Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beldina - Here We Go

It feels like Sweden didn't receive new dance-discoveries, artists with unique and flexible voices able to sing telephone book and make every key and every sound touching and breathtaking... months? Years? However quite long and now seems country gets such diamond.
Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to new amazing artist - Beldina!
Beldina Malaika is 22-years-old soul/jazz singer with incredibly beautiful velvet voice who has already managed to work with artists like Billy Paul, Stevie Wonder, Timbuktu, Lazee, Mando Diao and many others, she has recommended her name in Swedish hip-hop music as singer and songwriter and now she starts her solo-career with some huge internationally successful DJs from Sweden already interested in working on music stuff for her and first Beldina's single "Here We Go" from forthcoming EP "Best Kept Secret" is a result of her work with Ali Payami and it's a stunning club-track opening Beldina's voice as some magic and fragile flower twining round you and hypnotizing. In December Beldina was invited to Musikhjälpen to perform live and she presented "Here We Go" in acoustic so you can watch it now below with her brilliant cover of "Hang With Me" and another new track "Hunt you down" that she has recorded with another huge club name - Rasmus Faber.

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