodifestivalen he releases new album, when it doesn't get to the chart he goes to Körslaget and even if he doesn't win it doesn't stop him to appear in new season of Dansbandskampen and he keeps on moving and moving no matter what. And we really respect it!
Now Rigo presents new single "Summer Boo" with his project Crossfire and it's proper lovable summer tune sounding like crossover from previous single "Lady" to dancey version of Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me" with soft raggaetone vibes. Whole pack looks attractive for this season and it already slips outside to European radio stations.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Star Pilots - Higher (Candy Chris Remix)

I could tell you a story about how original member Daniel Gill of Star Pilots was dancing this year at Eurovision with Eric Saade, I could you tell you about Johan Bekker starting solo-career with new fantastic single, I could tell you million other stories tonight but I'll just share one GORGEOUS mix of one good hit you should have known if you watched Melodifestivalen-2009. I've just found it and I think that it'll give right that mood and energy you need before weekend better than all the other stories and posts so enjoy and happy weekend everyone!

Orup - Huddinge (Le Kid version)

Artists of Roxy Recordings use to collaborate sometimes and mostly it relates to cases when Le Kid's guys write and produce music for other artists these days and this is exactly one of those cases.
In the end of last year Orup has released his successful album "Född I November" - very nostalgic but at the same time modern produced and beautiful work with lovely light taste of 80s but can we blame Orup for his music memories when he established himself as quite popular musician and songwriter in Sweden.
New single "Huddinge" that in original album version sounded quite close to Orup's recent #1 hit with Lena Philipsson "Nu när du gått" has got new version produced by Le Kid's Felix and Märta when Helena and Johanna were on backing vocals duty. Song has got lovely dance beats, 80ies smelling synths and tons of Le Kid's atmosphere - slightly retro, massively positive and poptastic as everything guys do.
Single will be released on June 1st and later Orup will perform Huddinge with Le Kid at "Lotta på Liseberg" on June 20th.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Danny Saucedo - In Love With A Lover (live)

Didn't we hear too little from this year's schlager runner-up Danny Saucedo's during the spring?
It's ok as Danny was involved in tour with EMD and preparing his UK re-release of old hit "If Only You" but tomorrow Danny starts his summer tour in Gröna Lund and at the same time we've got news about his next single "Tonight" featuring The Provider.
Earlier this week Danny was in studio of The Voice radio-show to perform another album track "In Love With A Lover", being such a rare case when we can see Danny performing his new stuff in hq-video it's especially precious!

Roxette - Way Out

Roxette's new single from "Charm School" album is announced and (at least in Germany) it will be opening track of the album - "Way Out".
Quite unexpected single choise for me as the song sounds more like great tour warming up song but not directly what radio can fall for, however it's atmospheric old-school rock'n'roll song that sounds really warm and lovely for anyone who likes Roxette more or less and tour documentary video empasizes song's atmosphere right like it has to.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getty - Echo feat. Crazyera

You should remember Getty Domein who participated in last year's Melodifestivalen with his dance-single "Yeba" produced by Oscar Holter and Jakke Erixon (so we loved it by default), it was performed in Lingala language and probably it wasn't the best desicion as it came 6th, however Lionheart that signed Getty hasn't given up and recruited really interesting singer for new Getty's summer shot with new single "Echo".
Evelina Sewerin a.k.a. Crazyera participated in Idol-2007 and has come out of the game somewhere between Christoffer Hiding and Gathania. I've discovered this singer only yesterday and what a voice this girl has! Absolutely incredible Adele-type of vocal and natural diva attitude (in its positive sense), truly inspirational combination, I completely don't understand how come she was lost after Idol. You should check her covers of Too Little Too Late, "For Your Eyes Only" and Imagine, they're beautiful!
Talking about "Echo", the song is written by The Pusher's Karl-Ola Kjellholm and John Hårleman but it's something you never heard from The Pusher as it's exploding dance summer-track half in English and half in Lingala that reminds a bit Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" and it's not less catchy and all sorts of poptastic.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Casablanca Nights" of Johan Agebjörn

Swedish producer and songwriter Johan Agebjörn has just released album "Casablanca Nights". Honestly we didn't hear about Johan a lot before, previously he worked with Sally Shapiro and released some solo-singles which were noticed by audience but hardly could be called hits.
However with new tracks Johan has made many heads turning to his music and two of his recently presented tracks have definitely caught our attention as well.
First one is "Watch The World Go By" recorded with Le Prix Lake Heartbeat - brilliant dance-track sounding a lot like modern electro-version of old good italo-disco slightly reminding Planet Funk's earlier works (I should mention I adore Planet Funk!). And new single "The Last Day Of Summer" - collaboration with Ercola and Queen of Hearts, it's another electronic track with charming 80ies synth-sound and lovely retro-feeling, still modern and very stylish. If you'll check "Casablanca Nights" you'll discover that the most of tracks bring lovely 80ies atmosphere with its melodic synthpop sound, quite interesting work to discover.

Jenny Silver - A Place To Stay (video)

I know, I know, I'm a bit late with it due to the date of video upload (in February) but am I the only person in the world who didn't know that Jenny Silver actually has the video for her MF-2010 entry "A Place To Stay"?
However here it is, video for "A Place To Stay" directed by Peter Elofsson, it's not a million dollar budget work but for everyone who likes this song it's a very nice meditative and atmospherical treat (as the song actually).

Hugo Rosas ft Glidish - Bara För Ikväll

Sweet small summer tune to cheer you up.
Swedish blogger Hugo Rosas presents his dance-single "Bara För Ikväll" with rap-artist Glidish and it's surprisingly quite enjoyable. I didn't tell you about any of them before and talking about music career of these guys there's nothing to tell about yet, it seems to be their first big shot so let's concentrate on music.
"Bara För Ikväll" is right that light catchy crossover between E-Type and Basshunter in Swedish which immediately fall into the category of candidates for summer big local hits in Sweden (yep, sommarplåga) so would be interesting to see if this track will realize its potential. However 100.000 views on youtube for just one week should mean something.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Pusher in acoustic

It's just days left before release of new single "Blow Me And Run" of our big faves The Pusher, first band's single has shot right to #1 of Swedish iTunes with country showing interest to new band (if we don't speak about pop-loving Internet-community that was bubbling long time before The Pusher has got their final name).
But before release we wouldn't miss an opportunity to enjoy guys lovely acoustic performance of "Blinded By The Dark" and "No One" they've recorded for their youtube-channel. What a band!

The story of Cazzi Opeia

As you could notice we love when talented Idol-participants start new career in a search of their own music image after the show and we're always ready to follow story of their success.
Moa Carlebecker Forssell was definitely mentioned by many tv-viewers with her cover of Brandi Carlile's "The Story" when she performed it at preliminary selections stage of Idol-2009 but unfortunately she hasn't qualified to the final stage though original track has immediately become comeback-hit on iTunes.

However Moa's story has just started and right after she's left Idol she was contacted by Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson who worked with artists like P!NK, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys and Jessica Simpson and Moa was signed as Cazzi Opeia at Macho Records. Debut single of Cazzi Opeia soft melodic electronic pop-track "I Belong To You" was released in the end of last year in a pack with pretty interesting Axel Bauer & Lanford mix that was noticed by DJ Tiesto and included in his album "Club Life Volume One - Las Vegas".

New year has brought new success to Moa when she has made dubstep cover of Lady Gaga's latest single "Judas" that was very well received by Perez Hilton and due to rumours by Lady Gaga as well. With almost 100.000 views it has also become youtube-hit with Moa getting heavier synth-sound and darker slightly gothic image.

At the same time second Cazzi Opeia's single "Oxygen" was released in April and it's got more direct pop-rock sound with Pink's attitude showing new side of the artist. Moa plans her debut album to be released already this year and before series of live-gigs this summer she has performed "Judas" and "Oxygen" at Nyhetsmorgon, no need to say ex-Idols use to be very well prepared for live singing so this was very confident debut, we say good luck to Cazzi Opeia and hope it's a start of long and successful career!

Daniel Adams-Ray - Förlåt att jag aldrig sagt förlåt

Pop-sensation of last year Daniel Adams-Ray releases forth single "Förlåt Att Jag Aldrig Sagt Förlåt" from his debut album "Svart Vitt Och Allt Däremellan" causing such a big buzz in Sweden.
Initially song was released on the album as piano-based emotional ballad with symphonic arrangement and single version has become much more electronic and mysterious - something that would be fantastic Christmas single and even the video with Daniel wandering in the dark under the falling snow makes this impression stronger.
Really enjoyable magic track that can be another good shot for Daniel.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Melody Club - Sweet Disaster

Melody Club presents new single from their last album "Human Harbour" - "Sweet Disaster".
Band released its album back in March and it was one of albums we were really looking forward even not being into Melody Club a lot before. We just felt that it's gonna be strong and previous single "The Hunter" - very atmospheric spring track with much stronger ABBA-feeling than we heard from this band before has become another reason.
The most pleasant is that "Human Harbour" hasn't disappointed at all! Grand productions, skilfull tunes and diversity of sound staying within certain concept - whole pack that charmed us immediately, truly impressive and beautiful work.
Comparing with "The Hunter" "Sweet Disaster" is much more melancholic and mild work, there's no need to jump and explode, Melodifestivalen is over so now it's time to relax, concentrate on music and enjoy it with a sad smile on a face.
Thanx for upload to #1 Hits From Another Planet.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Timoteij - Het (video)

Water, please!!! Timoteij are just smoking hot in video for new single "Het" and I've just realized that it's first band's video.
Four young Swedish ladies don't need anything but stage, light and simple effective choreography to make audience go wow, this is their magic they've done to Sweden year ago and this is what they do again in this video. If this is how band promote new music before next Melodifestivalen I demand to give them victory beforehand and not to spend time and money for the contest. What a gorgeous song!!!

Swedish House Mafia - Save The World (video)

Who's gonna save clubs all over the world this summer?! Don't ask, check iTunes-charts and you'll find quite clear answer - new fantastic hit of Swedish House Mafia "Save The World" written by SHM with performer of the song John Martin and (what we didn't expect) Michel Zitron with Vincent Pontare (previous collaboration of Michel and Vincent was recording Danny's "If Only You" so it would be fantastic if Danny would break through in UK with its reincarnation this year).
What can I add regarding the song to what I said before? It's summerish, it's all sorts of anthemic and very trendy with that "o-o-o" chorus, amazing tune and it couldn't be less than amazing with such a glorious songwriting team.
Talking about video, damn, how lovely it is!!! I can't say I'm a big fan of dogs but how sweet and sentimental it all looks. Check yourself!

Eric Amarillo - Om Sanningen Ska Fram (video)

Around month ago Eric Amarillo from The Attic has presented his new solo-single "Om Sanningen Ska Fram" - track that we put our hope on but didn't expect that everything will go so fantastic for this release.
"Om Sanningen Ska Fram" has rocketed immediately appearing in iTunes-charts of Scnadinavian neighbours and becoming #1 hit in Sweden this week! I should mention that the highest entry of The Attic before was their colaboration with Therese "The Arrival" (and it was just #18) and by the way new Eric's song has made brilliant continuation of this year's trend of dance music in Swedish success.
Single has got support of new video that is live cut of The Attic clubbing, travelling and having fun, nothing new but looking nice and not boring at all.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Linda Sundblad - Intim

Linda Sundblad has prepared absolutely unexpected surprise for all her fans - new single "Intim" will be released tomorrow and it's in Swedish!
After Linda's participation in this year's Melodifestivalen with absolutely fantastic song "Lucky You" that we consider as one of the best MF-2011 entries but which didn't make it to the final Linda has decided to try something completely new - to sing on her native language. Together with Elias Kapari they've recorded song that was planned to be sung by another artist who refused the song and on the other hand Linda realized that it connects pretty naturally to her own artistic personality so it was decided to release it from her name.
"Intim" is very pleasant electronic dance track that sounds like September on Swedish mixed with Robyn in some very happy and light combination, it's like nothing you heard from Linda before by sound but really her style by positive atmosphere she usually delivers.
From the other news, Linda with Elias recently worked on a new stuff for Ola and also Linda has recorded Christmas song to be released on Christmas compilation this year.

LOWE – Breathe In Breathe Out

Well-known Swedish synthpop project LOWE is coming back with new single "Breathe In Breathe Out" and really doing success climbing up in iTunes chart currently.
If you didn't hear about LOWE before, here are some interesting facts you should know about its members.
- Vocalist Leo Josefsson previously worked as songwriter and producer with artists like Rednex, Shebang and Yaki-Da.
- Rickard Gunnarsson's father is ABBA's bass player Rutger Gunnarsson.
- Tobias Ersson and Rickard being teenagers played in the band Enemy Alliance together with Eric Prydz.
Band was formed already 9 years ago taking title as combination of words "love" and "low" and their music has become melodic combination of pop-music and synthpop-sound that has attracted our own attention around year ago when we've discovered LOWE's single "Simplicity" and have fallen for its Hurts meeets Depeche Mode music concept and now we get new sexy single "Breathe In Breathe Out" having exactly that sort of mild melodic synthpop we expected from them - quite commercial to become real hit and quite modern so comparison with classic Depeche Mode doesn't sound like sentencing decision.

The Provider - (They Won't) Play Me On The Radio (video)

Seems like label has taken The Provider's comeback really serious as today few weeks after release we've got premiere of the video for the newest artist's single "(They Won't) Play Me On The Radio".
Video is according to song's lyrics is about guy getting absolutely insane about the radio not playing his song, it's pretty qualitative work and we're starting to love this song even more. You can check video right below.
Among another pleasant news - soon Danny is gonna release "Tonight" (amazing track from his album we've been talking about before) featuring The Provider as another single and we keep our fingers crossed for both songs to be played on the radio as massively as it's possible.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caroline Wennergren - Drop Me Off In Harlem

Caroline Wennergren. We've discovered this lovely singer first time at Melodifestivalen-2005 with very sweet performance of her bossa nova-breathing song "A Different Kind Of Love" and Caroline looking so charming and sounding pretty special with her husky voice. It turned to a huge debut for Caroline - 5th place in the final (leaving artists like Linda Bengtzing, Sanna Nielsen and Jimmy Jansson behind). Caroline's single and album "Bossa Supernova" entered Top-20 and since that we didn't hear a lot about her.
Last year she has come back on the track with the wave of rumours she can enter Melodifestivalen again (she was signed to Lionheart and it was another strong reason to think so), it hasn't happened but now Caroline presents her new album "Drop Me Off In Harlem" (to be released on May 25th) so who knows what will happen next year.
Album was inspired by Afro-American jazz of 30-40ies - music that Caroline has fallen for after she watched documentary about Harlem back in 14. "Drop Me Off In Harlem" has become pretty atmospheric work with Caroline sounding very natural in a role of jazz-diva due to what we've heard in samples of forthcoming album. Very soft, warm and melodic sound, you can check it yourself below (or here) and if you'll like it I would also recommend Caroline's cover of John Lennon's "Love", another beautiful work released last year.

Le Kid - America (video)

Recently Le Kid unleashed their latest single "America" preparing the ground for release of band's debut album "Oh Alright" that will be out in June and today music video is presented as well.
We officially confirm to anyone who have any doubts that the video is FAB and you can already check it yourself! What do we love the most in it? Colours, hairdos, self-irony, drunk party and what have I forgotten...ah...yes, last few seconds of the video look like fantastic cherry on this pie.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Alex Sayz feat. Nadia Ali - Free To Go

One of our favorite club-acts who never disappoints Alex Sayz presents brand new collaboration "Free To Go" with not less than Nadia Ali!
Big and pleasant surprise for me being huge fan of Nadia's solo album "Embers" after she's left iiO (I don't believe you didn't hear her "Rapture" before) and you know what? I clearly can see "Free To Go" as Nadia's new solo-single to give a new push to career, as it's powerful, clubby but pretty liberal to be played actually everywhere, not only in the club.
If you've heard Nadia's voice you should realize that her hypnotizing and utterly sexy voice is absolutely perfect for club records and in this dark but energetic track with delicious explosive chorus she can be tough enough to blow it all and show the best of her.
We said before that Alex is future big international star of the world dancefloors and now we're convinced even more, new hit is born!

Timoteij - Het

Finally new Timoteij's single "Het" is here in its full fabulousness and OH MY GOD I was right when I didn't want to judge it by sample!
"Het" is second "Kom" that debut Timoteij's album never had but should it have it? I guess no - as last year was completely all about "Kom" for girls and some another album's track playing on the same field as "Kom" would be completely overshadowed by Melodifestivalen glory.
The song starts with epic growing folk-passage turning to dramatic verse sticking directly even if you don't understand most of the lyrics or don't understand it at all, pure joy of huge chorus with powerful beat and fantastic melody, laidback sweet middle-eight and final blast with the last chorus and epic passage once again. That's how new Timoteij's new single sounds like.
Now I understand what Ken from Schlagerprofilerna said about his wish to see it at Melodifestivalen next year - it would be fantastic comeback but I'm sure we can wait even more from girls!

Lyssna: Het - Timoteij

Vanessa Falk - Beg Like A Dog

Vanessa Falk makes another hit-strike with new completely stunning single "Beg Like A Dog"!
Last summer Vanessa has become our discovery and sweetheart from the first sight and listen with her debut single "Private Party" - dark but charming club-track shooting straight to our heart with attractive singer's attitude and delicious vocal.
New single "Beg Like A Dog" is another dance-record but sounds completely different, we wouldn't even realize it belongs to Vanessa but we've fallen for it immediately. Once again it's pretty dark work with massive electronic sound that along with adrenaline rush energy delivered by Vanessa's vocal and amazing pop-tune builds terrific continuation of singer's discography but it feels much more direct and radio-friendly so let's wish it'll become really big hit this summer.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loreen's heart is still refusing her - in chill and dance

This week Loreen's fantastic single "My Heart Is Refusing Me" has become one of last three Melodifestivalen singles left in Swedish chart - with "Popular" and "Me And My Drum". Song is still growing as radio-hit and you can already find The Attic's mix of the song sneaking into radio-charts of Russia, we could also notice it in Norwegian iTunes-chart and taken as hit-warning at Rix FM in Sweden. Label is currently giving new push to this single with pack of new mixes - Anders Nyman dance mixes and whole 3 acoustic versions. Due to samples we're mostly intrigued in electro acoustic version but we can already listen to dance mix (which is really strong clubfiller) and light acoustic version (which is loads of crazy goosebumps indeed) and our heart is accepting both completely!

And don't forget to check this magic live version of the song that I didn't present here before but which is just mesmerizing!

Swedish song won Eurovision-2011 for Azerbaijan

Swedish Stereo is officially delighted with yesterday's winner of Eurovision-2011 - Ell & Nikki who participated with the song "Running Scared" written by Swedish songwriting team - Stefan Örn, Sandra Bjurman and Iain Farguhanson, backing singers - Lisa Stadell, Åsa Engman, Jessica Marberger and Vera Prada and man behind Azeri performance - Rennie Mirro (main person responsible for MF performances). It was fantastic and beautiful victory and we really hope to get to Eurovision in Baku next year as it's gonna be gorgeous by show, fun and low costs for everything.
Sweden came at respectable #3 with Eric Saade who performed "Popular" written by Fredrik Kempe, RedOne's written "Get You" performed by Alexey Vorobjov came #16 and Swedish-Finnish Paradise Oscar with self-written song "Da Da Dam" was #21.
I'm gonna tell you one interesting fact! Before Eric was chosen as the winner of MF-2011 and before Eldar was selected in Azerbaijan I was contacted by OGAE Azerbaijan who communicated with artists and helped them to choose songs and asked if instrumental version of Eric's "Manboy" was ever released - Eldar wanted to sing it in Azerbaijani final as he realy liked the song, it didn't happen as instrumental version of "Manboy" wasn't released but later Eldar could meet with Eric on the stage of Eurovision. Below you can watch Swedish Eurovision road of Azerbaijan to victory supported by Anders Bagge's label and sure Eric's performance of "Popular".

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rasmus Faber - Good Times Come Back ft. Beldina

Rasmus Faber and Beldina. Recently I told you about collaboration of these talented people talking about latest Beldina's EP "Best Kept Secret" where Rasmus has produced very nice track "Hunt You Down" that we really loved.
This time Beldina guests Rasmus' new single providing vocals for new single "Good Times Come Back" that was already released in Japan and is planned to become available for other regions soon.
"Good Times Come Back" is clubby chill-out track with that relaxed atmosphere you can easily recognize in Rasmus' music but it's much more disco-flavoured than his previous tracks in this key. Beldina's amazing voice definitely brings loads of life and some light summerish energy into this song. Fantastic energy charge for this weekend!

Timoteij - Run

Timoteij are back with brand new single "Het" that will be released already this Sunday and you can already check it on Schlagerprofilerna blog. It sounds as fantastic as loads of tracks from girls' first album but we expect something extra from full version and will better get back to you with final judgement after we'll listen to it in a few days.
And as warm-up I'm gonna tell you about the song Timoteij's carrer has started from, and no, it's not "Kom"! It's "Run" - English version of "Kom" that even wasn't sung by Timoteij then, Erika Selin was singing on that demo-track but here we have Timoteij performing English version. So you can decide yourself if it was a good idea to translate it into Swedish.

Adam Rickfors - Push The Tempo

Adam Rickfors has really liten up latest months of Swedish club-music for us with his amazing mixes so I really hope that I'll have loads of reasons to mention new ones again and again.
Soon Adam will release his own new single "Push The Tempo" - energetic house-track, not as poppy as his mixes, much heavier electronic track, something you're probably not gonna hear on the radio but something very welcome on the dancefloor.
Right before release we get very nice video for it as well, you can check it right now.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Avicii - Silhouettes

We've already stopped following huge flow of new Avicii's works which are gonna fill dancefloors this summer at least in Sweden (sure hopefully all over Europe) but now we get release that sounds like really best track since Avicii's breakthrough "Seek Bromance" - new single "Silhouettes".
What have turned our head immediately is that vocal duty on this track provided not less than Salem al Fakir! Few years ago we've fallen in love with Swedish House Mafia collaboration with Salem on track "It's True" that is still one of our most beloved Salem's works so we had no doubts Salem's vocal functions great for club tracks and we weren't disappointed.
"Silhouettes" starts with pretty dark verse where Salem's almost whispering words very intimately before the song bursts with loud anthemic club-chorus followed by post-chorus instrumental line that sounds even more anthemic on the highest club-energy level.
The most gorgeous club-anthem of this summer we've heard so far.
Thanx for the tip to lovely Planet Salem.

Olle Hedberg - Boys of Summer

One of our favorites of the last Idol season - Olle Hedberg is the first one of participants who gets his solo-single to be released this month - we already have the title - "Wonderful" and current planned date is May 20th.
Olle has become sensation of Idol from the very beginning with his unique vocal manner and incredible charm, not everything went constantly well for him as it turned not so easy to choose right song to fit his voice but when he did it he did it brilliant.
Olle has finished third on Idol but we still play his "The Scientist" everyday and can find some new lovely covers from him on youtube before finally getting his own solo-stuff. Here's one of them - cover of Don Henley's "Boys Of Summer" - absolutely enjoyable acoustic work, isn't it?

Sibel - Wake Up (Alex Sayz Remix - full version)

Finally that fantastic floorfiller we told you about week ago - Alex Sayz's mix for the latest Sibel's single "Wake Up" is unleashed in its full version!
What new can I tell you about it, its melodic track with actual sound and summerish feeling prepared by recipe we adore especially in this season so you'd better enjoy it and decide youself how good it actually is.
Our final decision - absolutely clubdelicious!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet - From Now On

If you told me hit of last summer - Oskar Linnros's "Från och med du" will be covered in English and will sound even better than original version I wouldn't believe you just like that but that's what I've just heard!
Magnus Carlson (not Alcazar's Magnus - that one has two "s" in surname) has made fantastic English cover called "From Now On" and with his velvet voice sounding a bit Stephen Simmonds-like (which is a big compliment for us) and slightly more live-sounding arrangement it turned to be somewhat pretty adorable.
As Magnus reveals when he has fallen in love with "Från Och Med Du" last spring he has written English lyrics and has put it on "Från Och Med Du"'s instrumental that by Oskar's words has turned "way too good". Later in June when Magnus was recording album "Echoes" with The Moon Ray Quintet Oskar has suggested to record this version with them, result is here and it's absolutely enjoyable track, check yourself.

Ola - Riot

Our third favorite track "Riot" from the latest Ola's album gets release as the next (already fourth) single.
Fantastic news as we consider this track pretty fine choise to keep trying international career - current goal for Ola Svensson.
"Riot" is modern radio-pop track with heavy electronic arrangement and Ke$ha-style filtered Ola's vocal, sweetest pop-goodies and very catchy work.
What is even better - Ola is shooting video for the song and after series of scary pics from shooting he also presents "behind the scenes" video intriguing even more - charming mummies, dancing robots and Ola in mirror jacket (oh, it's completely gorgeous, isn't it?!), that's what we're gonna get very soon.
Oh and kudos to those who'll guess dancer at 3.08, guy was involved in some Melodifestivalen performance this year but I can't remember in which one.

Happy Birthday, Swedish Stereo!

Small sentimental article guys! One year has passed since I've decided to share my crazy passion for the most wonderful music in the world (at least in my world) - Swedish music with whole world and how glad I was realizing that so many of you are as obsessed as I am!
During this year blog was visited by over 100000 visitors from 170 countries but the most pleasant was to see your interest to discussed artists, songs, comments and warm words to this baby-blog.
So I want to say THANK YOU to all of amazing artists who paid attention to our articles and reviews, to all of you dear readers who were with us during this one-year long trip and sure to our beloved friends who supported us from the beginning - Paul, PG, Laura, Nata, Olivier, Len, Adrian, Ken, David, Jevgēnijs, Karl, JPaul, Niklas and all of you fantastic people who followed Swedish Stereo here, on twitter or our facebook page.
Thank you and let's start new Swedish Stereo year that undoubtfully is gonna become totally amazing and incredibly exciting! Cheers friends!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream Beats Feat. Alcazar - Feel 4 U (official video)

Consider it as Le Kid's day on the blog but here we have another piece of their music - new single "Feel 4 U" of Dream Beats project featuring Alcazar just has got video online and can video with Alcazar be anything but amazing?
Just like Danny's video I told you about yesterday it's dirrrty, not as BDSM-dirrty as Danny's one, it's a dirrrty disco-video with smeared makeup, ripped tights and drunk dances. Alcazar in front of red-coloured background (as the song itself) still remind us "We Keep On Rockin'" and it's not a bad comparison. Well, stop talking and check it right now!

Le Kid - America

Le Kid has less than a month to prepare the world or at least it's pop-loving part for release of debut album "Oh Alright" and there's no better way for it than release of brand new single "America".
We told you about "America" when we could listen to radio-concert of Le Kid earlier this year, actually track is much older, not as old as America but Poster Girl told about it last January. However now the rest of the world can listen to it and buy it.
It's much more dreamy and laidback melodic track than previous singles of Le Kid, it's actually like nothing you've heard from them before, beautiful mid-tempo song with fantastic tune having double-chorus as a huge bonus and lovely arrangement, it's gonna be our glass of cold cocktail this summer, we love it, hope you will too!

Shirley's Angels and Sanna Nielsen in Gabba Gabba

Not that we're keen on TV-shows for children but sometimes when our beloved schlager-stars appear in Gabba Gabba's humorous videos it changes everything!
When else can you see Shirley's Angels singing odes to hygiene products or Sanna Nielsen making music out of food. Swedish kids should be definitely greatful for their schlager-childhood and we keep enjoying new Gabba Gabba episodes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Danny + Freja - If Only You

After making pretty fantastic job home this winter Danny Saucedo who has become runner-up of Melodifestivalen-2011 is back to his normal life and breaking through internationally - process that he actually didn't finish since 2007 and quite successfully at least in Eastern Europe.
Still nothing is as desired as breakthrough in UK for many Swedish acts as it can give a key to the rest of Europe and Danny currently prepares his debut in UK. Surprisingly it's not "In The Club" or any new track from the latest album. It's old good "If Only You" with new vocal partner Freja, renovated arrangement and new video, whole pack you can already check below.
Our thoughts? We like how Freja sounds and definitely like how gorgeous she looks but Therese sounded more personally to us though when we've heard their duo with Danny after his solo-version it was pretty unnatuaral for us too. New arrangement is exactly what's required to switch from Swedish pop-fans goodies to something pretending to get the rest of pop-audience. And the video, well, isn't it too much? It's shot well and Danny's superbody is gonna get girls melting and guys jealous but if this is "clean version" how dirty is gonna "dirty version" look like?!