Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet - From Now On

If you told me hit of last summer - Oskar Linnros's "Från och med du" will be covered in English and will sound even better than original version I wouldn't believe you just like that but that's what I've just heard!
Magnus Carlson (not Alcazar's Magnus - that one has two "s" in surname) has made fantastic English cover called "From Now On" and with his velvet voice sounding a bit Stephen Simmonds-like (which is a big compliment for us) and slightly more live-sounding arrangement it turned to be somewhat pretty adorable.
As Magnus reveals when he has fallen in love with "Från Och Med Du" last spring he has written English lyrics and has put it on "Från Och Med Du"'s instrumental that by Oskar's words has turned "way too good". Later in June when Magnus was recording album "Echoes" with The Moon Ray Quintet Oskar has suggested to record this version with them, result is here and it's absolutely enjoyable track, check yourself.

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