Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream Beats Feat. Alcazar - Feel 4 U (official video)

Consider it as Le Kid's day on the blog but here we have another piece of their music - new single "Feel 4 U" of Dream Beats project featuring Alcazar just has got video online and can video with Alcazar be anything but amazing?
Just like Danny's video I told you about yesterday it's dirrrty, not as BDSM-dirrty as Danny's one, it's a dirrrty disco-video with smeared makeup, ripped tights and drunk dances. Alcazar in front of red-coloured background (as the song itself) still remind us "We Keep On Rockin'" and it's not a bad comparison. Well, stop talking and check it right now!

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

Loving Alcazar's team ups this year - first Same Difference and now this. A new album would just be peachy right now wouldn't it??!

Damian said...

If we could suppose it will finish with announcement about further Alcazar's break :(