Thursday, May 12, 2011

Avicii - Silhouettes

We've already stopped following huge flow of new Avicii's works which are gonna fill dancefloors this summer at least in Sweden (sure hopefully all over Europe) but now we get release that sounds like really best track since Avicii's breakthrough "Seek Bromance" - new single "Silhouettes".
What have turned our head immediately is that vocal duty on this track provided not less than Salem al Fakir! Few years ago we've fallen in love with Swedish House Mafia collaboration with Salem on track "It's True" that is still one of our most beloved Salem's works so we had no doubts Salem's vocal functions great for club tracks and we weren't disappointed.
"Silhouettes" starts with pretty dark verse where Salem's almost whispering words very intimately before the song bursts with loud anthemic club-chorus followed by post-chorus instrumental line that sounds even more anthemic on the highest club-energy level.
The most gorgeous club-anthem of this summer we've heard so far.
Thanx for the tip to lovely Planet Salem.

2 коммент.:

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

You won't be surprised to know that I think it's completely amazing :)

Damian said...

Let's cross our fingers it'll be international shot for both. Regarding Avicii's new singles I can say only for Russia but they play him on the radio quite a lot! I mean different tracks not sticking to one big hit.