Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Provider - (They Won't) Play Me On The Radio (video)

Seems like label has taken The Provider's comeback really serious as today few weeks after release we've got premiere of the video for the newest artist's single "(They Won't) Play Me On The Radio".
Video is according to song's lyrics is about guy getting absolutely insane about the radio not playing his song, it's pretty qualitative work and we're starting to love this song even more. You can check video right below.
Among another pleasant news - soon Danny is gonna release "Tonight" (amazing track from his album we've been talking about before) featuring The Provider as another single and we keep our fingers crossed for both songs to be played on the radio as massively as it's possible.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

first off, i love the title - it's so good :) And will sound so good played on the radio. i think i will take this on larry flick!! And very exciting news about Danny S next song!!

Damian said...

Ooooh, fantastic, Paul! It really deserves to get to Larry, he's gonna love it. I find this track so adorable in lyrics, sound, melody, everything. But as The Provider is actually new name for the most of Swedish audience label needs to work on his promotion a lot.