Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cartoon heroes of Swedish pop

It's quite popular among singing artists to become voices of cartoon heroes and Swedish stars as many others get involved in animations so Swedish kids has a great chance that many Swedish pop-fans wouldn't refuse to get.
For example few years ago EMD have become voices of Disco-Daggarna (Disco-worms) joined by Anna Sahlin, Helen Sjöholm, Nanne Grönwall and Tommy Nilsson. Impressive team? And quite funny cartoon for sure. "Disco-Daggarna" has also got soundtrack with some classic disco-anthems performed by Velvet, Magnus Carlsson, Martin Stenmarck and others.

Another example of stars collaboration was "Tingeling" ("Tinker Bell") cartoon getting Marie Serneholt as voice of main charecter, Anna Book, Hanna Hedlund and Emma Lewin (Sheelah) were among other involved artists.

And now new stars plan to bring success to another recently released cartoon "Trassel" ("Tangled") - Måns Zelmerlöw and Molly Sandén have become voices of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. Due to trailer it's not easy to realize that it's Molly's voice but you can hear Måns very well.

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