Monday, May 9, 2011

Danny + Freja - If Only You

After making pretty fantastic job home this winter Danny Saucedo who has become runner-up of Melodifestivalen-2011 is back to his normal life and breaking through internationally - process that he actually didn't finish since 2007 and quite successfully at least in Eastern Europe.
Still nothing is as desired as breakthrough in UK for many Swedish acts as it can give a key to the rest of Europe and Danny currently prepares his debut in UK. Surprisingly it's not "In The Club" or any new track from the latest album. It's old good "If Only You" with new vocal partner Freja, renovated arrangement and new video, whole pack you can already check below.
Our thoughts? We like how Freja sounds and definitely like how gorgeous she looks but Therese sounded more personally to us though when we've heard their duo with Danny after his solo-version it was pretty unnatuaral for us too. New arrangement is exactly what's required to switch from Swedish pop-fans goodies to something pretending to get the rest of pop-audience. And the video, well, isn't it too much? It's shot well and Danny's superbody is gonna get girls melting and guys jealous but if this is "clean version" how dirty is gonna "dirty version" look like?!

3 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

The dirty version has female nudity and more S&M stuff. I wish he released In THe Club as the UK single because I doubt this will chart well :(

Bimbo.Boots said...

The dirty version is viewable on facebook... This track is timeless and I don't appreciate the reworking, especially the dubstep middle breakdown. Therese's vocal had more substance than this rent-a-pornstar :(

Paul said...

what is it with the swede boys and their censored/uncensored videos these days? I can't help but feel that this might actually do quite well in the UK. And hopefully Popular by Eric will do too! Let the Swedish invasion begin :)