Saturday, January 15, 2011

Star Pilots - Heaven Can Wait

After almost year of absence Star Pilots are back with brand new single "Heaven Can Wait".
It's hard to realize that almost 3 years have passed since appearance of this Swedish dance-sensation and release of debut-single "In the Heat of the Night" that helped them to make much bigger step abroad than many dance-pop acts do but surprisingly we still haven't got any album from them. Though it's hard to complain as we've got another great single "The One And Only", "Higher" that presented project at Melodifestivalen-2009 and "I'm Alive" - reject of Melodifestivalen-2010 (and probably the most brilliant reject that personally I wouldn't mind to see the winner of whole competition). Seems like project never was presented as something built around lead vocalist and after Melodifestivalen Johan Becker has left Star Pilots but looks like question about continuation of work wasn't under consideration and we've got a new vocalist Lars Säfsund singing "I'm Alive". But the story goes and new single with new vocalist gets release already on Monday.
"Heaven Can Wait" was written by the same constant songwriting team of Johan Fjellström, Joakim Udd and Niclas Arn but this time they collaborate with Andreas Carlsson and new voice of the project is Petter Isaksson. It's nothing completely different from Star Pilots pattern that we've fallen for, it's a loud dynamic dance track with anthemic chorus and heavy beat still making our Swedish pop heart melting. You can check new song below in tour documentary and here.

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