Sunday, May 29, 2011

Olle Hedberg - Wonderful

Recently I told you about the first participant of Idol-2010 to start solo-career after the show - amazing Olle Hedberg who came third but was one of those artists we didn't have doubts about talking about future career potential because of unique charm of Olle's voice and whole concept of guy with guitar and original vocal that can shoot well in Sweden.
However we were quite surprised when we've heard single for the first time, "Wonderful" has turned to be a cover of Gary Go's song that Europe could recently hear in Eurovision-2011 interval-act. Song has entered many charts all over Europe when it was released back in 2009 but it hasn't happened in Sweden so it can sound fresh for Swedish audience, it fits Olle's voice even better than Gary's and finally this pop-rock track is fantastic with its beautiful melody, anthemic growth and emotional husky Olle's vocal manner.
After release it has immediately jumped to the top of iTunes chart, it has fallen out in time but I really hope it's just a beginning of this song's success before it has got proper promotion.

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