Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hugo Rosas ft Glidish - Bara För Ikväll

Sweet small summer tune to cheer you up.
Swedish blogger Hugo Rosas presents his dance-single "Bara För Ikväll" with rap-artist Glidish and it's surprisingly quite enjoyable. I didn't tell you about any of them before and talking about music career of these guys there's nothing to tell about yet, it seems to be their first big shot so let's concentrate on music.
"Bara För Ikväll" is right that light catchy crossover between E-Type and Basshunter in Swedish which immediately fall into the category of candidates for summer big local hits in Sweden (yep, sommarplåga) so would be interesting to see if this track will realize its potential. However 100.000 views on youtube for just one week should mean something.

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