Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dream Beats feat. Alcazar - Feel 4U (full version)

Do you remember I told you about collaboration of Anders Hansson and Le Kid's Felix and Märta with Alcazar on debut track for brand new project Dream Beats?
Then we could listen to extended mix of this single that was really discotastic work raising loads of our nostalgic feelings of alcazarized era. Finally we get original version of "Feel 4U" and like we expected it's not million miles away from extended mix - a bit more concentrated and poppy with more strict tune. I've got idea it actually sounds like continuation of "We Keep On Rockin'", doesn't it? "We Keep On Rockin'" has reached #4 in Swedish chart, can it go as good for "Feel 4U"? Hope so!

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Mattias said...

Love it!