Friday, May 20, 2011

Eric Amarillo - Om Sanningen Ska Fram (video)

Around month ago Eric Amarillo from The Attic has presented his new solo-single "Om Sanningen Ska Fram" - track that we put our hope on but didn't expect that everything will go so fantastic for this release.
"Om Sanningen Ska Fram" has rocketed immediately appearing in iTunes-charts of Scnadinavian neighbours and becoming #1 hit in Sweden this week! I should mention that the highest entry of The Attic before was their colaboration with Therese "The Arrival" (and it was just #18) and by the way new Eric's song has made brilliant continuation of this year's trend of dance music in Swedish success.
Single has got support of new video that is live cut of The Attic clubbing, travelling and having fun, nothing new but looking nice and not boring at all.

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