Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another part of Idol-finalists

Few days ago I told about first two Idol participants who were selected by audience and got their tickets to Friday shows stage. Here we have another 4 successful contestants.
This year contest from the first sight from audition looked in my opinion lacking unique commercial characters but on pre-final stage it turned so that vocal level of chosen artists was very stable and strong so many who deserved to go further couldn't do it. However they still have hope to get through as jury's wildcards and we'll know these lucky contestants already this Friday.
Huge favorites Alice Hagenbrant and Jay Smith haven't deceived expectations of public and got to the final together with Andreas Weise (son of popular tv-host Arne Weise) and Minnah Karlsson - girl with one of the best auditions this year in my opinion. However I should mention as well amazing performance of Daniel Norberg, loveliest Elin Blom and very nice performances of Simon Lingmerth, Sassa Bodensjö and Michaela Osberg who unfortunately haven't qualified but hope will be supported by jury.
Watch second evening-show here and third here.

Minnah Karlsson - Not ready to make nice
Daniel Norberg - High and dry
Malin Brännlund - Thank you
Jay Smith - Wherever you will go
Michaela Osberg - When I look at you
Simon Lingmerth - Kiss
Björn Nagander - Cryin
Alice Hagenbrant - One
Andreas Weise - I believe I can fly
Elin Blom - Nothing else matters
Sassa Bodensjö - Highway to hell
Emil Carlsson - The boxer

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Straight Frank - Mary

I'd really like to tell you about one of my favorite songs already very long time.
Probably not many of you heard about band Straight Frank but I bet you know the song "I'm Stupid" that became huge international hit of another Swedish band Prime STH already 10 years ago. After it Primes released two absolutely genial albums, have toured around the world and then unexpectedly stopped what started so fine deciding to take a pause in a search of new ways of development of their direction. Since that vocalist Noa Modén completely lost out of the music business highlights but another piece of Prime STH - drummer Kasper "Kaz" Lindgren otherwise didn't want to stop creative process and soon we've seen him in credits to albums of Ana Johnsson, Dead By April, Stanfour, Elena Paparizou and many others. In parallel to it Kasper has got two own projects - original indie-project Beware Of The Boo and rock-band Straight Frank sounding in best traditions of Audioslave. Quite long time Straight Frank stayed in a shadow but few days ago we've got news that band is ready with EP and the album in November, you can find some of their music stuff full of drive, sometimes impulsive, sometimes agressive, but always tuneful and well-produced on their Myspace and Facebook page. My personal favorite is "Mary" - thoughtful beautiful rock-song with anthemic chorus and very special vocal of Tobias Gustavsson (by the way another successful songwriter (Sarah Dawn Finer, Martin Stenmarck, EMD, Danny)).

Magnus Carlsson - Feel You (video)

Magnus Carlsson's new album "Pop Galaxy" is out and very soon I'm gonna give you preview of this album as it's really worthy work with loads of pop-anthems.
Though few days ago we've got new Magnus' single "The Best In Me" currently Mr. Carlsson is giving way to brand new video for one of previous singles "Feel You". Very enjoyable video with Magnus between huge computer graphics light panels and dancing in the rain, everything's looking huge, disco and positive and Magnus is in a great shape as well and ready for a new stage of music life with his new album.

Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime

Adrian Lux is fresh face in Swedish club music but after two successful singles "Strawberry" and "Can't Sleep" it's hard to call him newcomer as both of them turned to be really adult tracks with interesting videos with ideas and magic sound of Adrian.
Like every DJ he usually works on mixes for different artists and has already mixed Deborah Cox, Basement Jaxx, Salem Al Fakir and Oskar Linnros but I would put your attention more on his own tracks and I have a great reason for it.
Recently Adrian has released his third single "Teenage Crime" with support of not less than Axwell who has added his own remixes to Adrian's package and right now video for this single is out and its another great work. Like previous singles "Teenage Crime" has recognizable meditative mood with amazing atmosphere, catchy vocal line and light touch of Swedish pop-melody-line that you can sometimes feel in tracks of Swedish House Mafia. Video shows middle-age mom leaving her family in the night to catch young guy in the club to spend the night with, very thoughtful and interesting video that you should pay attention along with another works of Adrian.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Linda Varg and Chris Andersen are the first finalists of Idol-2010

Every day of this week we'll be watching performances of 24 finally selected Idol-candidates who were grouped and public will be voting for them choosing one girl and one guy who will get to the final stage (when every of 12 participants will be leaving every week). So every of four days public will choose 2 finalists and jury will select 4 wildcards. The most successful wildcard of previous season was Reza Ningtyas Lindh who reached 5th place so it's definitely good that jury has a chance to help audience to listen more of some artists. And another interesting fact is that year before Clara Hagman has left out right on this phase of contest and being noticed got her place in new Ace Of Base so even if someone's going out at this point it doesn't mean we'll never see these artists again.
Last week jury has left a chance to both Jamilla Idris and Madeleine Finck-Björgen to get through to the contest if audience will prefer one of them by voting through weekend and people chose Madeleine (though Madeleine is the sweetest person in the world I think it's a shame Jamilla has gone as artist with one of the biggest commercial potential) but later it went not so good for Madeleine and she was left out of qualification border along with Janine Nyman, Jonathan Garcés and Sebastian Krantz (finalist of Talang-2008).
Two who got their tickets were Chris Andersen - simple but charming country-guy working very well with cameras and providing quite stable vocals and happy performance with his version of "Somebody like you" by Keith Urban and tough rock-girl Linda Varg (who participated in 2002 in another popular TV4 talant-show Popstars and was taken to the band Supernatural afterwards - band has made hit #1 "Supernatural" and album "Dreamcatcher" #1 and split out (male part organized band NEXX later)). Linda performed completely breathtaking acoustic version of U2's "With or without you" that I guess hasn't left anyone doubts that she will win this evening and she did it!

Chris Andersen - Somebody like you (Keith Urban)
Linda Varg - With or without you (U2)
Janine Nyman - Nobody's wife (Anouk)
Sebastian Krantz - If its all I ever do (Anders Johansson)
Madeleine Finck-Björgen - Everywhere (Michelle Branch)
Jonathan Garces - The worlds greatest (R. Kelly)
Whole pre-final episode #1

Sarah Dawn Finer - Winterland

Gosh!!! This Christmas is gonna give us incredible amount of really amazing albums from some big names of Swedish music. Few days before Malena Ernman revealed that she's gonna release Christmas album soon but news about Sarah Dawn Finer's Christmas album sound like most promising release of last months. Ah, it's just words, they're not enough to say how excited I am about this release!
Last half of year soul-queen Sarah Dawn Finer constantly gave tips about her forthcoming acoustic album that she was planning for the end of year and now press-release is out on her site and we can see whole tracklist and exact date - November 3rd when the world will hear this album. Year ago Sarah recorded track "Min bön" with Peter Jöback for his album "En god Jul och ett gott nytt år" and now it's her turn to present her winter compilation. The album will consist of the most favorite Sarah's classic Christmas songs which mean a lot for her and which she was grown on and as well some which before weren't associated with Christmas like "River" by Joni Mitchell, "Angel" by Sarah MacLachlan and "Sometimes It Snows In April" by Prince. You can also find Swedish version of song "For a Friend" (from previous album "Moving On") released earlier this year as Royal Wedding single in Swedish version - "Kärleksvisan" as bonus track. The album was produced by Jesper Nordenström (The Rasmus, Daniel Lindström, Uno & Irma, Anna Ternheim, Magnus Uggla) with many guests artists and musicians involved in this record (Nisse Landgren, Eric Bibb, Louise Hoffsten, Per Lindvall, Goran Kajfes, Johan Norberg).
Below you can see tracklist and one of the song - "Maybe this Christmas" by Ron Sexsmith that Sarah performed before - quality of the video is bad but it sounds quite good to fall into complete obsession about this release!

1. I'll Be Home For Christmas
2. Maybe This Christmas
3. Have Yourself A Merry Litte Christmas - feat. Nils Landgren
4. The Christmas Song
5. In The Bleak Midwinter
6. Christmas Time Is Here
7. Angel
8. Auld Lang Syne - feat. Eric Bibb
9. I'll Be Your Wish Tonight
10. Winter Song - feat. Louise Hoffsten
11. River
12. What A Wonderful World
13. Sometimes It Snows In April
14. Kärleksvisan (Bonus Track)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stephen Simmonds - Just Love

One of the most inspring soul-artists and owner of amazing voice Stephen Simmonds has prepared new single "Just Love" and it sounds at least like the best single of month!!!
But firstly I'd like to present Stephen to those who don't know about him quite enough. Stephen Simmonds is international child, having Jamaican father and Swedish mother living with family in United States and Israel in childhood but finally staying in Sweden where he's got music education and was discovered in mid-90s. His debut album "Alone" turned to be a huge breakthrough in 1997 and debut single "Tears Never Dry" featuring Lisa Nilsson has become real classic of Swedish pop-music. Getting quite huge interest of labels around the world album was also released in Japan and in UK and US under new name "Spirit Tales". During next few years Stephen has released bunch of other singles ("All The People", "Alone", "Now's The Time", "Get Down") - very gentle and soulfull tracks which marked him as the singer with uniquely beautiful voice and excellent taste in music he was making. Another highlight of that Stephen's era was duo with Titiyo "Comin' Home" - one of the most beautiful song in discography of both, song without age. Later in 2002 when Stephen came back with new album "For Father" in 2002 they kept working together so you can here Titiyo's vocal contribution in this work. After release of Titiyo's huge hit "Longing For Lullabies" (in collaboration with Kleerup) Stephen has made brilliant cover for P3 Guld-2009 that I really recommend you. On "For Father" he was working as well with Dilba which he recorded single "For Father" with (along with other singles - "I Can't Do That" and "Let Me Touch").
Third album "This Must Be Ground" in 2004 marked Stephen's collaboration with other great vocalists like Sarah Dawn Finer and Anna Nordell and new singles "Where's My Love" and "Louder". In 2006 Stephen's song "So Good" qualified to Melodifestivalen but as he didn't want to sing the song himself it was rejected by SVT. This year Stephen has come back with brand new single "Adiyeah (Give People What They Want)" with new unexpected sound but still loads of artistic and vocal charm and after Summer of promotion and participance in Ladies Night show with Martin Stenmarck, Brolle and Andreas Johnson he's back with a new single "Just Love".
"Just Love" is written by Stephen and produced by huge international songwriter/producer Arnthor Birgisson who worked with many world names like Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, Westlife, Janet Jackson, etc. and also produced Darin's "You're Out Of My Life" and you can feel that hard beat in amazing combination with modern pop-sound, r'n'b vibes and completely ecstatic melody that screams to be new international breakthrough of Mr. Simmonds. Single is planned for release in the beginning of October along with new album "Anomie".

Sibel's covering modern classic

It's not secret, Sibel Redzep is the singer with one of the most beautiful and touching voices of country, pity that last time when we got her album was more than 2 years ago. However this year we've got whole 3 singles from her - her Melodifestivalen "Stop", duo with Lazee "The Fall" and with Alex Sayz "United As One" so obviously we can't complain but still our hunger for Sibel's stuff requires constant feeding! Great that we have Sibel's channel on youtube where she uploads her covers for some favorite hits. Should I say how gorgeous they are? No, I shouldn't because you should listen them yourselves!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mohombi ft. Nelly - Miss Me

This year has given us two Swedish new artists working with RedOne - Love Generation and Mohombi. It wasn't really easy for them to get love of Swedish audience but finally Mohombi's Summer single "Bumby Ride" reached Top-10 and has gone internationally being played around Europe whole season. So now time for new single has come and Mohombi gets support of Nelly on a new single "Miss Me" that's gonna be released on October 31st in UK. "Miss Me" is more calm and gentle r'n'b song, radio friendly, catchy and having amazing dance insert in the middle eight. Does it sound like international hit? Absolutely! You can already watch the video for this song, it's a party high quality video made obviously by proffs and again you can see a lot of nice choreography that I really like when it's perfectly done by such a tall guy like Mohombi (don't know why but I find this combination really impressive). So enjoy next huge export hit from Sweden!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Plan Three - Brush It Off (video)

Best rock-ballad of the year "Brush It Off" from Plan Three I've been talking about little earlier this year has got video treatment. It's quite simple video done with taste though showing band playing in some abandoned building and not distracting from amazingness of the song. Everything's on the place! Whole Summer band was performing all around Sweden and promoting their album Screaming Our Sins that I extremely recommend you as one of the best rock-albums I've heard this year. The song is released as separate single on iTunes just now that is weird but hope it means Universal gonna give band new push (rerfectly it would be internationally as their stuff deserves it).

Magnus Carlsson - The Best In Me

New Magnus Carlsson's single "The Best In Me" is out and Magnus is on the way to promote it along with forthcoming album "Pop Galaxy" that's gonna be released already on September 29th and this album is going to be devotion to music of 80s - Modern Talking, Pet Shop Boys, Samantha Fox and other Magnus idols. You can hear it very well in new single, as it's probably the campiest disco-pop single Magnus ever did, spreading joy of 80s disco with tsunami-scale waves. Magnus performed single at TV4 in it's studio version so if you haven't bought it yet you can check it below. Single contains also cover-version of Alcazar's "Crying At The Discotheque" made in the same vein of Pitchline-pop that you can hear at Magnus' official site (+ Ruff & Jam mix for previous Magnus' single "Feel You" and Pitchline Extended version of "The Best In Me").
As well Magnus visited XL-Live with acoustic performance of "The Best In Me", another single - Erasure-cover "A Little Respect" and ballad version of old Barbados' hit "Kom Hem".

Distant sounds of Christmas

Probably I could not to write about amazing trio of Martin Stenmarck, Linda Pritchard and Jessica Marberger performing at "A Grand Evening" Christmas show...

...though I guess you remember I commpensated it with news about Sanna Nielsen, Shirley Clamp and Sonja Aldén Swedish Christmas album "Vår Jul"...

...and Måns Zelmerlöw who will release his first Christmas album and (I haven't told about it) will join girs in Christmas tour second year in a row, this time with help of Brandur and Björn Kjellman...

But these great news have arrived just now!!!

New Malena Ernman's Christmas album "Santa Lucia" will be released on November 17th and officially it's the most exciting Christmas release I've ever heard about!!! In Christmas period Malena will be touring a lot and to understand how heavenly can Malena sound with this sort of song check her performance at Nordiske Julkoncert year ago.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lisa Miskovsky - Lover

When I've heard that Lisa Miskovsky makes new album with Björn Yttling (Peter Björn & John, Sahara Hotnights, Primal Scream, etc.) firstly I was afraid she's gonna go back to calm acoustic roots that previously I couldn't fall for and after her amazing single "Still Alive" written with Rami and Arnthor Birgisson I refused to get something less interesting but my fears turned to be in vain as new Lisa's single sounds really impressive!
First single "Lover" from album "Violent Sky" (coming out on November 26) is planned for release already on September 27. It's very original track with heavily recognizable Lisa's music but huge hit potential mixing massive computer base and low sounding Lisa's vocal in verses blossoming in huge happy chorus with light gospel touch (probbaly it's choir that makes me think so).
Right after this I've checked previous Lisa's albums and found that I was actually quite wrong about them and they're full of quite different and original stuff, Sweden has a lot of indie-singers but seems like Lisa's on the top in mixing pop and indie in such original and nice way with very delicate taste. "Driving One Of Your Cars" (along with "Stay Alive") still stays my all-time favorite but I'm sure Lisa has a lot of surprises and new hits on her forthcoming album and you can already listen first one here.
I should thank Poster Girl for tips about the song and you should right now come and check new Vincent's single on her blog!

Night of schlager-mashups

Usually I'm not that big fan of mashups but I should undoubtfully share with you what I've found today! About year ago schlager-community have got ultra-tasty mash-up of Charlotte Perrelli's "Hero" and Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" from DJ King Rollo and today I've discovered another few melo-mixes on his youtube channel. I wonder how perfectly suits EMD's "Baby Goodbye" Briney's "If U Seek Amy" and I've got a biiiig smile listening Kelly Clarkson with a low base singing "Sice U Been Gone" along with Sanna Nielsen's "Empty Room" instrumental. But my prize goes to mashup of Lady Gaga's "Love Game" with Velvet's classsics - "Mi Amore", pure brilliance of "Mi Amore"'s arrangement makes Gaga's hit completely epic! All the mixed songs were written by Swedes so maybe that's why amazingness can't work bad with amazingness?
Oh, and another mix I'd like to show you is old good "Hero" mixed with Timbaland's "The Way I Are". Probably you've heard it before but still it's brilliant!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New XL-Live season starts with Darin, Eric Gadd, Sonic Syndicate and Peter Jöback

As I love to start my morning with some nice live performances I would like to recommend you some as well. Expressen after Summer break has already started new season of live acoustic performances XL-Live and you can also watch sets of Darin with his Summer single "Lovekiller" and another fresh song "I'll Be Alright", Peter Jöback with forthcoming single "Inte Redo Än" and "Sing" in company of Cookies 'N' Beans' Charlotte Centervall and Eric Gadd with two singles from his album "Rise Up!" and "Walking On Water" (and the song I can't recognize), rock-band Sonic Syndicate with new vocalist Nathan Briggs as well performed singles from the album "We Rule The Night" - "Burn This City" and "My Own Life".

Tuesday - The Coffee Song

Hit factory Roxy Recordings gives birth to fresh artist Tuesday with hard support not less than legendary Jörgen Elofsson! Before you could see Karolina Dahlman who hides under this name in a girls-band Lucy Street that released successful single "Girl Next Door" 10 years ago. Demand for Lucy Street was really huge and already since that time collaboration of Karolina and Jörgen has started. Band released album and soon after one of members decided to leave Lucy Street's career was over as the rest of the band denied to continue with new members. Sure Karolina wasn't sitting all this time apart from music business and trying after Lucy Street another project Syko she turned to songwriting for other artists and herself. All this time she kept contact with Jörgen and finally we've got result of their collaboration in new single.
"The Coffee Song" is the loveliest piece of summer guitar pop with amazing tune and positive relaxing vibes helping you to keep memories of gone warm season. Further new stuff is on the way, Karolina doesn't build plans about forthcoming album but sure if Roxy starts working with artist it means huge star is coming - year ago we've got Eric Saade and two years ago Erik Hassle this way.

Before Dansbandskampen-2010

Since October 16th you'll get ability to watch new season of SVT show Dansbandskampen (hosted by Christine Meltzer, Thomas Deutgen and Gunhild Carling) - contest where dansband groups will fight every week to get into the final. Many contestants of two previous seasons Larz-Kristerz, The Playtones, Scotts, Zekes have become really succesful afterwards and public has got tons of lovely dansband-covers for some favorite hits. That's what we're looking from new Dansbandskampen season. It wasn't difficult to mention some familiar names among new contestants like Rigo & the Topaz Sound (after Melodifestivalen-2009 Rigo participated this year almost in every show so but see him in dansband-competioт was really big surprise!) and Wizex (band where Kikki Danielsson and Charlotte Perrelli has started their music career). But mostly I'm excited about participance of amazing CC & Lee who already participated in the first season but haven't won! Before start of the show Lionheart releases singles of their artists CC & Lee, Patrik's Combo and Elisa's, all are nice, but CC & Lee's single "Better Best Forgotten" sounds completely loveable due to only chorus. I'd say it's more old-school Abbaesque disco-schlager than dansband, beautiful, catchy and done in best traditions of classic Swedish pop.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ola - Beautiful Rain

Ola Svensson has just started his own label Oliniho releasing new album "Ola" on it and having loads of plans to make album huge (internationally as well) already demonstrates some nice ideas of its promotion like tour documentary cut with new song "Beautiful Rain" as backing track to it (soon it can be released at planned Ola's DVD). And I should say it works really great with this video, I even feel sorry I haven't given this song proper massive listening as this nice mix of U2 vibes and contemporary pop with utterly tasty chorus sounding really internationally. Oh and did you see that crazy fans crowd trying to touch Ola? This is so true picture! When I've visited two Rix-Fm concerts in Sweden two years ago both time I was almost trampled both times during Ola's performance, now it's time for Ola to get this success on a world level!

Andreas Johnson - Solace

Andreas Johnson is releasing new compilation "Tour Edition" containing all his biggest hits (and his duo with Carola "One Love" as well, ah, this is spicy question after all drama around this song). I haven't manage to put my hands on this album so can't write review about it but I guess I'm just like you really eager to get completely new stuff from Andreas as the last time when we've got original studio album from him was in 2005 (after the album "Mr Johnson, Your Room is on Fire" Andreas released re-edition, gretest hits collection and jazz-covers album). I can wait a little bit more as Andreas totally compensates lack of new songs with completely genial new single "Solace" that was presented earlier as soundtrack to Swedish TV-show "Biggest loser" and is released at "Tour Edition" as well. I don't know what is the most amazing thing about this song, rising powerful start of the song carrying you without brakes on a highest speed limit on a highway, tragic and beautiful keys of verse or epic chorus blowing, burning and breaking down everything around. This is massive and this is what I really-really recommend you to listen!

Demokratifesten on SVT

Swedish general selections are over with the victory of reigning political block and nationalistic block Sweden Democrats getting to Parliament that caused loads of scandals and demonstrations against. You could also read many negative words on different artists' blogs and twitters and even find stars like Ola and Erik Hassle being engaged in company against Sweden Democrats (check this video). But let's put attention on a more positive side of it. SVT recently has organized show-event Demokratifesten in Göteborg involving artists like Charlotte Perrelli, Magnus Carlsson, Sanna Nielsen and Anders Ekborg so don't forget to check performances. If duo of Charlotte and Magnus wasn't new for audience (as whole Summer this couple was promoting their single "Mitt livs gemål") with Fleetwood Mac's cover "Don't Stop", Anders Ekborg first time appeared on such a huge event with his new single "I Do Believe", Sanna Nielsen was just as lovely as she can be with Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and it's a lot, check yourself!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Ola's album is released!!!

One of the most anticapated Swedish pop-releases of the years has arrived and you can already listen all songs from Ola's album "Ola" released on his own new label Oliniha below.
Range of different styles and directions explored by Ola's is impressive and execution is very high, you can see some very respectable names in songwriters list - Tony Nilsson, Alexander Kronlund, Dimitri Stassos, Linda Sundblad, Sharon Vaughn, Per Aldeheim, Ali Payami and many others. Ola has co-written all songs.

Let's check what's this disc is made of right now!!! Album starts from one of the best pieces "All Over The World" - Ola's version of Agnes' "Release Me" and Alcazar's "Headlines", amazing example of how great can strings and dance music work together. "Unstoppable (The Return of Natalie)" is another already well-known track that became #1 hit this Spring, Alexander Kronlund worked before on Britney's "If U Seek Amy" and you can hear it in this track but with much more power, energy and expression. "You're That Girl (YTG)" is previously unheard track that was co-written with Linda Sundblad and it turns album to completely new direction, clapping verses with morning in the city mood and light retro touch, very charming positive track. And here comes "Riot" (I guess my favorite on this album) - modern pop-track with electrified arrangement and computerized vocals and perfect pop-tune with double chorus that's gonna drive any pop-fan crazy. "Overdrive" turned to be another #1 single of Ola but later - this Summer, it's warm nice guitar pop track that you easily start to sing along with. "Beautiful Rain" is another modern-pop track with gorgeous arrangement perfectly mixing guitars, electro-synths and hard beats, built by perfect pop-principles, double chorus with repetitive finish and tasty middle eight. Ola doesn't slow down temp with "Busy Doing Nothing" - catchy midtempo-track with attitude and nice twist in melody easily falling into your memory. "Still Remember" was released a bit earlier this year, nicely produced, emotional but not depressive ballad that you could expect to hear on Darin's album but Ola makes it on his own. "Let It Hit You" is comeback to midtempo with tasty beats and computerized vocals, probably not hit but as not single track quite nice. Album's finishing with the most beautiful and touching ballad "Twisted Memories", Sharon Vaughn is real expert in writing very emotional ballads with torn feelings and eyes full of tears so it's gonna be amazing point of her discography and perfect finish of Ola's album.
In his recent interview to scandipop Ola revealed that after international success of "All Over The World" he's gonna make it next single and actually they plan to make four more singles. Impressive for just 10-tracks albums but there's really great tracklist to choose. What would you choose as new singles? If "All Over The World" is already planned for release I would prefer specially revamped "Twisted Memories" closer to Christmas, "Riot" next Spring and "Y.T.G." as Summer single.
Also check Scandinavian version of "Camp Rock 2" soundtrack that Ola recently recorded with Mohammed Ali and Endre Nordvik.

1 All Over The World (Alexander Kronlund, Ola Svensson, Tony Nilsson, Mirja Breitholz)
2 Unstoppable (The Return of Natalie) (Alexander Kronlund, Dimitri Stassos, Hanif Sabzevari, Ola Svensson)
3 You're That Girl (YTG) (Alexander Kronlund, Linda Sundblad, Ola Svensson, Lukas Hilbert)
4 Riot (Gavin Jones, Ola Svensson, Tony Nilsson)
5 Overdrive (Sharon Vaughn, Dimitri Stassos, Ola Svensson, Mikaela Stenström)
6 Beautiful Rain (Alexander Kronlund, Ola Svensson)
7 Busy Doing Nothing (Per Aldeheim, Ola Svensson, Tommy Ljungberg)
8 Still Remember (Alexander Kronlund, Ola Svensson, Ali Payami)
9 Let It Hit You (Alexander Kronlund, Timothie McKenzie, Ola Svensson)
10 Twisted Memories (Per Aldeheim, Sharon Vaughn, Ola Svensson, Tommy Ljungberg)

Greatest hits of Amy Diamond

Amy Diamond is real Swedish pop-wonder. Being 18-years old girl she has already managed to release 5 albums (4 of them reached Top-10 except the last (#16)), loads of succesful singles, participated in Melodifestivalen twice and well, isn't it enough for such young lady? Amy could easily write thick book with her memoirs but she prefers to look back at her discography and summarize all those music stages she's been through releasing compilation of her greatest hits with 4 new songs ("True Colors", "Only You", "Perfect", "Ready To Fly"), 3 renewed songs ("Shooting Star", "It's My Life", "What's In It For Me"), new mix of "Bittersweet" and all 12 Amy's singles. Doesn't this pack looks great? You can find on Pitchline's that she's currently working with this team so I really hope we'll get results of their collaboration on this compilation already on the 3rd of November when it will be out. Don't forget to check recent Amy's performance with acoustic medley at Sommarlov show.

1. What's in it for me
2. True colors (New track)
3. Shooting star
4. It's my life
5. Perfect (New track)
6. Welcome to the city
7. Thank you
8. Champion
9. Is it love?
10. It can only get better
11. Only you (New track)
12. Don't cry your heart out
13. Big guns
14. Stay my baby
15. Up
16. Ready to fly (New track)
17. Bittersweet (Remix)
18. Shooting star (New version 2010)
19. It's my life (New version 2010)
20. What's in it for me (New version 2010)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rebecca Stella - Swag In A Bag

If you've been missing great Swedish dance-project Sunblock that managed to shoot with 3 Top-20 hits in UK 4 years ago we've got a really good news for you - one of sexy pieces of this project is back!
In 2006 new dance-project Sunblock built up by Magnus Nordin and Martin Pihl turned to be unexpectedly huge international success. World dancefloors were conquered by stunning Swedish dance-pop anthems and hot dancing girls Rebecca Simonsson, Oksana Andersson and Pernilla Lundberg being faces (and other nice parts) of the project. You should definitely hear their hits "I'll Be Ready", "First Time" and "Baby Baby" and if you didn't you should right now.
Sunblock released debut album "I'll Be Ready" and disappeared from radars soon but definitely wasn't forgotten - some period Rebecca Simonsson was rumoured to be Darin's sweetheart but she denied and claimed they're just friends. Rebecca also was mentioned as chief of Stockholm's nightclub Hells Kitchen and became model for Thierry Mugler's production.
Now time has come for way back to music and Rebecca under new name Stella presents new single "Swag In A Bag" produced by Fireface - tricky dance-electro-pop song pulsing in Robyn's electric vibes and generously spiced with a club base and infectious beats. Video is not less pleasant thing showing Rebecca as gorgeous club diva in some amazing outfits - cold, stylish and sexy.

Gravitonas - Religious

Second single "Religious" of new Alexander Bard's project Gravitonas is released and as always Alexander provides whole pack for fans promoting new piece of his music so we get video and single full of the most different mixes for all tastes and dancefloors.
Video for "Religious" turned be great Gravitonas' mystic style continuation of "Kites" but just like the song the video is more positive and meditative than "Kites", though it's still filled with grotesque characters, weird scenes and you can see Alexander and Andreas as psychologist and patient, priest and baptized in Gravitonas religion, visitors of dancing forest people in bizarre costumes, pictures which can remind you some Fever Ray's videos. It turns to be one of the most beautiful atmospherical videos of the year and undoubtfully another bright highlight of Gravitonas.
You should also check remixes from Dada Life, Soundfactory, Video Violence, Adam Rickfors and Anders Nyman, our favorite is the first one, really massive dancefloor killer with electro twist and brilliant buzzing baseline.
Few weeeks ago Gravitonas released their first EP with 4 new songs and in interview to FizzyPop Alexander has told about his plans to release another one and third video before release of album that will be presented not before the end of this year, talking about his previous project BWO Alexander hasn't any plans for comeback considering Gravitonas as his Present that he's totally into right now. You can find many other interesting facts and plans in this interesting interview so don't hesitate to check it!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Live Monday morning

Let's celebrate new week with some nice live performances on Swedish TV.
So just to introduce these artists to those who's recently connected to Swedish Stereo. We have:
- One of the most possible candidates for Melodifestivalen-2011 and one of the most talented and brightest Swedish pop-artists Anders Fernette with his latest single "Lola".
- Pop-diva Ankie Bagger and Peter Gustafsson with their previous successful single "Du kan inte lura mig" written by Thomas G:son.
- Our beloved rising star Mary N'diaye with her amazing single "Dumb dumb".
- Darin who has recently recently released his fourth #1 album "Lovekiller" being sold gold in the first week of sales with latest singl "Lovekiller" that's gonna get video treatment very soon.
- Sanna Nielsen with just released single "Part Of Me" (and another possible candidate for MF-2011).

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nassim Al Fakir and Anna Book on Dansfeber

Sorry guys probably my English is not enough to find out what is the right word to unite "amazing", "shocking" and "completetly crazy" in one word??? This is how I want to name Nassim al Fakir's performance on today's Dansfeber. Popular tv-person, musician, brother of famous singer Salem al Fakir and man of Alcazar's Lina Hedlund was perforimg with Beyonce's "Single Ladies" original choreography. But it was not enough! He decided to clone it all completely with Beyonce's dress, Beyonce's hair and Beyonce's skin colour and how (insert the word I descibed above) it turned!!! If Beyonce gave awards for every successful repeat of her show Nassim would get longlife Christmas presents packed, signed and delivered by Beyonce herself!
Another highlight of the show was Anna Book making Christina Aguilera's "Candyman", have we ever seen Anna as blonde? Don't remember. She was as well completely adorable and hot but result was already easily predicted after Nassim's performance and he became winner of this week getting ticket to the final. Don't hesitate to check performances below right now.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Some exciting Autumn pop-releases

Autumn has just started and we've already got whole bunch of planned exciting album-releases, I should collect all of them in one post.
- Magnus Carlsson's new album "Pop Galaxy" will be released already on September 22th but before we'll get another single "The Best In Me".
- It's just few days till new Ola's album "Ola" (September 15th).
- Erik Hassle's EP with 4 new songs is planned for the end of September.
- Nanne Grönvall's album "En Rastlös Själ" is ready to hit shops on October 6th.
- After 6 years Stephen Simmonds releases new album "Anomie" in October.
- Jennie Berggren's album "My Story" release was moved to October 13th.
- A little bit earlier Ace Of Base will release album "The Golden Ratio" on September 24th with first single "All For You" planned to be released already today.
- Caroline af Ugglas after huge success of previous year is back with new album planned for September 22th publishing as well book "Hjälp, vem är jag?" (Help, who am I?)
- EMD's album "Rewind" release was firstly carried from August 25th to the end of October but now you can find its release in some shops marked with December 31th.
- Albums from Linda Pritchard, Titiyo, Tove Styrke, Lisa Miskovsky, Love Generation, second EP from Gravitonas and Christmas album from Måns Zelmerlöw are to be expected.
- Sanna Nielsen's just released her last single "Part Of Me" and ready for new release of Christmas album with Shirley Clamp and Sonja Aldén, this time due to title "Vår Jul" (translation of English title of previous album "Our Christmas" that obviously says tracklist won't be different in common) it's gonna be in Swedish.
- Amy Diamond after 5 studio-albums is ready for compilation "Greatest Hits" that will be out on November 3rd.
Not enough to be excited? It's alright, it's just the first days of Autumn ;)

The Fix - DCAL

Ready for rock'n'roll adrenaline rush before the weeekend?
Get it along with the new single and video from The Fix - fresh and promising Swedish rock-band that we're gonna explore right now. The band is quite young to talk about big artistic portfolio so we'll directly take a look at what The Fix is musically about. New single "DCAL" gives us impression of mainstream pieces of pop and rock mixed very unique way, it's like gentle old-school rock-n-roll accurately and skilfully written and played and torn apart with soloist's expressive 90s rock vocal manner that can be compared with Dave Grohl's voice and it works surprisingly very well. Video for "DCAL" turned to be very stylish wrapped into very pleasant color solution and light retro atmosphere (can you imagine it was shot just for 20$ spent on dress for lady from the video?) and though it doesn't has any plot charisma of frontman Johan Falkman is completely enough to keep your attention till the end of video. You can download this and another The Fix's songs absolutely for free right now on their Myspace page, don't hesitate before these songs have become big hits that you're undoubtfully gonna buy. I also recommend you to give a listen to "How You Doing?" - another nice track with delicate verse sounding like if Amanda Jenssen or Vincent decided to cover Sam Sparro and blossoming powerfull rock-chorus. And now time to check The Fix'ed video!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Recap of first Idol auditions

Auditions of new Idol's season are on its way and seems like public has started to note their favorites from the first day as songs covered by some candidates are already climbing iTunes-chart more than successfully and quite rightfully in my opinion, let's check some of them.
First of example is Jamilla Idris who came with her friend dressed like siamese twins obviously just to have some fun and though Jamilla didn't get it serious at all she sounded pretty awesome, jury asked her to perform seriously alone and girl sounded and looked so good that finally jury was convinced, this girl should have another chance.

Another great discovery of audition is Janine Nyman who presented Skunk Anansie's "Weak" and I guess it has sounded even better than Marie Picasso's cover.

Charming Frida Östergren who unfortunately can't move without wheelchair impressed jury with her touching performance Ane Brun's cover of "Big In Japan" demonstrating beatiful voice and great contact with listeners.

Rock-guy Jimmy Claeson who has already tried audition before but having no success finally has broken through with Bon Jovi's cover of "Everyday".

Olle Hedberg who due to presentation was homeless baker living on his own boat (that turned to be channel's fake) presented Blackstreet's "No Diggity" and Modjo's "Lady" with very nice intonation, huge passion and artistic charm.

Two surprises came from Finland. First one was 47-years old Geir Rönning who presented at Eurovision-2005 for Finland and decided to try auditions, jury didn't have anything against and being impressed by Geir's voice gave him a gold ticket.

And another Finnish surprise was Elin Blom vocalist of Finnish rock-band Sister Twister who also tried to get to Eurovision from Finland year before. Girl conquered jury with her star appearance, beautiful voice and charming attitude.

Oh and can I not to mention Irina Bagley who participated with tribute to Michael Jackson in webbjoker contest year before? Unfortunately this song hasn't conquered hearts of MF lovers but it didn't happen with hearts of Idol jury too, however it was not less than fantastic!

But seems like the hugest success was reached by Alice Hagenbrandt who was found by Anders Bagge coming to her own gymnasium being impressed by received record with her. Alice has performed Regina Spektor's "Samson" and personally I've got a winner feeling watching this girl with Kelly Clarkson'n passion, I won't be surprised if it will be Top-3. Currently "Samson" is in Top-10 of Swedish iTunes.

Check first episode of auditions here and the second here.