Saturday, June 19, 2010

Alex Sayz & The Girlz

Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to present you new face in Swedish club music - Alex Sayz. Alex is relatively not so long in a spot though, he was working on some mixes for Hani and Camilla Brinck and released few very nice original tracks - Fascination and Shame On Me. First one started rotating in some local dance charts and has got a good international responce, the second one was released in USA and even entered Billboard Dance Chart! But it was just a beginning and recently together with Evi (vocalist of Belgian band Lasgo) he recorded absolutely brilliant track "Hate To Love" that was noticed not only in Sweden but entered Top 10 Billboard Dance Airplay as well. So the hot question is do we have a deal with a new biggest dance export act of Sweden?

As a next step Alex is gonna release new trance-single "United As One" with vocals of our beloved Sibel Redzep already in July in USA and Scandinavia. Another great track from Mr. Sayz and all hopes and best wishes for the future of this collaboration.

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