Monday, May 16, 2011

Alex Sayz feat. Nadia Ali - Free To Go

One of our favorite club-acts who never disappoints Alex Sayz presents brand new collaboration "Free To Go" with not less than Nadia Ali!
Big and pleasant surprise for me being huge fan of Nadia's solo album "Embers" after she's left iiO (I don't believe you didn't hear her "Rapture" before) and you know what? I clearly can see "Free To Go" as Nadia's new solo-single to give a new push to career, as it's powerful, clubby but pretty liberal to be played actually everywhere, not only in the club.
If you've heard Nadia's voice you should realize that her hypnotizing and utterly sexy voice is absolutely perfect for club records and in this dark but energetic track with delicious explosive chorus she can be tough enough to blow it all and show the best of her.
We said before that Alex is future big international star of the world dancefloors and now we're convinced even more, new hit is born!

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