Friday, May 6, 2011

Martin Stenmarck - Tonight's The Night

From the very first time we've heard about Martin Stenmarck we liked more or less everything that he made in music and still enjoying his fantastic album "One" nine years after its release and now we're still following every step of his career discovering new single "Tonight's The Night".
Martin stays pretty successful artist in Sweden and his last cover "Everybody's Changing" has spent 14 weeks in chart and has become real hit. Now we have another shot in English but with original stuff written by Martin and produced by Peter "Bassflow" Boström. I should say that latest Martin's singles caused buzz in pop-world much more in Bassflow mixes so it was really reasonable decision to release new work in Peter's production directly.
What we've got is 80% what you can expect hearing combination of Martin and Peter in one track. "Tonight's The Night" is epic pop-rock track with rhytmic stomping verses massively growing and growing to bombing and blasting chorus that is just HUGE!!! The rest 20% that you don't expect is pretty enjoyable growth of Peter's mixes and logical evaluation of sound, so voilà - they did it again!
Tomorrow Martin starts his new show "Kvällen är din" where he'll be making ordinary people's dreams come true so we hope our small wish of premiering new single live will be noticed as well. However below you can already check acoustic version of "Tonight's The Night" in Efter Tio.

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