Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Le Kid - America (video)

Recently Le Kid unleashed their latest single "America" preparing the ground for release of band's debut album "Oh Alright" that will be out in June and today music video is presented as well.
We officially confirm to anyone who have any doubts that the video is FAB and you can already check it yourself! What do we love the most in it? Colours, hairdos, self-irony, drunk party and what have I forgotten...ah...yes, last few seconds of the video look like fantastic cherry on this pie.

2 коммент.:

JP.M said...

Very good song Damian. Funny Kid - America almost as Kim Wilde!
Soon, a hello to all Swedish!

Damian said...

Hm, didn't think about it, JPaul, but I guess you're right :)