Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loreen's heart is still refusing her - in chill and dance

This week Loreen's fantastic single "My Heart Is Refusing Me" has become one of last three Melodifestivalen singles left in Swedish chart - with "Popular" and "Me And My Drum". Song is still growing as radio-hit and you can already find The Attic's mix of the song sneaking into radio-charts of Russia, we could also notice it in Norwegian iTunes-chart and taken as hit-warning at Rix FM in Sweden. Label is currently giving new push to this single with pack of new mixes - Anders Nyman dance mixes and whole 3 acoustic versions. Due to samples we're mostly intrigued in electro acoustic version but we can already listen to dance mix (which is really strong clubfiller) and light acoustic version (which is loads of crazy goosebumps indeed) and our heart is accepting both completely!

And don't forget to check this magic live version of the song that I didn't present here before but which is just mesmerizing!

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