Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sanna Nielsen singing Michael Jackson

This is a nice experiment, isn't it?
Yesterday Sanna Nielsen has visited studio of Den Flyggande Mattan to perform medley of the best Michael Jackson hits along with a crowd of jumping kids and though this year's studio is far from fabulous, Sanna has taken a pot of fabulousness with her. Beautiful cover of "Teddybjörnen Fredriksson" and sure "I'm In Love" were also there.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jon Ink - Every Little Inch

Creative activity of webjoker Jonas Matsson under a new name Jon Ink has switched to a pretty high speed of presenting new stuff this autumn.
After previous pop-rock song "Tell It To My Face" we've got his new work "Every Little Inch" where Jonas keeps exploring field of dynamic rockier stuff in a hard electronic wrap, this time it's getting even harder still leaving a place for a nicely building melody and bursting choruses. Though Swedish pop-artists rarely release new videos lately it's already second Jonas' video for a short period and this one is really worthy!

Så mycket bättre is back on TV4!!!

New season of incredibly successful tv-show Så mycket bättre has started tonight.
This time we've got another solid bunch of artists - E-Type, Timbuktu, Laleh, Tomas Ledin, Mikael Wiehe, Eva Dahlgren and Lena Philipsson. E-Type and Lena Ph are the artists we're interested the most but we hope we'll get few more faves.
Artists were singing Tomas Ledin's songs this time. Lena Ph's performance was undoubtedly the most entertaining with loads of sexy poses and Lena filling every empty corner of a room with her passion. Though I'm a huge fan of E-Type, Martin was just too far from what was expected from him vocally but it was interesting to listen to his version of "Sommaren är kort", you should also check other covers below. You can also listen to studio-versions of songs here.


E-Type - Sommaren är kort
Mikael Wiehe - Blå blå känslor
Timbuktu - Snart tystnar musiken
Eva Dahlgren - Never again
Lena Philipsson - Sensuella Isabella
Laleh - Just nu!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Edith Backlund - Kill The Clown (Act One)

Edith Backlund, Swedish artist who's made debut back in 2005 and has managed to release already two albums, second of which was produced by The Wannadies frontman Pär Wiksten, can become a new face for you but hopefully from now on she's on the way to get into the spotlight of Swedish pop fans working on a fresh stuff with Peter Kvint who worked with a long list of Swedish and foreign artists like Andreas Johnson, the Ark, Nick Carter, Sertab, Jill Johnson, Orup, Alice Svensson.
Earlier this year Edith has presented "What I've Become" - dark melancholic acoustic ballad with Melissa Horn-smelling light vibratto and in November she's ready to digitally release first part of her upcoming album "Kill The Clown". Though it contains only three tracks currently we get another single "Dance In Circles" - beautiful dramatic but light pop-rock song that we would probably compare with atmosphere of Eskobar albums (Peter worked with them also), relaxed Edith's vocal and lovely building melody finalize the whole pack. Another great tune of EP is "Black Hole" that is closer to "Dance In Circles" rather than "What I've Become" and is exactly that side of Edith we fall for more.

Erato - Call Your Girlfriend

New Swedish Internet phenomenon has come from Uppsala as a small video made by three girls from local band Erato singing cover of Robyn's latest hit "Call Your Girfriend" clapping hands in synchronous beat of margarine tubs tapped on the table.
Sounds like pretty simple idea? But video has collected around 350.000 videos just for a week, girs were invited to SVT and there's no wonder actually, beautifully sounding acapella voices with a beat of tubs have become absolutely hypnotizing combination you hardly can get away from when you start watching.
I think girls definitely should try record their own stuff, something in Imogen Heap style would become a real hit.

Alex Saidac - We Shine (mixes)

Alex Saidac makes her way out to European audience and without wasting time she's aimed to the biggest dream goal of many Swedish artists - success in UK.
Debut Alex's single "We Shine" is already has entered some club charts and was noticed in local music media and now team presents new EP with mixes from the biggest mixers of Swedish pop - SoundFactory and Niclas Kings. We already told about dubstep mix of Video Violence, here we get another one from L-Wiz. You can check snippets of mixes below.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Agnes at Rosa Bandet

Agnes has offically come back to the stage yesterday at Rosa Bandet concert (breast cancer world-wide company supported in Sweden with annual tv-concerts getting attention to the problem and attracting donations).
With an orhestra Agnes has come up to the stage in Jenny Silver-inspired "Place To Stay" dress (you can watch on a pic above), pink mantle on a high heels and with big, I mean really BIG love-love-love disco-hair looking very fresh and beautiful. She has performed newest single "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" fabulously strutting up and down the stairway and showing vocally the best. She has actually delievered everything you could expect from Agnes' comeback so enjoy performance yourself below.

Joachim Bergström feat. Petra Marklund - Feel Like Makin’ Love

Though we can't tell you anything optimistic about new September's stuff coming soon (Petra's crusade for a new hits to UK and USA has just started and the last album needs loads of promotion to be done outside of Sweden) you can enjoy some rare Petra's goodies released on other artists' albums that I bet you didn't know about.
Back in 2007 Petra has joined Joachim Bergström and Magnus Lindgren on a record of album "You’d Better Love Me" to sing Roberta Flack's cover "Feel Like Makin’ Love" in a duo with Joachim. Result has turned to an utterly pleasant intimate jazz track with voices of both artists softly curling around each other in a peaceful atmosphere created by live band music. If you've shamelessly missed this release like we have, check right below.

Feel like making love

Nayer feat. Mohombi & Pitbull - Suave (Kiss Me) (video)

New RedOne produced hit "Suave (Kiss Me)" performed by trio of Nayer, Mohombi and Pitbull has already entered lists of many European radio stations and has become another amazing highlight of Mohombi's big successful year when his own latest single "Maraca" has just started to conquer world's audience. Today we've got a premiere of music video featuring loads of nice shots on a seaside that we wouldn't have lot to speak about but tell us how we've missed Nayer is so unbelievably hot?!!! You really don't need a plot when you have a singer looking so gorgeous. One of the best dance tunes of this year, don't try to argue, it's a fact!

Nanne – My Rock Favourites

Around month before official release of upcoming Nanne's tribute-album "My Rock Favourites" we get a chance to listen snippets of all tracks to appear on the album. Below you can check whole list from tjyvlyssna blog.
Just like debut single "Nag" most of the album covers sounds pretty expressive and obviously 80s inspired. Best expected tracks in a bunch are classic "Heaven's On Fire", slightly Abbaesque "Will You Be There", musical-breathing "Everyday" and "I Can't Dance" unexpectedly awesome fitting Nanne's voice.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Världens Barn - 2011

Världens barn is annual SVT event that raises attention to problems of kids all over the world and lets people send their donations during shows broadcasted on TV.
You should remember Molly Sanden premiering her new single on the first show's concert, later SVT has broadcasted big gala with loads of popular artists.
Ulrik Munther was singing two songs from his debut album, our sweetheart Linnea Henriksson performed new single "Väldigt kär/Obegripligt ensam", Danny was singing "Cassandra" (track he composed with E.M.D. colleague Mattias Andréasson), Sarah Dawn Finer who's back on Christmas tour this year was singing "I'll Be Your Wish Tonight" from her latest album, Elisa's performed new single "Jag säger som det är" (from Thomas G:Son and Henrik Sethson - team behind "Something In Your Eyes" and "In A Moment Like This"), rocabilly Top Cats delivered their schlager-reject "Heartache", opera diva Elin Rombo sang classic "O Mio Babbino Caro", you can also catch Marie Serneholt and Rennie Miro below.

Hagsätra Sport - Idag Kommer Aldrig Igen
Elisa's - Jag säger som det är
Top Cats - Heartache
Michael Halvarson, Marie Serneholt, Malin Olsson - Helt Magiskt
Karl Dyall & Rennie Mirro - The Babbit and the Bromide

Man Meadow - Eaten Alive (video)

Man Meadow premiere brand new video of their latest single "Eaten Alive" - Diana Ross' cover they've come back with earlier this summer.
Horror video was shot in abandoned hospital and it has turned to a hard test of artists' nerves in rooms full of broken glass and dark basement corridors leaving impression of real haunted house with scary sounds artists could hear all over the house.
Fortunately guys weren't eaten alive and you can check the result of shoting already now.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Icona Pop - Lovers To Friends

The only track of Icona Pop we didn't mention is finally online. Electronic pop-duo has just released 4-tracks EP "Nights Like This" containing song "Lovers To Friends" already noticed by Popjustice and now you can check it in full length.
"Lovers To Friends" is another piece of highly concentrated electro-pop and Karin Dreijer sort of screaming vocal manner unexpectedly switching to a warm melodics of chorus with girls vocals going Pixie Lott a bit. Awesome track!

Never Alone in the final of Webjoker!

Best news of the day for us! Our favorite entry of this year's webjoker "Marilyn Monroe" from Never Alone has got to the final of contest where they'll be fighting with seven rivals for a ticket to Melodifestivalen live and we'll be madly supporting this song!
Another entry that has qualified to the final is Caroline Coquard's "Ingenting, ingen". You can check full order of song's placing in semifinal here.
Fourth semifinal has turned pretty strong. We've got a really nice rock-entry from 12-year-old Felicia Vårnäs "Not Over You" - female junior version of Daughtry-rock you can easily buy us with (wondering if Felicia will be allowed to sing in the final if she will qualify?), great tune and expression. If Marie Lindberg would serve as an example of how artist from ordinary folk should successfully win meloaudience - Vilda should get a pretty high mark in following it with her country-song "Box of Love". Vocally it sounds very professional and charming. I should also mention two dance-tracks - Carolina Jakobsson's "Believe" and Patrick Egemo's "Higher" with a proper festive atmosphere which could sound good in terms of production upgrade and singer-songwriter entry "Need To Know" from Bowties.

Bowties - Need To Know
Carolina Jakobsson - Believe
Felicia Vårnäs - Not Over You
Jennifer - Letting Go
Patrick Egemo - Higher
Ricky och Ronny - Kärleken ler
Trison - Forever By Your Side
Vilda - Box of Love

Hard times of Idol winners

Times use to be really hard for Idol-winners in a search of their unique music path few years after their victories. Seems like Agnes is still the only ex-Idol winner who manages to keep releasing new hits without big breaks between albums.
Markus Fagervall who has won Idol year after Agnes currently lives in trailer to take courses of cooking in Umeå that has recently caused a big buzz in media. After breaking up with a girl few years ago he has also lost inspiration in music, travelling three months in Asia, playing music on the streets of Paris - nothing has helped him so Markus is still in a crisis and we hope he'll find a way out soon, he's able to write quite solid pop-rock stuff like for example "For Once" from his debut album that is still one of our favorite songs.
Another Idol winner Daniel Lindström from the first season currently works on bringing his career back with a recent single "I Know Nothing" he has performed live on Bingolotto recently. You can now check it below with his another old song "Still Holding On".

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Carola and Patrik Isaksson visit Kalle Moraeus

What a great idea! Carola and Patrik Isaksson have united in Moraeus med mera to sing a big medley singing hits of each other including "Främling", "När Löven Faller", "Hos Dig Ar Jag Underbar", "Du Får Göra Som Du Vill" and "Faller Du Så Faller Jag", stunning bunch of real classics!
Patrik has also performed his recent hit "Mitt Stockholm" and Carola two Elvis' covers, finally they've come up on the stage to sing Kalle Moraeus' Melodifestivalen-entry "Underbart".
You can watch the rest of performances from Yngwie Malmsteen and Those Dancing Days and whole show here.

Nanne - Nag

Only one year has passed after release of the latest Nanne's album "En Rastlös Själ" - another successful Top-10 record supported by singles "Otacksamhet", "I natt är jag din" and "En rastlös själ".
This autumn Nanne's back with a new compilation "My Rock Favourites" - tribute to the most significant rock bands and songs, you can hits of AC/DC, Kiss, Ramones, Rainbow and Rod Stewart among others in tracklist.
First sneak peek from the album is Joan Jett's "Nag" released as a single and containing another album's track Sham 69's "If The Kids Are United" hinting at what we should expect from rock-Nanne and surprisingly it's not miles away from pop-Nanne rocking at her previous album. Though after multiple participation in Melodifestivalen Nanne has got a schlager-label she's not gonna erase these covers show quite well her rockier side that always played a big part in forming her music image but didn't get a proper emphasis. Both tracks sounds pretty 80s, punky in 80s way with all that uncontrollable life loving Nanne's energy and expression that was constantly winning huge audience in Sweden through all these years.
Update: video is not on Youtube anymore so you should check snippet of "Nag" on Nanne's Facebook page.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Those random songs

Celebrating weekend I've got a bunch of some nice dance tracks for you I was missing to mention by some weird occasions but later is definitely better than never so here we go.
DJ crew Those Random Boys from Gothenburg earlier this year has presented lovely club filler "Lovin' U Everyday" featuring Niklas Von Arnold and breathing both with The Attic and Sunblock summerish dance vibes. My pop-heart would like to get more of vocal in this track but I still really like this bright atmosphere in it.

Seems like I never heard any Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" remake that I could call not really successful and this is not exception.
DJs Niko Bellotto and Erik Holmberg have released their version of this world hit getting pack of mixes (by Alesso among others).

And finally new single "Sex You" from Marcus Zeta and Albin Loán that was released earlier this month with Albin and Amanda Berggren on vocals. Dance feelgood track flirting with Taio Cruz pop-trend and loud synth layers.

Son Of A Kid – Destroy, Destroy

New rebirth of ex-Dyno and ex-Set Fire Run - Son Of A Kid premieres video of already quite well-known and beloved by fans song "Destroy, Destroy" presented two years ago but still sounding like a big potential hit for us.
Video has turned much darker, grotesque and even bloody than we could suppose listening to that energetic track. Also nice to see Alx Reuterskiöld (man behind all Son of a Kid reincarnations) taking part in a video.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Earpony - Jag e frågan du e svaret

For all who's missing news from Salem al Fakir lately we've got a good and bad ones! Which one should we start from?
Ok, let's start from positive one - Salem's back with a new project Earpony and new single "Jag e frågan du e svaret" is already out. Earpony is Salem's duo with Pontus de Wolfe and at least lead vocal part on the first track belongs to him and here we start not that positive side of news.
"Jag e frågan du e svaret" is quite typical Swedish indie-pop of last years in a vein of Oskar Linnros or this year's Vincent's experiments and this idea was initially aimed for nothing but success, the problem is that Pontus' vocal either lacks proper charm and uniquness of Vincent's or Salem's voices or absolutely doesn't work with this sort of music. I do like melody and lyrics is quite catchy but it needs a full pack. Probably you'll have another opinion about new Earpony's song though, check it yourself.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (live at Ellen show)

After a rush of fresh stuff from her during last year this year Robyn works mostly on promoting it and among other performances she was invited to popular American The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform her latest single "Call Your Girlfriend".
What I love the most is that winged hood and choreography from music video, all the rest is what we use to enjoy in Robyn performing live.

Eddie Razaz - You

Eddie Razaz keeps teasing us with upcoming music stuff he prepares with some big names of Swedish pop and now we've even got exciting news about Darin being involved in writing new Eddie's track "Let Me In". Can it be not exciting?
However this time we've got something real to feel vibes of Eddie's upcoming music - new track "You" produced by Pitchtunes and if you've especially fallen for Eddie's dance-side during his short but loud career in Rebound you're not gonna be disappointed as "You" sounds quite Rebound style with less r'n'b influences, delicious dance production and big catchy chorus melodically slightly breathing with 90s smash-trend that undoubtedly is going to work in a pack with modern electronic arrangement and Eddie's special vocal nowadays. Quite awesome sneak peek before official new releases to follow very soon!

Jill Johnson flirting with disaster on TV

Probably the most popular country-singer of Sweden - Jill Johnson recently has released brand new album "Flirting With Disaster" that has immediately become #1 in Sweden and Jill actively visits TV promoting new songs with always strong and beautiful live performances.
Both Bingolotto and Nyhetsmorgon have got their portion of Jill's new stuff so we've collected some sort of mini-gig down below.

Dead By April - Calling

Dead By April's long-awaited follow-up of the debut album - "Incomparable" has debuted at #2 of Swedish chart.
Quite impressive collection of melodic metal-hits performed with a huge vocal expression and fresh qualitative sound (that is not even spoiled by growling that will still don't accept but forgive for all melodic and emotional component of new band's sound).
At the same time Dead By April have unleashed brand new video for the next promoted track from "Incomparable" - "Calling" - one of the best songs in a bunch perfectly showing what you should expect from whole album.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Erik Segerstedt in acoustic

Erik Segerstedt is back to solo-career this year and after release of his new single "Break The Silence" we were talking recently about he continues series of live-performances he has started this summer.
Here we've got really well shot and edited mini-concert from trade center Gallerian in Stockholm including performances of "Can't Say I'm Sorry", "Break the Silence" and Gavin Degraw's "I Don't Wanna Be".

Niki & The Dove - The Drummer

One of fresh projects signed by Ola Håkansson's label TEN - Niki & The Dove (duo consisting of Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf) has made a notable debut last year with poppier Fever Ray-esque single "DJ, Ease My Mind" serving as a stylish presentation of the project followed by two singles - "Mother Protect" and "The Fox" continuing band's electronic grotesque line.
Now Niki & The Dove presents EP "The Drummer" with a brand new video to eponymous single - another track heavily associable with Fever Ray but it's probably the most dynamic track of duo so far bringing together ragged vocal line, wild beat and delicious synth sound into an utterly beautiful melodic craziness.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Agnes - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Niclas Kings Remix)

Stunning Agnes comeback single "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" gets release of mixes pack from Niclas Kings (we've been missing Niclas's productions quite long but recently were glad to get him back with fantastic mix of Eurovision winning song "Running Scared" you should immediately check).
Back to "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - we'd better call Niclas Kings mix Niclas Kings version not changing track a lot but putting in on club-steroids bringing extra-dynamic dance-beat to verses and Kate Ryanesque trance layers in choruses. Great work!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nexx & Matt Hewie feat. Marius Nedelcu - Put Your Hands

Seems like we didn't get new releases from Nexx for ages, the wait is over, new single "Put Your Hands" is out to hit Russia and Poland first and it's collaboration of a band with another East-European star - Marius Nedelcu (ex. Akcent) and Matt Hewie that you should rememeber by recent work with Pandora ("You Believed").
"Put Your Hands" sounds like nothing Nexx released before, you won't find any sign of von der Burg influences of their previous album but it's a big club feelgood track with refreshing tune and lovely vocals of Marius and new Nexx vocalist working very well.

Third semifinal of Webjoker-2012

We've got two more finalists of Webjoker-2012 - "A Heartbeat Away" and "Beautiful Love" - we really like both of them but feel sorry about "What If" not qualifying, we've finally fallen for it the most but there are just two spots and we're looking for our new faves of the contest.
New semifinalists are already published (Chris Mhina with "No Games" was replaced by "Jag kommer ut" because author had some tracks commercially released before) and our biggest fail was to listen Never Alone's "Marilyn Monroe" the first - what a song!!! What a hit! It's just head and shoulders above everything else in this contest, modern electropop-song melodically in a vein of "Like Suicide" that could easily be on a new album of Salem al Fakir or Christian Walz and to top Swedish chart, good vocals, cool production, catchy text, amazing tune and even key-change, full pack that is ready for the final of Melodifestivalen, wow-wow-WOW!!! That was really hard to judge all the rest after but I should also mention light "Fångad Av en Stormvind" meets "E de fel på mig" schlager "Jag kommer ut" that I'd be interested to see performed in the final of webjoker but it's all about "Marilyn Monroe" for me and I'll be incredibly surprised if it won't be as well for Swedish televoters.

Never Alone - Marilyn Monroe
Madeleine Ericson - On the Top of the Mountain
Fredrik Sjöstedt - She Is Love
Elin Jakobsson - I Didn't Wanna Say Goodbye
Vilda - Songbird
San Francisco - Jag kommer ut
Olle Andersson - Dance It All Away
Caroline Coquard - Ingenting, ingen

Update: look what an amazing cover of "Save The World" by Never Alone I've found on their Facebook page. Isn't it just fantastic?!!

Adrian Lux feat. The Good Natured – Alive

You never know when you'll get a new smash from Adrian Lux which can be a new single, mix or collaboration on a new project but the fact is that Adrian is constantly near to come up with something fresh and this time it's his new single "Alive" that he was working on with British The Good Natured getting band's vocalist Sarah McIntosh on a vocal duty.
"Alive" is much trancey record than previous Adrian's singles, clubby layers and lighter tune leaves not that much place for melancholic deep atmosphere of his latest works but keeps all the beauty and aesthetics there. Below you can check preview of the single.

Update: radio-version of the song was just presented and it contains awesome Kesha-smelling pop-verses wonderfully switching with dance-oriented choruses!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Erik Hassle in Moraeus med mera

Seems like we didn't see Erik Hassle participating in any show quite long time that is a bit weird for us after Erik's spring album "Mariefred Sessions" release that deserved much bigger buzz than it actually had.
However today Erik has appeared in Moraeus med mera singing his latest single "Stay away" and also has performed his biggest hit "Hurtful" and Sam Cooke's "Nothing Can Change This Love" in acoustic.

SOJO - Jumping Jam

New SOJO's single "Jumping Jam" is on the way, guys keep working with dream team - Jonas, Niclas von der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan responsible for their loud debut "I Remember" that has got a huge response in web and has served as proper presentation of pop-duo in Sweden.
Still there's a lot to work on and here we get a snippet of "Jumping Jam" - new single that leaves us with a slight Lucky Twice's taste because of Sofie's vocal and it's another club smash but this time SOJO melodically dances away from Romanian pop to more dramatic tune and trendy anthemic club layers in chorus.
We liked "I Remember" but we're ready to fall completely for "Jumping Jam".

Eric Amarillo in Nyhetsmorgon

TV4's morning show was visited today by Eric Amarillo who gets his debut album next week out and has got a chance to present his latest singles "Fy Fan", "50 kvm" and another album track "Halleluja" (next single?) to a bigger audience. We like dark atmosphere of performance and that it wasn't in acoustic that doesn't really suits Eric not passing properly his melodic range.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peter Jöback - Jag Har Dig Nu

After a series of of sneak peeks and live performances of Peter Jöback presenting tracks from forthcoming album "Livet, kärleken och döden" here comes a real single "Jag Har Dig Nu" featuring Izabella Scorupco.
The album is already available to pre-order and pre-listen and due to snippets after the latest album "East Side Stories" it's gonna be a big step forward with grand orchestral arrangements and at the same time if we take "Jag Har Dig Nu" it's quite proper compromise between radio-friendly format and that musical aesthetic sound you can easier imagine to be played on theater gigs.
Video is 4 minutes of sex scenes with Peter and Izabella, there's no plot, only passion and surprisingly it's interesting to watch till the very end.


Kevin Borg - Unstoppable

Since Idol-2008 winner Kevin Borg dance comeback with summer single "Sunrise" earlier this year we were wondering if it was some radical permanent turn of his music style or, if not, where he'll move further, we didn't have to wait too long as the next single "Unstoppable" is already out and you can check it right now.
New single was released in cooperation with Breast Cancer Foundation and Kevin has recorded it with Pitchtunes, it's a big Ryan Tedder-esque ballad that could be a huge hit performed as Idol-winning song so let's see what will happen when it'll be released by the artist who has already won the contest.
Currently Kevin plays in Grease musical and plans particapting in Christmas show Ijuletid, no time to get bored.

Hagsätra Sport - Idag Kommer Aldrig Igen

Few weaks ago we told you about Andreas Johnson performing new song "Idag Kommer Aldrig Igen" with Niklas Strömstedt at Nyhetsmorgon, nice stuff to listen once but not what we'd like to keep on replay due to live version.
Unexpectedly Niklas and Andreas has announced now they form duo Hagsätra Sport and "Idag Kommer Aldrig Igen" is going to be their debut single to be released on October 17th so we'v got a studio version that we liked more.
Track is still quite retro that sounds pretty surprising after latest Andreas Glorious-breathing pop-rock anthems and definitely it's Niklas' area but since Pernilla Andersson has fallen under our spot last Autumn we've felt nice vibes of her album "Ö" in this song, if you like her "Dansa med dig" and "Desperados" you will probably like this collaboration as well.
Yesterday band has performed the track on Världens barn concert live, check it below.

Le Kid - We Are the Drums (Remixes)

Le Kid strikes again! This time with a stunning pack of mixes of the latest single "We Are the Drums" from SoundFactory and Fear of Tigers.
I should repeat that personally I was absolutely delighted this song was chosen as the next single being one of the most strong pop-goodies presenting what debut band's album musically is about.
Talking about mixes SoundFactory has offered something quite new for his style with nice futuristic synth-layers and big drums anthemic choruses, Fear of Tigers' mix has become not less enjoyable with its The Sound of Arrows going pop refreshing mood. You can, no, you should, no, you have to check both right below, they can and they will make your weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Erik Linder - Kom (Timoteij cover)

What an unexpected cover we've got! Erik Linder has presented his own ballad version of huge Melodifestivalen-2010 hit "Kom" transforming it from anthemic folk-schlager to absolutely incredible acoustic ballad.
Erik is truly great ballad singer, he has started his career few years ago with ballads and doesn't change direction, no other genre is as good as minimalistic acoustic ballad that lets enjoy his touching vocal so it's another example of Erik's work you're gonna get loads of goosebumps from.
Erik and girls have become good friends after participating in Melodifestivalen, Elina even has taken part in his latest video and now Erik has come up with this stunning cover and I extremely recommend you not to miss it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Linda Pritchard - Wicked Game

Linda Pritchard is back with cover of Chris Isaak's classic hit "Wicked Game" - song performed by many artists but seems like no one dared to make such an amazing dance-version.
Linda's long-awaited debut album was released this spring and has become the best post-Melodifestivalen album of the year in our list (and if nobody will surprise us till close months - best Swedish pop-album 2011) mixing loud pop-rock anthems and massive r'n'b-smelling ballads perfectly showing fantastic range of Linda's voice. So we didn't expect new stuff to come so soon.
"Wicked Game" starts with piano-based intro and tempo growing and turning touching ballad to chorus which explodes with big club-sound in a vein of Swedish House Mafia reminding Loreen's trend a bit though girls definitely gets different points to concentrate on. When Loreen is all about undressing broken feelings Linda is all about giving all the power of her vocal and she makes it 200%.
Below you can also check pretty amazing mix from Rico Bernasconi and due to Linda's twitter video for the song is in plans.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Sound Of Arrows - After The Silence

Debut album of The Sound Of Arrows "Voyage" is out on November 7th, mark it red in your calendars as due to previously released singles "Nova" and "Magic" it can be one the best Swedish albums of this year.
Currently band presents track that wasn't included in tracklist and it makes us wondering how good should be included ones if song like this isn't in.
"After The Silence" is right that sort of soft, 80s inspired electropop with undeniable melodic Swedish influences you can expect after "Nova". Less than a month before wonderful "Voyage"!

Loreen - She's The One

We start a season of haunting for a new Loreen's track "She's The One" that was one of options to be released after "My Heart Is Refusing Me" but finally they've chosen "Sober" and we think it was right though "She's The One" sounds quite promising.
Recently Loreen has performed new track during live set in Stockholm trade center Gallerian and below you can check the result. I've got a feeling keyboard-player had really hard times with untuned sound, so you should understand that it's just a rough sneak peek of the song that can finally become pretty different in studio version but currently seems to be in a trend of Loreen's dance music with its ragged club-synths, expressive vocals, delicious strings and this time lighter, less dramatic melody line.
You should check full performance though as two other songs - acoustic "My Heart Is Refusing Me" and awesome intimate version of "Sober" with synths sounding very beautiful were just perfect!

Anniela - Candlelight

Seems like we can get one more single from Anniela's latest album "Electric" and it's undoubtfully would be the best single choice if you asked us - "Candlelight".
Norwegian producer Icebird has made absolutely stunning mix of the song and due to what we've digged in web Hitworks is going to release it.
We still enjoy original version a lot - completely adorable dance record with Anniela going Rihanna vocally, strong melody spiced up with delicious electronic arrangement and heavily stomping beat.
You can check both version below and we're waiting for official confirmation of this track to become next single.

Update: "Candlelight"'s not planned to be released as next single but we still do hope Hitworks will change their mind!

Snöblind - Godmorgon Sverige

Jesus! I haven't heard such an awesome alternative hit from Swedish artist since Cheiron worked with Lambretta and Prime STH!
Härnösand band Snöblind recently premiered debut single "Kan Själv" produced with not less than Shellback - constant collaborator of Max Martin, vocalist Jim Almgren previously played guitar in Carolina Liar heavily supported by Max's hits so work with Shellback wasn't surprising and we quite liked the result exploring success formula of Carolina Liar's rock mixing introvert vocal with a good pop-hook.
New single "Godmorgon Sverige" once again produced by Shellback sounds absolutely incredible. Max Martin's rock-side melodic influence, top-class arrangement and awesome exploding tune have initially left me wondering why not to translate it to English and not to try to break through outside of Sweden but after a few listens I think it's just as good and catchy as it is and doesn't need anything else to get more brilliant so meet new Snöblind's single and godmorgon, världen!