Thursday, January 20, 2011

Schlager diva alerts

Two of the biggest Swedish pop-divas Carola and Lena Philipsson are ready for comebacks and already announced about it this week.
Whole last year Carola was busy promoting her tribute-concerts devoted to Elvis Presley and Barbra Streisand. Quite successfully as DVD "En magisk kväll på Dalhalla" has debuted at #1 of DVD-chart in November and Spring is already full of tour dates. Tribute album is going to be released on March 23rd and below you can see Carola working in studio on records for it. Today release of new single was also announced for January 25th (less than in a week!) on Carola's facebook page. Thanx for information to Carola International blog.
Another pop-diva ready for comeback is Lena Philipsson. Due to new published press-release from Universal new single "Idiot" will be released in the beginning of February and it's written by Magnus Lidehäll (Afasi & Filthy, Maskinen) who wrote Kylie's "Cupid Boy". Popdrömmen promises a lot of autotune and dance-music that undoubtfully sounds like a great news!

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