Friday, May 13, 2011

Timoteij - Run

Timoteij are back with brand new single "Het" that will be released already this Sunday and you can already check it on Schlagerprofilerna blog. It sounds as fantastic as loads of tracks from girls' first album but we expect something extra from full version and will better get back to you with final judgement after we'll listen to it in a few days.
And as warm-up I'm gonna tell you about the song Timoteij's carrer has started from, and no, it's not "Kom"! It's "Run" - English version of "Kom" that even wasn't sung by Timoteij then, Erika Selin was singing on that demo-track but here we have Timoteij performing English version. So you can decide yourself if it was a good idea to translate it into Swedish.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

i think i am so familiar with Kom now that anything else feels a bit weird... i'm not sure how i feel about this!! I love the new track though :)

Staryu said...

Kom has that sound in the chorus which is is way more effective than run.

Kom kom kom sounds a lot funnier.