Friday, May 6, 2011

Sibel - Wake Up (Alex Sayz Remix)

Hey everyone! After a small blogging break connected with my work overload and PC being in repair I'm back to summarize everything I've missed for... not a week, more globally, I extremely need to remember all the stories I wanted to tell you for the last months but didn't find time for it, trust me there are a lot of them but now I'd like to share something more fresh.
Sure you remember how Sibel Redzep has generously provided vocal contribution for Alex Sayz's single "United As One" and what a great track it has become. Now it's time for Alex to help Sibel and he delivers remix for Sibel's new single "Wake Up" and it sounds pretty brilliant growing from dark pulsing intro to fantastic trancey clubtastic chorus making it dancing on the verge of Kate Ryan's stuff - still poppy in the best sense of this word. Full version's to come later...

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