Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby Alice - Heaven Is A Dancefloor

Summer is almost here and Baby Alice are back with new single "Heaven Is A Dancefloor" to raise the heat of coming hot season.
Year ago latest single of the project "Piña Colada Boy" has discovered project for pop-blogging community and later virtual success was followed by commercial, "Piña Colada Boy" has become huge radio-hit in Russia and it was pretty smart to deliver new soundtrack for next summer right when it'll be especially demanded.
"Heaven Is A Dancefloor" feels like sister track of "Piña Colada Boy" but in this case it feels more like modern electronic sound meets old-school bubblegum, vocals are heavily electro-processed and production gives clubby feeling rather than open-air party mood but still chorus is ultra-catchy and truly poptastic so we say - welcome back to a new summer Baby Alice, we were waiting for you!

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