Thursday, December 29, 2011

Amanda Fondell - All This Way (Benji Of Sweden Bootleg Remix)

First remix of this year's Idol winning song "All This Way" from Amanda Fondell is ready and it's made by Benji Of Sweden responsible for loads of recognizable pop-mixes I told about before. New mix has become quite radio-frienly and laidback, proper dance-version for a track which has become #1 in Sweden last week. Don't miss also Amanda's post-Idol peformance at Musikhjälpen below.

Jonas Oakland - Where Were You Last Night

Swedish hardcore pop-fans should know Jonas Oakland, this new artist have come up with series of really nice electropop-goodies few years ago, he was also sending one of his previous tracks - BWO-breathing "Beat of My Heart" to Melodifestivalen but it wasn't accepted.
Right now Jonas releases his new single - cover of huge 80s hit - Ankie Bagger's "Where Were You Last Night" written by Tim Norell, Ola Håkansson and Alexander Bard (!!!) and it's becoming an amazing step from purely schlager-oriented stuff to modern dance-music with really tough production, no need to talk about melody as it's classics which just can't be a bad base for covers. To make video Jonas has got two hot dancers and Janssen Herr, director behind videos of Tingsek and Calaisa, now you can check the result right below.

Kate Ryan - I Follow Rivers

One of our non-Swedish favorite artists - Kate Ryan who has become international star with help of 2N Productions - Niclas Kings and Niklas Bergwall makes come back this year. Her summer single "Love Life" was produced by Anders Hansson and Le Kid and Kate's romance with Swedish music is definitely not over.
Recently Kate has become a guest of De Grote Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow (guesting something with such a long title can already be significant career highlight by default, no?) - radio-show where she was singing mix of Chase & Status' "Time", Adele "Someone Like You" but the most surprising and unusual - she has made cover of Lykke Li's "I Follow Rivers"! Yes, it's has turned possible and quite nice, now you can also download this record for free on Kate's soundcloud channel so don't hesitate.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hurricane Love - Serial Liar

New name on our blog and in Swedish music in common. Band Hurricane Love from Malmö has recently presented their debut single "Serial Liar" and has got to the spot of Swedish audience.
We don't have a lot to tell about the band so it's all about the song which has got a really nice pop-melody even though common Hurricane Love's concept seems quite pop-rock with emphasizing of live-band's sound and big expressive choruses. Keyboard-player Johanna has easily found a way to our heart with her September-looking hairstyle.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Rabih - Leave The World Behind

Rebound's Rabih Jaber is coming back with already second solo-single "Leave The World Behind" written by him with Andreas Auzern and produced by Andreas with Powerkings.
When the first single "Millionaire" was purest dance-pop (with bigger emphasis of pop-component), "Leave The World Behind" feels like summarizing of dance music in 2011 with gentle synth keys and Rabih's velvet vocal leading to anthemic Swedish House Mafia-smelling choruses.
Though this dance direction fits Rabih perfectly singer doesn't seem to get stuck to any definite direction and this is actually even more exciting while waiting for his further tracks.

Lena Philipsson - Live Tomorrow

New season of Så Mycket Bättre has become another success, show has got a series of scandals around TV4 team exploiting artists too tough and forcing them to make revelations and to talk about memories they'd never open on ordinary shows. Sweden hasn't found new "Mikrofonkåt" but has re-discovered Laleh and every weeekend after a new episode when fresh bunch of studio-covers was out on iTunes, her tracks were reaching iTunes-top immediately. It's quite rightfully, Laleh is amazing artist and she has appeared right in that moment when demand for some fresh and original indie-pop artists in Sweden is really huge.
However our favorite cover of the season was made not by Laleh but Lena Philipsson who has turned Laleh's biggest hit "Live Tomorrow" to absolutely incredible schlager, something that she couldn't leave this show without. Original melody was almost not changed so in common track can be felt like remix but it's not as clubby. While verses have got heavy "Popular"-esque electro-treatment choruses open in euphoric schlager-explosion, something Lena would be very welcome and undoubtedly very successful with on Melodifestivalen stage.

Straight Up! - XXXmas At The Disco

Though Christmas weekend has gone we keep catching all Christmas/New Year celebrating music highlights and here we get a release from duo discovered for Swedish audience outside of blogosphere during last Stockholm Pride.
If you remember Straight Up! has become responsible for Pride's official anthem "Show The World Tonight" and few weeks ago they've released nice Christmas tune "XXXmas At The Disco" presented online already year ago.
Already from the title it's disco-oriented track but not in classic disco-way, it's much more electropop but still very festive and containing utterly catchy chorus getting stuck in your head from the first listen.

Håkan Hemlin - Skenande Tåg

Håkan "Nordman" Hemlin who's getting back to solo-stage of his career this year has appeared in Nyhetsmorgon to perform recently released single "När Stockholm Somnar In" we told about not so long ago. Another performed tracks were pop-rock ballad "Skenande Tåg" from upcoming album which is also not as folky as you could expect from Nordman's vocalist but automatically turning pretty special with Håkan's voice and "Hålla Dig Hårt" - supposedly to appear on a record too. Singer's throat was obviously not in its healthiest state but Håkan tried to do the best. He has already mentioned in interview that his colleague by Nordman - Mats Wester also works on this album.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas weekend on Swedish TV (part 2)

Swedish TV-channels keep presenting some nice music surprises and we've got pretty...unusual combination of artists from TV4. Shirley Clamp and Thomas Di Leva. Seems like this company was missing Dead By April to make idea of this concert even more weird but as Di Leva has become a new schlager-star and undoubtedly on the way to deliver new "Min Kärlek" we can see a point. TV4 has blocked whole concert from foreigners again so we can't watch everything Shirley has performed but still here are some videos appearing on youtube.

Kalle Moraeus is responsible for Christmas mood on SVT and he has got three incredible guests in a series of small acoustic performances you can watch online as well - Malena Ernman, Sarah Dawn Finer and Måns Zelmerlöw. We already start loving TV-Sarah and now absolutely sure she can be amazing host.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas weekend on Swedish TV

Merry Christmas, dear readers! Swedish TV presents a nice set of Christmas concerts with wonderful bunch of Swedish pop artists and we're gonna check what you've probably missed but still can watch online.

TV3's Julkonsert was visited by Thomas Di Leva with new single "Julens Stjärna" (5.15), Takida performing their latest promoted track "You Learn" (11.50), Jill Johnson expectedly singing "I väntan på julen" (16.07) and "Away in a manger" (33.12), Erik Hassle and (seems like really new track, I still can't find any info) "Stay" (24.30) and wonderful Loreen making acoustic version of "My Heart Is Refusing Me" (28.40) with One Voice featuring Caroline Jönsson, Britta Bergström and Simon Hassle.

Last snippet of JulLotta included performances of Magnus Carlsson with new Christmas single "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" (7.35) and "O Helga Natt" (38.30), Elisa's "Jag Säger Som Det Är" (10.55) and they've even made folk-and-artists-karaoke "White Christmas" in duo (26.40) and "Vi Äro Musikanter" (35.40).


Yesterday we've got special Bingolotto show with premiere of "Last Christmas" from Youngblood I already wrote about, guys have come back once again to perform "All I Want For Christmas Is You" with their future schlager-rival Molly Sandén (1.57.15), you could also watch Robert Wells with Vocalettes (00.40, 2.50.08) and Sofia Källgren singing recently released Christmas duo "I Julens Tid" (2.14.00), Jill Johnson making "Christmas With You" solo (54.34) and singing "En julsaga" in duo with Niklas Hjulström (1.44.50). Idol-2011 runner-up Robin Stjernberg was performing cover of Beyonce's "Halo" (1.09.50).


And finally a small acoustic piece of Christmas-Måns who should've appeared on any/every of these concerts but has just performed newest single "Kära Vinter" at #AdamLive.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Youngblood - Last Christmas

Long-awaited premiere from the biggest bookies favorites among newcomers of Melodifestivalen-2012 - Youngblood guys have appeared in Christmas Bingolotto to perform live and here's what we've got.


Eric Amarillo - Trolleri Trallala

Wanna know how Kicki Danielsson meeting Daft Punk sound like in Eric Amarillo's opinion?
Here's Eric's new demo-track with I guess demo-lyrics but it sounds pretty good to pretend on entering his next album, isn't it?
Lately I've become especially addicted to everything new produced by Eric, this guy has a hit-feeling and hope next year he'll also be producing some other pop-artists, he can create loads of hits for many.
You should also check new club edit of "Halleluja" and another new demo-track which is already worthy in this phone camera quality.

Christmas with Dinner For Dinosaurs

Not so long ago I told you about new Rasmus Viberg's project Dinner For Dinosaurs, band has recently released EP "Jurassic Funk" and celebrates this Christmas presenting piano cover of track "Lets Get It On" from EP as creative music gift for their listeners. Acoustic version has become a nice improvisation with really high funky notes and Rasmus has got a cool Christmas beard so don't miss this performance.

Mimi Oh - Säkerhetsnål

Melodifestivalen artists start promoting their new stuff before the contest and one of schlager-debutants Mimi Oh presents piece of her new single "Säkerhetsnål" to be out on January 11th written by Anton Hård Af Segerstad, Niclas Lundin (who stand behind MF-entry "Det går för långsamt") and Linda Sundblad (who has written this year's entry for Hanna Lindblad).
Song feels like electropop-mix of Veronica Maggios-smelling verses (getting quite trendy in Sweden this year) and choruses getting big but it's nothing like what you could expect from Le Kid's Anton or Linda, nothing like previously 80s inspired Mimi Oh's stuff and not directly schlageristic but quite original and stylish track. We also really like new Mimi Oh's images explored through photoshooting and on a single cover.

Robin Stjernberg - My Versions

Winner of the last Idol season Amanda Fondell has become #1 this week with final song "All This Way" she's got her victory in Globen with and her compilation of Idol covers enters album chart at #6 today.
Runnner-up of this season Robin Stjernberg isn't forgotten though, Robin being signed by Lionheart is releasing his own Idol-compilation "My Versions" on January 4th and the first single from it will be Beyonce's cover "Halo" - track that we'd absolutely choose if we had to before listening to sampler or Jessie J's "Who You are", both are huge emotional modern ballads showing full range of Robin's voice. But now when we get sampler I think Jason Derulo's "In My Head" could be a better choice to sell in Robin's performance, really fresh and not promoted enough to be directly felt like Idol-cover, "You Raise Me Up" has a nice spiritual atmosphere nicely lightened with Robin's pop-vocal, "Love Is Gone" sounds like a version that I could easily imagine released by David Guetta without help of Chris Willis. Here I should come back to thoughts about Alexander Bard's note regarding Robin's potential to get a huge demand among world DJs, this guy has amazing vocal for club-records and we're really interested if this will be his after-Idol path. Right after "My Versions" release Robin will be working on his non-cover album whole spring.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rebecca & Fiona - Dance

Rebecca & Fiona's album "I Love You Man" is finally released and has entered Top-40, girls definitely have higher expectations on their highly promoted album and prepares new track for presentation to wider audience.
Here we get a teaser of new music video for "Dance" - another album track much darker and harder than previous singles.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Magnus Carlsson - Arrival

There's probably no other artist taking Christmas as seriously as Magnus Carlsson does. Lately it seems completely incredible if Magnus wouldn't deliver new releases in the end of the year and this time he celebrates new Christmas-season with "Arrival EP".
Visitors of Magnus' concerts should've already noticed artist performing ABBA's originally instrumental track "Arrival" with lyrics written by Björn Ulvaeus back in 1999 and previously released on Sarah Brightman's album. Response was good enough to enter studio and record cover for a new festive release. Track has got massive production and tons of Christmas atmosphere. Magnus has also included three more tracks - "När vi närmar oss jul", "It’s the most wonderful time of the year" and "Den lilla trumslagarpojken" which you could alrealy find on his label's recent Christmas compilation or previous Mr. Carlsson's albums. Now you can listen to "Arrival" skipping at 12.25 below.

Lyssna: 12.30 - 13.00 tisdag 20 dec 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Erik Segerstedt - Angel

Though Swedish Christmas-releases have started to appear lately we still miss Christmas-excitement a bit and gonna keep hungrily catching any bits from all of our faves who'll finally decide to present or share something like Erik Segerstedt who has recorded cover of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" (he previously released it in Swedish on E.M.D. Christmas album) and has made a video on his iPhone. Look what has come out of this!

Cervello - Cause I Am

When it comes to collaboration with local Swedish artists world top-producer Max Martin seems to prefer working on anything but commercial pop. This year he was noticed on releases of Those Dancing Days and SOL/Stat & Orchestra Live and now it's Stockholm rock band Cervello that has managed to work with Max on one of their debut self-titled album tracks "Cause I Am".
Back in the beginning of 00s Max has shown he's able to make a brilliant alternative rock-music (Bon Jovi, Prime STH, Lambretta) which still sounds nowadays much more fresh than what he did in pop then and now he's back on a same track. "Cause I Am" is melodic alternative-ballad with expressive vocals, light feeling of American radio-rock and awesome guitar solo in middle-eight, world-level track that you can imagine appearing on for example Daughtry's album. By the way Cervello's album in common sounds like a crossover between Nickelback and Daughtry, very qualitative work produced by Henrik Edenhed (Dead By April, Robyn, Teddybears sthm, Fibes oh Fibes, Oh Laura) and I would recommend you to check another track "First Time" that was recorded with another star guest - John 5 (guitarist of Marilyn Manson).
Thanks for this tip to Jules.

Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party - Antidote

New video for the next Swedish House Mafia's single is out and it feels like an episode of bloody and realistic 3d shooter which looks quite weird after previous sentimental "Save The World" but makes this track more interesting than I've initially found and however the world seems to fall for this new single.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hoffmaestro ft. Sverige - Your Ways

It's all about charity in Sweden these days and we should mention another track created for noble purposes in collaboration with Musikhjälpen, Hoffmaestro have come up with idea of recording song with everyone who wanted to get to their site and bring some vocal or instrumental contribution. As a result loads of well-known artists like Adam Tensta, Niklas Strömstedt, Sarah Dawn Finer, Linnea Henriksson, Armand Mirpour and many others have taken part in recording the song "Your Ways".
Hoffmaestro have finally presented "Your Ways" live in Musikhjälpen and it's exactly that special mix of raggae and ska with poppy tune and festive mood you could expect from them, loads of fun is attached as always when Hoffmaestro is in da house. You can check studio-version here.

Mohombi - Lego House

Mohombi says hello to his fans sending lovely acoustic cover of Ed Sheeran's "Lego House" which has got slightly Michael Jackson's vibes, cover was recorded during Mohombi's recent visit to UK.

Håkan Hemlin - När Stockholm Somnar In

Nordman's vocalist Håkan Hemlin's goes solo and the first single from his upcoming album to be released next spring is "När Stockholm Somnar In" which is already out digitally.
It was rumoured before that Håkan sent entry to Melodifestivalen but it wasn't accepted and before radio-premiere on P4 it was announced that "När Stockholm Somnar In" is that rejected track written by "I Lågornas Sken" songwriters Lina and Mårten Eriksson. It's a charity single aimed to help homeless people.
Talking about the song "När Stockholm Somnar In" has pretty recognizable style for previous Nordman's stuff, it's a Scandinavian dramatic folk-pop ballad with Håkan's utterly special vocal and beautiful melody. Single is already noticed by audience reaching iTunes Top-40 directly after release and serves as fine presentation of Håkan's new album.
You should skip at 25.30 to listen to "När Stockholm Somnar In" in its full length.

Lyssna: 11.30 - 12.00 onsdag 14 dec 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christoffer Hiding on the way to debut album

Christoffer Hiding who has become a really outstanding discovery of Idol-2007 with his utterly special soul-vocal and amazing cover of Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right" which is still one of our most beloved Idol-covers has come back to the spotlights earlier this year sharing stage with Swingfly at Melodifestivalen-2011. Team has qualified to the final and the song "Me And My Drum" has become commercially one of the most successful entries of Melodifestivalen-2011.
Currently Christoffer is back to solo-career and having no sponsorship to record album but eagerly wanting to make his old dream come true he has come up with the project to raise money for his debut album to be recorded in the studio with a team of professionals.
If you'll help him he's gonna pay back with albums, exclusive concerts and even ability to sing with Christoffer on the album, project has already gathered around 15.000 kronas and in common it requires 60.000 so if you've decided to help this album to come out you can make it here.
All these years after Idol Christoffer wasn't left completely outside of music making though, below you can check my favorite Christoffer's song "Sunshine" from 2008, on his Soundcloud-channel you can find other previously recorded pop-soul tracks and it's really worthy stuff.

Erik Hassle - This Christmas

Erik Hassle makes music present to his fans recording cover of classic "This Christmas" in a funky festive mood with lovely video cut from his childhood.
Today Erik has also visited Musikhjälpen to perform this track (and another one "Stay" - I can't directly say if it's a cover or new one) live, you can watch it below.

Dada Life - Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker

Weekend starts cheerfully with new single and video "Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker" from Dada Life.
What is Dada Life actually? Champagne, bananas and complete club madness all the way, so here you get a full pack.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sonja Aldén - Närmre

Sonja Aldén is one of the biggest and the most long-awaited names coming back to Melodifestivalen this year. After she has taken part in 2007 with ballad "För att du finns" singer has become a huge Sweden's sweetheart making some big hits on local radio and releasing two successful albums (4 top-10 albums if we count her Christmas compilations with Sanna Nielsen and Shirley Clamp).
After giving birth to her first child and letting her friends Sanna and Shirley take previous season of Melodifestivalen with schlager-storm Sonja has started working on her new album and has got an entry in the next season, on February 11th she'll perform "I Din Himmel" written by Bobby Ljunggren and Peter Boström in the second semifinal.
Right now artist presents brand new single "Närmre" co-written with Bobby Ljunggren and Henrik Wikström which already has got premiere on the radio and it's not calm thoughtful ballad if you expected it by her latest singles, surprisingly it's very summerish (rather than directly Christmas-smelling) light song with all Sonja's vocal sensuality and fragility and life-asserting tempo of half-acoustic arrangement being constant part of artist's common concept.
You can listen to "Närmre" below skipping at 3.21.

Lyssna: 11.00 - 11.30 onsdag 14 dec 2011

Latest releases of J-Son

After a summer hit-duo "Hearts In The Air" with Eric Saade and latest single "Destination Sky" J-Son has filled this autumn with new releases, let's take a look at some.
The one we've loved the most is single "Stop Me" - collaboration with EllyEve not miles away from "Destination Sky" by common concept of dark rapping verses decorated with beautiful dramatic choruses but what we love especially about "Stop Me" is that EllyEve's emotional vocal brings a bit of "Love The Way You Lie" atmosphere.
Another new song "Simple Man" featuring J-Son was recorded by Dutch DJ Mischa Daniels and Swedish Sandro Monte who's come up with a massive club banger with big euphoric choruses and international sound.
You should also check J-Son's collaborations with Norwegian X Factor band Shackles "Overtime" and Rob & Nino - "U Got It" but the most loud one is his new single "Remedy" featuring Salem al Fakir - in common song sounds as classic Salem except the fact that verses go in J-Son's rap so it feels like a 50/50 compromise between completely different music universes, you can already give it a listen on J-Son's site.

New music winter of Måns Zelmerlöw

New album of Måns Zelmerlöw "Kära Vinter" has turned not that new as we expected being just new edition of last year's "Christmas With Friends" containing two new tracks - "Kära Vinter" and classic cover "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", both songs were performed today in Nyhetsmorgon. Måns always delivers a lot of charm and warm friendly atmosphere in his live-performances and this one wasn't exception.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ms Trez - Louder

Sweden has got a fresh girlband Ms Trez and as girlbands singing modern dance music and having such a fabulous attitude are pretty rare in Sweden you shouldn't miss them, another reason for this mentioning is girls' new single "Louder" which is pretty confident and catchy track bringing trio on the way to achieving Swedish The Saturdays status.
Ms Trez were formed of girls professionally backing some big local stars in the past and this year they've finally got a huge premiere performing their track "Y.E.A.H." at Stockholm Pride (you can watch performance here). And while band works on promotion of their stuff in US we've got band's awesome single "Louder" presented online and already released digitally.
"Louder" is seductive electro-track starting in dynamic heartbeat on the run tempo exploding with a huge dance-chorus containg epic drums section and trendy Kesha-smelling repetitive "lo-o-ouder", girls have great and passionate vocals and it should bring them far if they'll keep working as hard. Song is provided by international team - Swedish songwriter and producer Thomas Karlsson, British songwriter Adam Robinson and we expect guys to come up with some new cool pop-stuff soon.

Malena Ernman & Sarah Dawn Finer - Sankta Lucia (Strålande Helgonfé)

Two grand non-schlager ladies of schlager-land and just old good friends Malena Ernman and Sarah Dawn Finer have come up with a cover of classic "Sankta Lucia (Strålande Helgonfé)" on their new compilation "En Riktigt God Jul" where they've gathered their best previously released Christmas songs and logically have made a duo.
If you're wondering how opera-singer and soul-artist can fit each other - after listening to it you're gonna be wondering why it is the only duo of Malena and Sarah as the song sounds like two music worlds united by two powerful voices and magic, soulful atmosphere of Christmas.
You can listen to this track streaming online in wonderful Schlagerfiasko advent calendar (clicking at December 9th) where you're also gonna get some other Christmas goodies (like for example Swedish Stereo's song of this Christmas at December 3rd).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Musikhjälpen: Linda Sundblad

Our yesterday's highlight of Musikhjälpen was loveliest Linda Sundbad.
We saw Linda with acoustic performances pretty a lot on TV this year (the fact that we're really happy about actually) but this performances has got a nice feature - cover of Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" which has turned to be pretty entertaining as on paper we would find it hard to imagine how Linda would sound with it but she did it great singing also the latest single "Trasig".

Christmas-Jill on Swedish TV

Jill Johnson is one busy lady this Christmas promoting new charity album "Välkommen jul" and visiting some big TV-show to perform her fresh stuff.
Last week she has appeared in JulLotta to perform "Flirting With Disaster", "I Väntan På Julen" and "O Holy Night" (by the way you can watch Timoteij singing Swedish version of "Hallelujah" at 25.35 here). And today she participated in SVT's traditional Lucia concert singing "Away In a Manger" and "I Väntan På Julen" again. You can watch it below.
By the way look what I've found - Darin joining Jill on the stage to make cover of "Need You Now" during Christmas concert, Jill has completely oushined him unfortunately but still it was great idea.

Jill Johnson - Away in a manger (Lucia)
Jill Johnson - I Väntan På Julen (JulLotta)

Niki & The Dove - DJ Ease My Mind

Niki & The Dove has got some great surprises in the end of the year, almost at the same time project was nominated as Best newcomer at P3 Guld 2012 and (what the most incredible and pleasant) has got to the list BBC Sound Of 2012 - well-known music critics poll chasing for some new talents previously won by Jessie J, Adele, Mika and Keane.
Today band premieres new wonderful video for their epic track "DJ Ease My Mind" (much deeper and darker The Knifesque song than "The Drummer") they've presented year ago and this time visually it leaves slight impression of authentic Kesha, really smart solution to start promoting this song again as when the band has just started it hasn't got attention it deserved.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Linnea Henriksson in Musikhjälpen

Annual radio-marathon Musikhjälpen has started so till the very end of the week Kodjo Akolor, Gina Dirawi and Timbuktu will be receiving orders to play songs (which will be payed by people and all money will go for charity).
Like it happens every year we get loads of celebrities coming with live performance and later you're gonna see Eric Saade, Linda Sundblad, Takida, Ulrik Munther, Fibes, Oh Fibes!, Amanda Fondell, Amy Diamond, Erik Hassle and many others.
Today wonderful Linnea Henriksson has visited studio to perform single "Väldigt kär/Obegripligt ensam" and Damien Rice's "The Blower's Daughter", if you've been touched by her "Crazy In Love" and "Hope there's someone" you should realize how beautiful Linnea was singing this cover.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Robyn in Saturday Night Live

Robyn has marked some biggest American shows with her appearance this year and this weekend she was invited to Saturday Night Live hosted by her partner by tour - Katy Perry.
It's not the most exciting news in Robyn's life lately. With Avicii and Swedish House Mafia she's got to Grammy-2011 nomination Best Dance Recording with "Call Your Girlfriend" and though it's gonna be a real tough fight to get there is already a big win that this artist has really deserved.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Storm - My Crown

It's quite rare thing when I write here about releases of non-Swedish artists but if I do it means I'm really in love with them and have a strong Swedish-related reason. This time I've got two.
The first - Kent's musicians Jocke Berg and Martin Sköld have co-written new track for Danish band The Storm and the second - it sounds really Abbaesque not even being directly pop.
I quite liked previous band's album "Black Luck" though it sounded much heavier than both singles from new album "Rebel Against Yourself" - "Lost in the Fire" and new one "My Crown". Band doesn't hide Abba influences and they're pretty clear in this song.
Thanks for the tip to Popdrömmen and Being Blogged.

SOJO - Jumping Jam (full version)

Finally we've got probably the best Jonas von der Burg produced track since Gathania's singles in 2009 - fresh SOJO's single "Jumping Jam" in its full version online and officially released.
I've already mentioned it before and complete version has turned expectedly great, synths exploding in the end of chorus is still the most adorable part of track.
Jonas and Victoria Ekeberg (manager of artists like September, Gathania, SOJO) has started their own label 4 On The Floor so soon we expect some new Jonas' hits to come.

Louise Hoffsten - I'll Get By

Louise Hoffsten has a long history in Swedish music exploring loads of different genres and with huge discography, singer seems like always was concentrating on her music rather than going pop and mainstream.
In the middle of 90s Louise has got a heavy neurological disease - multiple sclerosis but she never stopped to work with music and message of new single Jill Johnson-smelling melodic country-pop "I'll Get By" is about no need to worry about her, fight with life's disasters is a natural thing.
New Louise Hoffsten's album "Looking for Mr. God" is produced by Stefan Örn (who has written Eurovision-2011 winning song "Running Scared") and will be out on January 18th.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eric Saade feat. Dev – Hotter Than Fire (video)

Eric Saade premieres new video for his latest single "Hotter Than Fire" featuring Dev and presenting his just released album "Saade Vol.2".
Video was shot in UK and Spain though surprisingly it's not about beautiful local views but about Eric dancing from one room to another in abandoned house in one-take shooting feeling a bit like follow-up of "Popular".

The sound of Melodifestivalen-2012

You probably have already managed to read about official line-up of Melodifestivalen-2012 on some ESC or Swedish music related sites. I wasn't in a hurry as all of these artists but one were quessed before and you could read about them here. Anna Järvinen has refused to participate in the last moment so she was replaced by David Lindgren. Danny has also changed his song for more proper for MF right before official announcement.
I've collected some descriptions of tracks from SVT, QX, Schlagerprofilerna, Scandipop and Schlagerzoot so you could realize in common what should we expect from MF this time.
Pictures are taken from and

Semifinal 1: Växjö

Loreen "Euphoria"
(Thomas G:son, Peter Boström)
- dynamic, mystic and dramatic song with "Cry Me A River"-feeling and ambient-sound crawling under your skin.

The Moniker "I Want To Be Chris Isaak (This Is Just the Beginning)"
(Daniel Karlsson (The Moniker))
- track having nothing common with "Oh My God", it's more green than golden, not attached to any genre, more rhythmic and oriental.

Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern "Jag reser mig igen"
(Thomas G:son, Ted Ström)
- heavy melodic track in classic schlager-tradition with at the same time personal and common lyrics.

Dead by April "Mystery"
(Pontus Hjelm)
- epic (not a ballad) pop-metall in-your-face track with a strong chorus not written especially for MF sounding in a vein of the latest band's album, the hardest MF entry ever.

Abalone Dots "På väg"
(Rebecka Hjukström, Sophia Hogman, Louise Holmer, Viktor Källgren)
- melancholic love ballad with banjo in a minor and nyckelharpa typical for Abalone Dots style.

Marie Serneholt "Salt & Pepper"
(Lina Eriksson, Mårten Eriksson, Figge Boström)
- swinging and spicy uptempo-track.

Sean Banan "Sean Den Förste Banan"
(Sean Simadi (Sean Banan), Joakim Larsson, Hans Blomberg, Mårten Andersson)
- typical Sean Banan's entertaining track without any calm moment and with a message that everybody can be a king in their own ways.

Afro-Dite "The Boy Can Dance"
(Figge Boström, Catrine Loqvist, Johan Lindman)
- 70s inspired happy disco track with a modern sound.

Semifinal 2: Göteborg

Andreas Lundstedt "Aldrig Aldrig"
(Niclas Lundin, Maria Marcus, Randy Goodrum)
- melancholic uptempo song about breaking up, not a disco but this is the song you can dance and cry listening to.

Top Cats "Baby Doll"
(Mårten Eriksson, Lina Eriksson, Susie Päivärinta)
- positive energetic rock'n'roll track in a full tempo.

Mimi Oh "Det går för långsamt"
(Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad, Niclas Lundin)
- slightly 80s inspired honest and straight bombastic pop-track with catchy choruses and modern sound.

Thomas Di Leva "Ge aldrig upp"
(Thomas Di Leva)
- uplifting energetic song with a certain message.

Sonja Aldén "I din himmel"
(Sonja Aldén, Bobby Ljunggren, Peter Boström)
- recognizable follow-up of "För att du finns", calm but strong and pulsating.

David Lindgren "Shout It Out"
(Fernando Fuentes, Tony Nilsson)
- positive dance-track requiring big dance-performance.

Ulrik Munther "Soldiers"
(Ulrik Munther, Johan Åberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, David Jackson)
- fresh pop-rock song about relationships and forgiveness with millitary feeling not going too far from Ulrik's debut album sound and closer to his "The Box".

Timoteij "Stormande hav"
(Kristian Lagerström, Johan Fjellström, Stina Engelbrecht, Jens Engelbrecht)
- energetic pop-folk uptempo schlager with Irish influences and heavier than their previous stuff though in a same vein.

Semifinal 3: Leksand

Mattias Andréasson "Förlåt mig"
(Mattias Andréasson)
- fresh Swedish pop with American influences (earlier described as r'n'b in Swedish sounding in Oskar Linnros' style).

Maria BenHajji "I mina drömmar"
(Nanna Sveinsdóttir, Thomas Cars)
- webjoker - classic schlager-ballad from "För att du finns" and "Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus" family.

Love Generation "Just A Little Bit"
(Nadir Khayat (RedOne), John Mamann, Jean-Claude Sindres, Teddy Sky, Yohanne Simon, Bilal "The Chef" Hajji)
- explosive pop-track with attitude, power and happiness.

Andreas Johnson "Lovelight"
(Andreas Johnson, Peter Kvint)
- Faces go partying with T Rex, Blur and Robbie Williams, positive track with gospel-touch closer to a style of Andreas' first MF-entries "Sing For Me", "A Little Bit Of Love".

Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li "Mirakel"
(Fredrik Andersson, Björn Ranelid)
- clubby track with happy chorus and poetic lyrics.

Carolina Wallin Pérez "Sanningen"
(Michael Clauss, Martin Bjelke, Carolina Wallin Pérez, F Dread)
- drum cavalcade melancholic synth-pop crossing borders and flirting with rock.

Molly Sandén "Why Am I Crying"
(Molly Sandén, Aleena Gibson, Windy Wagner)
- modern pop-ballad with honest lyrics about broken heart that many are gonna take as personal.

Youngblood "Youngblood"
(Fredrik Kempe, David Krüger)
- uptempo feelgood sing-a-long track with modern sound and recognizable Fredrik Kempe's style.

Semifinal 4: Malmö

OPA "Allting blir bra igen"
(Michael Sideridis)
- swinging, catchy, Greek folk-pop.

Danny Saucedo "Amazing"
(Danny Saucedo, Peter Boström, Figge Boström)
- uptempo track from "In The Club" team, more positive and arena-oriented.

Lotta Engberg & Christer Sjögren "Don't Let Me Down"
(Lasse Holm, Lars "Dille" Diedricson)
- mature euroschlager with modern sound and adrenaline rush.

Hanna Lindblad "Goosebumps"
(Hanna Lindblad, Linda Sundblad, Tony Nilsson)
- 80s inspired song with loads of energy and love.

Axel Algmark "Kyss mig"
(Axel Algmark, Mattias Frändå, Jonathan Magnussen)
- happy pill with party feeling.

Dynazty "Land Of Broken Dreams"
(Thomas G:son, Thomas "Plec" Johansson)
- 90s hardrock song hitting you like a punch.

Charlotte Perrelli "The Girl"
(Fredrik Kempe, Alexander Johnsson)
- fresh clubby uptempo sing-along track with electro-sound and schlager-glitter.

Lisa Miskovsky "Why Start A Fire"
(Lisa Miskovsky, Aleksander With, Bernt Rune Stray, Berent Philip Moe)
- forest minstrel in love with Prince and Kate Bush.