Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treadstone - A New Day Sun

I love to start mornings with some live performances giving a wild pulse to whole day and that's what I can say about new rock-explosion of Sweden - Treadstone.
Band has presented new album "A New Day Sun" few days ago and though first few singles have given us impression that Treadstone are going to be hardcore Foo Fighters followers through all of this album it has turned completely different giving us a 12-tracks pack of melodic alternative modern rock inspired by all possible directions of modern radio pop-rock. It's fresh, different and powerful in full height. I really recommend you to check it if American alternative rock is your music. Remember that Swedes know how to write melodies and it's brilliant example of it. Visiting studio of Nyhetsmorgon band has presented latest single "S.O.S" (that they rejected to send to MF-2011) and another album-track - beautiful rock-ballad "Seven seas".

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