Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mikrofonkåt in da mix

Usually December is a month when Idol-winning single collects #1 places week by week but nothing can't push September's hit-single "Mikrofonkåt" from 6th week at #1! Loads of positive reviews in media and massive audience reaction - seems like Petra Marklund never was so much popular in Sweden. So label wisely doesn't lose this wave and develop some new promo-steps to squeeze everything out of this success.
Before we've got English version of Mikrofonkåt and now we receive whole 8-tracks pack of mixes - Mick Kastenholt & Andrew Dee mix (completely crazy club track made for blasting dancefloors), Alex Lamb mix (another great wave-growing track from chill-out part to high-tempo dance mix of Swedish House Mafia class), Punchy mix (this time urban-smelling in verses track with jumping beat and loud dance chorus) and Casado & Daif mix (darker club mix with tasty electro-layers and gorgeous dance-beat). You can listen to all mixes except Punchy below.

September - Mikrofonkåt ( Mick Kastenholt & Andrew Dee Remix)

September - Mikrofonkåt (Alex Lamb Remix)

September - Mikrofonkåt (Casado & Daif Remix)

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