Friday, May 6, 2011

The Provider - (They Won't) Play Me On The Radio

OMG!!! Right when we've started to think that one of the most promising names of Swedish electronic dance-music The Provider has left his starting career completely he's back with new single "(They Won't) Play Me On The Radio".
The Provider (Sebastian Larsson) has come to our lives few years ago with a song "Wanna Feel Real" - tasty piece of dance electronic music, bright and interesting debut that was noticed in blogging sphere (we need to say thanks about it to Poster Girl) but no updates from artist followed this premiere. Still it didn't mean we've forgotten about him and this Spring Sebastian has appeared on brand new track "Tonight" of Danny's album - exactly that sort of music we expected from The Provider's comeback.
Happily we can announce it wasn't the last piece of music for next few years from The Provider to come as we get new single "(They Won't) Play Me On The Radio" just released. It's commercial dance-track starting with massive electro-sound turning especially delicious with Owl City-style filtered vocals that turns to funky synth pre-chorus and opens in dreamy explosive club-chorus. Completely adorable track that hopefully will be followed by big success.

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