Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caroline Wennergren - Drop Me Off In Harlem

Caroline Wennergren. We've discovered this lovely singer first time at Melodifestivalen-2005 with very sweet performance of her bossa nova-breathing song "A Different Kind Of Love" and Caroline looking so charming and sounding pretty special with her husky voice. It turned to a huge debut for Caroline - 5th place in the final (leaving artists like Linda Bengtzing, Sanna Nielsen and Jimmy Jansson behind). Caroline's single and album "Bossa Supernova" entered Top-20 and since that we didn't hear a lot about her.
Last year she has come back on the track with the wave of rumours she can enter Melodifestivalen again (she was signed to Lionheart and it was another strong reason to think so), it hasn't happened but now Caroline presents her new album "Drop Me Off In Harlem" (to be released on May 25th) so who knows what will happen next year.
Album was inspired by Afro-American jazz of 30-40ies - music that Caroline has fallen for after she watched documentary about Harlem back in 14. "Drop Me Off In Harlem" has become pretty atmospheric work with Caroline sounding very natural in a role of jazz-diva due to what we've heard in samples of forthcoming album. Very soft, warm and melodic sound, you can check it yourself below (or here) and if you'll like it I would also recommend Caroline's cover of John Lennon's "Love", another beautiful work released last year.

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