Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Schlager-style updates, schlager-order and schlager-rejects

Today we've got a whole bunch of schlager-related news I'm gonna share with you right now!
Everyone's and everything's updating styles closer to the biggest Swedish music tv-event of the year - Melodifestivalen and here are the brightest examples which we can't miss to mention - Dilba is looking gorgeous on new photos with big dark hair and red stylish jacket and Linda Bengtzing is coming back to her long hair with very fresh and young look like it wasn't 6 years since Linda has entered competition first time.

Site of Melodifestivalen also has change its look today and now you can watch there presentations of artists talking mostly about their families, favorite songs, dishes and what they are going to do when they'll win. Site has got its editor Elsa Billgren that you can look at here, page where you can ask Christer Björkman about everything here and you can even participate in contest to get tickets to the first semifinal of Melodifestivalen in Luleå sending answer to question what Danny, Dilba and Pernilla Andersson use to do in nature (not together dirty minds!) to
Also now we've finally got the title of Love Generation song and it's "Dance Alone" written by RedOne, Bilal "The Chef", Teddy Sky, AJ Junior, Jimmy Joker and BeatGeek. If these names (except RedOne) don't tell you anything it doesn't mean you didn'n hear songs written by them:

"Poison" Nicole Scherzinger
"Money Honey" Lady Gaga
"Bumpy Ride" Mohombi
"Straight Through My Heart" Backstreet Boys
"Breathing Your Love" Darin Featuring Kat DeLuna
"Step Up" Darin
"Oui Mais... Non" Mylene Farmer
"The Fall" Sibel feat. Lazee
"The Silence", "Broken Heels" Alexandra Burke

Impressive? No, it smells like world hit!!! And hopefully Sweden won't reject it.
You can also check running order in semifinals and I'll remind you that 1st, 6th and 8th places are considered as lucky ones. So Danny, Eric Saade and Love Generation look like biggest favorites to get their tickets to the final and by the way Carola, Charlotte Perrelli and Malena Ernman performed last in 4th semifinal so definitely SVT will make everything to provide Love Generation's victory and we don't mind at all!

1) Dilba
2) Swingfly
3) Jenny Silver
4) Jonas Matsson
5) Le Kid
6) Rasmus Viberg
7) Pernilla Andersson
8) Danny

1) Brolle
2) Loreen
3) Babsan
4) Elisabeth Andreassen
5) Sanna Nielsen
6) The Moniker
7) Anniela
8) Christian Walz

1) Linda Sundblad
2) Simon Forsberg
3) Sara Lumholdt
4) The Playtones
5) Shirley´s Angels
6) Sebastian
7) Sara Varga
8) Eric Saade

1) Melody Club
2) Julia Alvgard
3) Lasse Stefanz
4) Linda Pritchard
5) Anders Fernette
6) Linda Bengtzing
7) Nicke Borg
8) Love Generation

And finally today we've known two artists who refused to participate this year, it's popular indie-artist Håkan Hellström who has released #1 album "2 steg från paradise" and 2 Top-10 hits in 2010. And another act is Treadstone - fresh rock-band that I told you about this Summer debuted with amazing single "Six Feet Under" and now before release of album "A New Day Sun" on January 19th they present single "S.O.S" that they were asked to participate with but refused. Here's new video for "S.O.S" - powerful Foo Fighters-smelling rock-song that we'll definitely be missing this year.

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