Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sarah Dawn Finer and Linnea Henriksson in Moraeus med mera

Highlights of Moraeus med mera today definitely were Sarah Dawn Finer and Linnea Henriksson and how actually cool that both performed some new stuff not played at summer open-air shows like Sommarkrysset and Allsång på Skansen. Sarah was performing "Balladen om ett brustet hjärta" from upcoming album "Sanningen Kommer Om Natten" (the song I wouldn't like to be a single but it is) and Linnea presented a song that I would like to be a single but it isn't (at least so far) - "Jag vet nåt som inte du vet".

Lasse Berghagen och Linnea Henriksson - Somliga går i trasiga skor
Linnea Henriksson - Alice (akustiskt)

She's waiting for the train, not waiting for me... :(

Today I've received some wonderful romantic letters from Anna Bergendahl made as origami-birds and containing pieces of her latest single's lyrics. How sweet is that!!!
I always loved you, Anna! This blog's followers know it. But I didn't expect it to be mutual.
So let's continue our relationships next way - you write beautiful songs (like those ones on your newest EP) and I love you even more with every release and tell the world about it. We're gonna be a perfect couple!

Agnes - Human Touch

Agnes promoting new album "Veritas" has become a guest of today's Nyhetsmorgon performing (except previous singles "One Last Time" and "All I Want Is You") another album track "Human Touch" which seems to be the most sussessful "Veritas" song out of non-singles stuff on iTunes. The song was composed by Agnes with Tony Nilsson and Vincent Pontare and has got a recognizable Tony's production with heavy beats and 80s vibes. So does it mean we'll get as a next single?


Agnes - One last time
Agnes - All I want is you

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gravitonas - Incredible

Gravitonas' new track "Incredible" premiered this summer during Stockholm Pride was finally released as a lead-single from upcoming "The Hyperborea EP" to be out on October 10th. Tracklisting is already unleashed and will include collaborations with András Kallay Saunders, Rebecca Stella and Rebstar.
Talking about the song, "Incredble" has gone as dancey as Gravitonas can go leading listener through a dramatical BWO-esque verse to a big euphoric chorus. Though visually you get the song as no other previous band's single theoretically it can become a great "Call Your Name" and "Everybody Dance" follow-up which have become project's tickets to radio stations abroad.
Maxi-single has also turned incredible gathering forces of SoundFactory, NORD, Axento and Andy Harding.

Basshunter - Dream On The Dancefloor

New Basshunter's single "Dream On The Dancefloor" has arrived unexpectedly but at the same it's almost 5 months since comeback-premiere of "Northern Light" and it's definitely time for follow-up.
New track has become Basshunter's turning to roots, basically it sounds like a slightly upgraded direction of his first singles. Poppier and more radio-friendly though. Cheesy summer party video completes this nice pack.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Timoteij - Faller

We get some enormous amount of Timoteij's singles from the last album "Tabu", do you remember any Swedish pop-artist releasing 5 singles from the album? I directly can't but anyway here is the fifth single "Faller" and this is another good choice.
Song was written by Niclas Arn, Gustav Eurén (guys behind "Kom") and another Melodifestivalen songwriting name - Dan Attlerud. Just like the whole album track has turned more dancey and less folk still joining both sides of Timoteij's music nicely and having wonderfully developed tune.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Malena Ernman - La Voix (Moraeus med mera version)

Last two weeks I wasn't excited enough about Moraeus med mera performances though the list of guests wasn't bad - at least you'll probably will be interested in Europe or Laleh, then you'll be able to check them here.
Anyway it was all about Malena Ernman and partly jazzy, partly bossa nova version of her Melodifestivalen-winning entry "La Voix" for me. You can enjoy it below along with Giacomo Puccini's aria "O Mio Babbino Caro".

Miike Snow - Pretender

Adventures of mannequin guy continue in a new music video from Miike Snow!
New promoted song from the album "Happy To You" is "Pretender" and this time the main character of previous videos goes party though it's not party-track at all. The song is pretty recognizable piano-based electro in a style of project's first "Happy To You" singles.

Charlotte Perrelli - Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Charlotte Perrelli has turned her career to a musical path this Autumn. She has a starring role in a musical Evita and she has decided to release a main soundtrack - Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" as a new single.
If you heard Charlotte's Christmas album "Rimfrostjul" you know how she can sound with an orchestra so it's right as big, beautiful and contains both Swedish and English version of the song in radio and extended cuts. You can find Charlotte singing Swedish "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" in this video at 2.55.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

New EP from Anna Bergendahl

Anna Bergendahl returns with a new album "Something To Believe In" planned to be out on October 24th and as a sneak peek she has released "Anna Bergendahl EP" on ITunes today. Recently released "Live and Let Go" single surprisingly hasn't got a follow-up in the same direction. Instead we've got a pretty dark songs collection with Anna going more mature and thoughtful comparing with songs from her debut album. Anyway country inspired "Fun", ballad "Wrong" which seems to be Anna's answer to Sarah Mclachlan's "Angel" and blues downtempo "Love, Me" come up in an utterly sad autumn soundtrack and beautiful advertisement of upcoming album.
You can watch Anna's performance with EP songs in Nyhetsmorgon below but I'd recomend to check studio-versions of songs, this stuff isn't that minimalistic and much more atmospheric on a record.


Love, Me

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Loreen returns to Germany

Germany seems to be the most visited by Loreen this year and lately she has rereshed euphoric feelings of local fans appearing at two more shows (to be exact she already was at Popstars and has become a guest of the final). The song has gone platinum in country so her German fans have definitely deserved it!

Melody Club - Crossfire

Melody Club have got a special gift to fans - compilation "Let's Celebrate 2002 - 2012" summarizing the first decade of band's life and planned to be out on September 28th. Except some great hits released during all these years it wil also include 2 new songs - single "Paralyzed" released in June and another new song "Crossfire" which was premiered in Nyhetsmorgon today and sounds like a worthy follow-up of "The Hunter" direction with its warm tune and arena sound.
Guys have already performed their old hits "Palace Station" and "Electric".


Martin Rolinski - Chariots Of Fire

Nice nostalgic moment for BWO fans. Today Martin Rolinski who participates in a current season of Körslaget has performed one of band's classic hits "Chariots Of Fire" from the album "Halcyon Days" and it looked like BWO never broke up. Martin has even improved his work with camera and has definitely become an artist who is ready to come back to Melodifestivalen as a solo-artist. Currently he's in specaulations lists to enter the contest next year along with Alexander Bard's Gravitonas and that would really be exciting to get both and watch their schlager-duel, don't you think?
Afro-Dite's Gladys was singing "Never Let It Go" today but vocally it wasn't her day.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Sep - Galaxy (full version)

Ex-Idol Sepideh's debut solo-single "Galaxy" has taken weirdly long time to come out in a full version.
Sep has presented a video teaser last August and right when we've stopped believing there will be a follow-up Sep has premiered a full video with a single and remix released. You absolutely should check this beautiful electro-ballad and start waiting for a new music piece of this promising artist (hope it won't take as long).

Danny Saucedo - All in My Head (studio version)

New Danny's dance-monster "All in My Head" is finally unleashed! Brand new single produced by Trinity was already premiered on the radio, released and currently is #2 on iTunes.
Previously I was talking about live-performance of this song and studio-version has proved my expectations, the song is a natural progression of "Catch Me If You Can" in Guetta's "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)" direction with its wild rave-chorus. "Amazing" arena-happiness was replaced with a darker dramatic side of Danny, not less anthemic and dance though.

Arash feat. Sean Paul - She Makes Me Go

After a short I'm coming back to what I've missed during this week. And here we get a new single from an international star from Sweden - Arash and another international star - Sean Paul.
Their new single "She Makes Me Go" has become a wonderful dance-track connecting Jay Sean's rap with eurodance samples and Arash-performed chorus slightly smelling with September's "Cry For You" keys. Ethnic Arash fans probably will be disappointed this time but I guess it's just a temporary (and really nice anyway) change of direction.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Interview with Jessica Folcker

We continue our mini-series of recent interviews coming true with the help of our friend Tatiana Merzlikina and company Starmax with another Swedish pop legend visiting Russia recently - Jessica Folcker! The voice you absolutely couldn't miss before. Jessica has started her career as a backing vocalist of international 90s heroes from Sweden like E-Type and Dr. Alban. Lately she has started solo-career with not less than Cheiron company (Max Martin, Denniz PoP, Jörgen Elofsson, Andreas Carlsson, etc.) who helped Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and many other teen idols of decade to be born. After two Cheiron albums Jessica has entered schlager-world giving two great hits "Om Natten" and "When Love's Coming Back Again" to it and releasing acoustic album "På svenska" with Moh Dennebi. It wasn't the last Jessica's turn of direction and she has presented electropop album "Skin Close" in 2007. Then she has got a big pause and has come back this year in melodifestivalen interval-act. So let's check what we should expect from this comeback!

STARMAX: Jessica, please, tell is it your first visit to Russia?
JESSICA: It is my first visit.

STARMAX: Do you enjoy being here?
JESSICA: I wanted to visit your country for a long time and now I am here. Next time when I visit Russia I’m going to see the country. Because this time we don't have enough time. I am very curious about Russian traditions. I’m going to eat your food, real Russian food, because I love to eat. I want to see Russia and Moscow. What I will do the next time when I am here.

STARMAX: Europe firstly heard Jessica Folcker in the 90s as a vocalist in E-Type's and Dr. Alban's hits. Do you still keep in touch with these guys?
JESSICA: Dr. Alban is my close friend. He is more like my father. I started to work when I was 16 years old. I worked in his clothing shop. And it was him who brought me to the studio for the first time. We still have contact. As for Martin E-Type we don’t see each other very often. I also did backing vocals for Ace of Base long time ago. Then I had my own solo career. And now I have my family, four kids, so that takes a lot of time but now when they're getting a little bit older I really want to try out my career again because singing is my life so that's what I wanna do.

STARMAX: Your first two albums became internationally successful cooperation with Cheiron team and particularly Max Martin. How come you met Max?
JESSICA: It’s a long story. Dr. Alban took me to the studio where I've met Denniz Pop. Cheiron guys always called me when they needed a backing vocalist for different projects because I was around and we all were friends. Then Martin and Denniz helped me with the record deals. So it began that way.

STARMAX: Last year you've become a mother for the fourth time. Is there any space and time in Jessica Folcker's life for making music and for touring?
JESSICA: Yes, absolutely. There is a difference now because I have my family but it’s all about planning. So if there is a good planning I can work. But I can’t get on the road and never be home, like I did, when I was younger. I am not interested in that because it’s not healthy. We need breaks sometimes. I want to work. When I am on stage I am really enjoying my time. But when I promoted my first and second albums and travelled a lot, that was really tough and hard work and I didn’t really enjoy my time. Now years after it’s totally different. So it’s just positive thing. Everything gets better.

STARMAX: What about new material from Jessica Folcker? Do you plan to release a new album?
JESSICA: Yes, definitely. I am in the studio now. I am trying out different songs, different stuff. So I am in the making process.

STARMAX: That’s really good news! We will be waiting for your new album! You worked in different genres: from Cheiron pop of the late 90s to schlager-music, acoustic pop in Swedish electronic music. Is there anything special you would like to try next?
JESSICA: I love music and I listen to everything. Where my heart is it’s pop-music. And it can be more electronical or it can be more organic, live. The most important thing is the rhythm. Good tracks and the rhythm are really important. So you never know what will be good, perfect in the process of making music.

STARMAX: You had two amazing entries at Melodifestivalen in the past and this year you came back in the interval of the contest. Do you plan to participate in Melodifestivalen again?
JESSICA: No. I did it in 2005 and 2006, because people really haunted me for this. This year when I joined Melodifestivalen, that was fantastic. That was really nice! I am very happy with that. I really enjoyed my time but I don’t plan to join next year or the year after. But you never know... I want to do different stuff. It’s much more fun to go to Russia and play here (laughing).

STARMAX: Thank you very much, Jessica!
JESSICA: Thank you!

Hello Confusion - London

We weren't speaking about some fresh pop-rock discoveries quite long, genre having hard times in Sweden lately but still we constantly get some new wonderful bands knowing how to bring up a well built tune with proper energy and great production.
Stockholm-based band Hello Confusion was built back in 2008 and has already released two EPs back in 2009 (both are available to listen on their soundcloud page). This year guys have made a comeback with a tougher sound presenting their fresh single "London" released by 100 songs label founded by TEN's commander Ola Håkansson.
"London" has become a bridge between a wide direction of postgrunge followers and more intimate live-band sound which has made the whole thing quite special and looking like a pretty tight pack with a nice melody it's based on.
Band has much more to present this autumn. Starting from 15 October they'll be releasing new song every Monday during 11 weeks so if you like "London" you should start following them and enjoy a big stream of their new stuff to start very soon.

Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (video)

As I supposed the rest of the final Swedish House Mafia's pack has arrived relatively fast, team has presented video for their last monster-hit "Don't You Worry Child" and it has turned to be a nice documentary. Pretty logical decision summarizing some SHM's bright moments.
The song has gone directly Top-2 in Scandinavian iTunes-charts and the rest of the world is on the way.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Petra Marklund - Händerna Mot Himlen (video)

Petra Martklund who celebrates 28th birthday this week has made a gift for herself and her fans releasing new single "Händerna Mot Himlen" and also presenting a video today.
This is probaly the darkest video Petra has ever made but it fits the atmosphere of the song very well making a picture of her new music image whole, clear and pretty inspirational.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cajsa Siik - Was I Supposed To

Here is the one of the most beautiful autumn track of this September presented by the team consisting of new artist Cajsa Siik (that you shouldn't know as this is Cajsa's debut single) and producers Henrik Åström (who worked wpreviosuly with Miss Li, Oh Laura, Erik Grönwall, Titiyo) and Andreas Dahlbäck (brother of DJ John Dahlbäck and very ex-bandmate of Andreas Johson who produced Eskobar, Anna Ternheim, Jonna Lee and played in numeruous artists' releases).
Debut Cajsa's album is called "Plastic House" and "Was I Supposed To" which is the first sneak peek from it has turned to be a beautiful indie-pop track, simple and effective with a flying tune, not overloaded production and relaxed atmosphere.

Loreen - My Heart Is Refusing Me (version 2.0)

The first foreign country to accept Loreen with all the love most of European countries has given to her later was Finland. And Loreen has paid back performing her second international single there tonight.
But the sad thing for her international fans is that according to Warner Finland press-info released earlier today this single is..."My Heart Is Refusing Me" in updated version.
Really wrong step in my opinion, I always loved MHIRM and still do but the song following 2010 dance trends is not looking like a big potential hit in the end of 2012 and why wasn't it promoted whole summer during Loreen's promotional gigs abroad in this case? I think "Sober" would be much better option and hope the album to be out very soon will include some worthy "Euphoria" follow-up to warm-up singer's radio-glory. And anyway I wish a big luck to this new life of "My Heart Is Refusing Me".

Pernilla Andersson - Judy (video)

New Pernilla Andersson's single "Judy" has got a nice half studio recording video that you can watch below.
Apart from new album Pernilla has got other great news, she's waiting for a child next January but the first will be her baby "Det är en spricka i allt det är så" to be out on October 17th and we're waiting for it quite a lot.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Icona Pop - Ready For The Weekend

Almost year has passed since Icona Pop's debut EP was released. TEN label's discovery has managed to make a platinum hit "I Love It" in Sweden and get an international interest after that.
New "The Iconic EP" should be released on October 16 and already tomorrow we're gonna get a new single "Ready For The Weekend" that was played at Summerburst festival few months ago and club+dub edits are already available on band's soundcloud. Girls keep on raving and do it as clubby as they never did before due to these pieces. But even with an extra energy.

Petra Marklund - Händerna Mot Himlen

Today's big premiere of Swedish radio was comeback of Petra "September" Marklund who has made a presentation of her brand new single "Händerna Mot Himlen" from upcoming album "Inferno" which is out on October 17th under Petra's own name.
Petra was working with Kent's Jocke Berg on her album and you can feel it very well in "Händerna mot himlen" which is basically 70% of Jocke melodically (I would be less surprised to find the track on Kent's album) and 30% of Petra - her voice (Petra is still unique vocalist that you can hardly mix up with anyone else) and dance-beat breathing with Petra's glorious dance the past ("Satellites" maybe?). I expected the song to sound like nothing out of English part of her last album and really wanted her to do a follow-up of that dark electronic side she has presented at Så Mycket Bättre. But surprisingly it also doesn't follow that direction. Instead we have a Kent's melancholic song wrapped in strings-meets-dance production concept. Remember Andreas Lundstedt describing "Aldrig Aldrig" as a melancholic track in Swedish that you can dance and cry with? This could be a proper description of "Händerna Mot Himlen" as well and the same rhythm and strings makes these tracks almost relatives. Anyway I believe this direction will become more successful for Petra than for Andreas and right what her career in Sweden needs at the moment. To show that she's not another dance-artist but a serious musician able to show some serious stuff.
Also don't miss September's concert (when Petra was September) recorded by Swedish radio in Linköping's Stadsfest that you can listen today here.

Lyssna: Musikguiden i P3: Händerna Mot Himlen - Petra Marklund

Bosson & Apollo-4 - 10.000 Feet

New Bosson's single "10.000 Feet" thAt we could listen to a month ago in a live gig quality is finally previewed on youtube and basically it's 100% of what we were expecting - "Release Me" strings meeting Avicii's piano layers wrapped with a big club-sound into a wonderful summer dance-track, Bosson's best work out of his comeback-tracks he has presented lately.

Steve Angello - Yeah

Though Swedish House Mafia ends its common releasing story separate members of the projects seem to have loads of new music to come like they always have.
Steve Angello has got the premiere of his new single "Yeah" on BBC Radio 1 delivering a proper new club anthem with all those massive Swedish House Mafia-breathing synths and very nice growth of the song, promising and not letting down.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moraeus med mera: Amanda Jenssen, Björn Skifs, Ken Ring

This Sunday has turned to a wonderful TV-comeback of Amanda Jenssen who has performed her latest single "Dry My Soul" along with a slow version of "Happyland" and duo with Björn Skifs.
Though I should say I liked Ken Ring's own "Me And My Drum" - "Nu måste vi dra", Katie Melua, Kalle Moraeus with a piece of celtic music and Björn Skifs with Jörgen Elofsson co-penned song "Break The Spell" were interesting to watch as well.

Amanda Jenssen - Happyland
Björn Skifs & Amanda Jenssen - Sunny Afternoon
Ken Ring - Själen av en vän
Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles

Friday, September 7, 2012

Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (acoustic)

Haven't we got it yet? Oh. I've just got used to get a 200% full packs from Swedish House Mafia - videos, loads of remixes, acoustic version and many other goodies. But the band have just shared an acoustic version of their latest single "Don't You Worry Child" and probably tired Friday night is actually the best time to enjoy it.

Aynur Aydin - Hurricane

Turkish singer Aynur Aydin have gathere some great Swedish forces - Toni Nilsson, Darin, Jason Gill, Johann Röhr, Björn Djupström, Moh Denebi to record the album "12 Ways To La La" with songs presented both in English and Turkish version but there were not just Swedish songwriters involved in a process.
Loreen was asked to help with backing vocals for the song "Hurricane" ("Siyah Fırtına") - beautiful modern disco-track with a light melancholic feeling and wonderful warm tune clearly marking Swedish songwriting appearance. Loreen has initially agreed to sing English version as she doesn't speak Turkish but finally she has learnt Turkish lyrics as well. You can hear Loreen's touching vocal in a dramatic line of the chorus so good that you can actually consider Loreen as a featuring artist and have this track as a proper treatment before Loreen's own new single. Check performance of the song below or by this link and Turkish version of the song here.

Avicii feat. Mike Posner - Stay With You

Fresh pre-weekend Avicii's leak anyone? Alright, I take.
This time Avicii has come up with Mike Posner for the song "Stay With You" which was premiered on BBC radio 1 and can become his next single but there are no official information so all we can do is enjoying this track which is basically Avicii, Swedish club-dance sounding like it's meant to be in 2012. So it feels like success on the way.

Cazzi Opeia - With You (video)

Video for Cazzi Opeia's single "With You" hasn't taken so long and already today we have a premiere!
In the meantime Cazzi Opeia's label accuses Agnes for stealing the song as her recently released single "All I Want Is You" reminds "With You" and though it was released 2 days earlier than Cazzi Opeia's one Cazzi Opeia's team refuses to believe that it's just coincidence. Anyway Agnes' single has managed to succeed better so far, currently it's in Top-20 on iTunes but we really hope to see Cazzi Opeia's song doing well too. One of her absolutely best tracks!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Patrizia - Bag Of Bricks

First time the audience have seen Patrizia was Idol-2007 where she participated with Marie Picasso, Amanda Jenssen, Gathania and The Moniker. Big highlight followed by a complete silence from Patrizia. She was getting offers from songwriters and producers but was refusing them completely as it wasn't what in her opinion she was musically about. Finally she has met Anton Fahlgren that she has recorded song with and that's when Patrizia has found herself.
This June she has released the single "Bag Of Bricks" - beautiful track going right as experimental as you need to stick out in 2012 still having a strong pop-tune behind. Touching Patrizia's voice leads you through thoughtful electronic intro in an unhurried marching tempo to a big dramatic chorus.
Currently Patrizia works in a studio on a new stuff and we're really looking forward to get more of this talented Idol alumni.

Da Buzz - Got This Feeling (Yoni Gileadi remix)

Da Buzz keeps working on promotion of the single "Got This Feeling" released earlier this year and here we get a really nice remix from Yoni Gileadi, not such a common combination of radio-format nicely meeting modern dancefloor filler. Really well done.
Those who is eager to get a new single already - follow-up "Tomorrow" is expected in the end of September!

Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You

Sisters duo Saint Lou Lou hasn't made their big hit in Sweden yet but have already rightfully made a buzz in blogging world with the first single "Maybe You" - incredibly beautiful minimalistic electroballad which can become a great start for girls career (making me thinking of what "Hurtful" was for Erik Hassle, don't ask me why) and be one of the best tracks coming out of Sweden this year.
Saint Lou Lou presents a summer video for "Maybe You" today with an atmosphere wonderfully fitting sadness and fragility of the song.

Pernilla Andersson - Judy

Melodifestivalen-2011 participant Pernilla Andersson comes back with a new album "Det Är En Spricka I Allt Det Är Så Ljuset Kommer In" to be out on October 17th with following tour starting in November and the first piece of the album is out and it's a new single "Judy" which is already tested on the radio.
It's mentioned in press-review that the new album is going to be more electronic and inspired by 70s and eventually you already can already feel it in "Judy" which contains that special Pernilla's melancholy but basically very light track making a notable step from acoustic sound of the last album.

Lyssna: Judy - Pernilla Andersson

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Interview with Tess "the goddess of success" Merkel

This summer small but quite Swedish loving Russian town Istra situated not that far from Moscow has become a big lucky third year in a row receiving music delegation from Sweden consisting of three grand ladies of Swedish pop - Jessica Folcker, Tess Merkel and Jenny Berggren.
Jessica and Jenny have become a part of annual Miss Istra programme (last years organizers invited Danny and Da Buzz).
We've come up with our good friend Tatiana Merzlikina who works with Starmax (the company organizing this great fest) to prepare interviews with artists as surely they are incredibly interested for us and have played a big role in history of Swedish pop of last 10-20 years.
Here's the first chat Tatiana had - with Tess Merkel, constant member of Alcazar. Tess has started career in 90s as a musical artist, already then you could see her as a backing singer at Melodifestivalen. In 1999 she has started her music romance with Alcazar that has officially taken a break last year. So let's see what Tess is busy with since that.

TESS: Hi! How are you?
STARMAX: I am fine. And you?
TESS: Me too. Zdravstvui!

STARMAX: Zdravstvui! Tess, tell did you enjoy last night show?
TESS: Oh, that was wonderful! I am here to back up my friend Jessica and have a great time. I am hanging out with my friend here in Moscow and in Istra. And Istra was very nice. It was a good crowd and staging was wonderful.

STARMAX: I know that is not your first visit in Russia. Do you like being here?
TESS: Oh, Russia is wonderful! Moscow is beautiful and you have even hotter weather here than we have in Sweden. Usually when you get here, it is cold. I have never been here in summertime. And it’s lovely to spend summertime here in Moscow now.

STARMAX: Alcazar has decided to take a break last year. What are you up to now? What are your plans for the future?
TESS: Right now I am producing shows. Besides I spend a lot of time with my kids. This summer I’m having a vacation and then I am starting a couple of projects. So I like it. It’s like an open book. I feel that I’ve started a new chapter in my life. I worked with Alcazar for many-many years and now I have new time for me. So I can do whatever I choose.

STARMAX: Do you keep in touch with your bandmates?
TESS: Oh, yeah! All the time! We really love each other, we have a good time together. So we keep in touch. I met Lina a couple of days ago. Andreas visited Stockholm and we were out about a week ago. We like being in each other’s company.
[By the way guys even keep doing some private parties together as Alcazar. So fans shouldn't give up dreams about their reunion sooner or later. - Swedish Stereo]

STARMAX: You seem to be the only Alcazar member who didn't try to make a solo career except that duo with The Poodles? Don't you plan to start it now?
TESS: I don’t know… I am not sure of that. I have a lot of different projects and I work with very creative things right now. I love singing, but I don’t want to put all my energy on being solo artist. I’m going to take it as it comes. It depends on if I get some songs and so on. I can’t decide it right now. Whatever comes, we’ll see. Que sera, sera (Whatever will be, will be).

STARMAX: Alcazar was a great international breakthrough in the 2000s. What do you think about young Swedish artists? Is there anybody you could give a tip about as a next big thing from Sweden?
TESS: Oh, yes! We have a lot of good music in Sweden! We have a lot of good producers and songwriters, so, of course, we have a lot of great artists, coming from Sweden. For example, we have Darin… We have…(pause) We have a lot of them! I think Swedish music is definitely upcoming. We’re going to produce a lot of good music in Sweden and we are very proud of that.

STARMAX: Why is Swedish music is constantly so popular in your opinion? Why does Sweden produce so much good music?
TESS: The roots of that comes from ABBA. These songwriters inspired a lot of good musicians in Sweden. Besides like you, Russians, we have a long winter, so all we can do in wintertime is to sit down and write some songs, maybe. We have only one month to go out, drink some wine and relax, then go down in the studio and keep on writing, writing, writing.

STARMAX: Thanks so much and good luck!
TESS: Thanks, bye!

Moa Lignell live at Stockholm Pride

Stockholm Pride Youtube channel keeps presenting some performances we previously could see only in videos made by audience.
Today we can watch a live premiere of Moa Lignell's latest single "Whatever They Do" and another album track "Live Your Life" released earlier this summer.
Moa's album "Different Path" is out next Wednesday and we've got a few pieces of making this album on Universal channel so you can find a snippet of another new track "Anything Is Enough" in the end of this video (also check this and this).

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hera Björk goes Melo

Yes, Hera Björk is not really Swedish so probably you didn't expect her to appear on our blog but this woman has entered Eurovision history with Swedish-written song to finally take part in the competition with Swedish-produced another one so Hera definitely loves Swedish music and has proved it in a special recent ESC-cruise where she performed along with a bunch of other ESC-artists like Vukašin Brajic and Ott Lepland and was singing some Melodifestivalen-winning songs - Anna Bergendahl's "This Is My Life" (competing at the same year at Eurovision as Hera) and Charlotte Perrelli's "Take Me To Your Heaven". Both performances are already uploaded by and you can check them below.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moraeus med mera: Peter Jöback, The Hives, Alina Devecerski, Sanne Salomonsen

We say goodbye to Sommarkrysset, Allsång På Skansen and Lotta På Liseberg but we say hello to an autumn show Moraeus med mera with Kalle Moraeus as a host inviting some popular names of Swedish music.
Guests of the first show were Alina Devecerski with a new single "Ikväll skiter jag i allt" and her big hit of this summer "Flytta på dig" in acoustic, The Hives singing their old song "Tick Tick Boom" and single "Go Right Ahead" from the latest album (isn't that granny closing her ears at 00.32 brilliant? but no, I don't think that the song is so bad). Peter Jöback has shown his musical side singing "Music Of The Night" from Phantom of the Opera and Danish Sanne Salomonsen have performed hew #1 hit in Sweden "Den jeg elsker" back in 1988. Both were performing singles from their latest albums as well.

The Hives - Tick Tick Boom
Peter Jöback - Music Of The Night
Sanne Salomonsen och Peter Jöback - Den jeg elsker
Alina Devecerski - Flytta på dig

Loreen - Euphoria (Live at The Dome 63)

We keep following a series of this year's Loreen's performances abroad (and not only). And now the singer has come back to Germany to perform "Euphoria" at the big live event The Dome and obviously crowd was more than pleased with this performance.
The final date of Loreen's album release was constantly moving and currently the album (which is by rumours titled "Healed") is planned to be out on October 24th with a new single to be performed at the concert in Helsinki on September 12th.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Still Pee & Ru feat. LaPuma - Melt Like Ice

The movie "Hamilton - I nationens intresse" with Mikael Persbrandt premiered in the beginning of this year has got a follow-up "Hamilton - Men inte om det gäller din dotter" and this time I'm gonna mention it again connecting with a soundtrack fmade by the artist I was talking about here on blog already before.
It was Robert Pettersson and Helena Josefsson who have recorded a big rock-ballad "My Own Worst Enemy" for the first part and now LaPuma and Still Pee & Ru have prepared the song "Melt Like Ice" which sounds like a classic Bond theme, a bit more electronic but right as dark, sexy and bombastic as Bond-sond should be.

Sommarkrysset: Agnes, Sarah Dawn Finer, Martin Stenmarck, Andreas Johnson

Another open-air summer music tv-show Sommarkrysset has finished and was trying to make a line-up of the last concert really special.
So we've got Sarah Dawn Finer and Agnes with their newest singles (this is the first time Agnes was singing "All I Want Is You"!), Martin Stenmarck and Andreas Johnson with a great medley of their best hits (even though I'd prefer new songs!) and Takida's frontman Robert Petterson performing with his new band Stiftelsen making the stuff in Swedish. Marina (that one with the diamonds) was a foreign guest of the night.


Marina and the diamonds – Primadonna