Sunday, May 22, 2011

Melody Club - Sweet Disaster

Melody Club presents new single from their last album "Human Harbour" - "Sweet Disaster".
Band released its album back in March and it was one of albums we were really looking forward even not being into Melody Club a lot before. We just felt that it's gonna be strong and previous single "The Hunter" - very atmospheric spring track with much stronger ABBA-feeling than we heard from this band before has become another reason.
The most pleasant is that "Human Harbour" hasn't disappointed at all! Grand productions, skilfull tunes and diversity of sound staying within certain concept - whole pack that charmed us immediately, truly impressive and beautiful work.
Comparing with "The Hunter" "Sweet Disaster" is much more melancholic and mild work, there's no need to jump and explode, Melodifestivalen is over so now it's time to relax, concentrate on music and enjoy it with a sad smile on a face.
Thanx for upload to #1 Hits From Another Planet.

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