Monday, May 9, 2011

AiluCrash - Turn the Tide (Cilla Turns)

After Gravitonas, Alex Saidac and Brandur new-born Swedish label SoFo Records (joint venture of Lionheart Records and Alexander Bard) starts growing another international level act. This time it's rock-band AiluCrash with debut single "Turn The Tide" written by Andreas Öhrn (from Gravitonas), Ben Smith and Charlie Mason.
AiluCrash was formed back in 2005 - long before they've got their name and like any young rock band wrote, performed, tried to move their career forward but in a few years situation in band has turned pretty difficult with group moving to break-up. Lucky circumstance saved the band and finally gave it title AiluCrash when vocalist was invited to play character Ailu in movie "Jag Saknar Dig". "Turn The Tide" has become not only soundtrack for "Jag Saknar Dig" but the first big step to AiluCrash' forthcoming album.
Talking about "Turn The Tide" - it's alternative rock-ballad, classic rock-soundtrack melodically slightly close to "You Break Me Up" with first calm verse growing to marching second one exploding with big emotional rock-chorus.
By the way you can also find pleasant b-side "Love Hurts" on the single - another rock-ballad but much more melancholic, you can listen to it in cdon advert here.

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