Sunday, May 29, 2011

Juvelen - Make You Move

Juvelen is one of those artists you're not gonna see regularly in charts or on top pop tv-shows these days but still if you're more or less into Swedish music you probably heard about him not once.
First time Jonas Pettersson a.k.a Juvelen was noticed in 2007 with his really special mix of Prince-falcetto and mild melodic synth-sound with light funky touch. Songs "Watch your step" and "Hanna" from his debut album "1" have become hits and international pop-blogging community has fallen for Juvelen. You can listen to the whole album here.
This month Juvelen has released new 4-tracks EP "Make U Move" and everyone who liked "1" are absolutely gonna love this soft electronic record with its relaxed and beatiful atmosphere. Our favorite on it is "Sweat It Out" but you can choose your own listening to live-set Jonas has performed in Nyhetsmorgon today.

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