Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sheelah - The Last Time

Sheelah delivers second single "The Last Time" and it feels like real smash hit!
If you've missed arrival of this project probably you heard about another one - Caracola. That Swedish dance-pop trio was formed in 2006 and for just 2 years they've managed to release 3 albums and successfully participate in Melodifestivalen 2008 with the song "Smiling in Love". But time of bright-colored bubblegum music has come to an end and two girls Emelie Rosén and Emma Lewin have presented their new project Sheelah (trying new girl but returning to initial idea of duo).
Last spring the band took part in Metro On Stage contest with their debut single "Psycho" - dynamic modern pop-rock song that surprised everyone who expected new dance songs.
After year of performances on different festivals and earning attention to new face and music image of project girls present new single "The Last Time" that again sounds like nothing you heard on their previous releases starting with beautiful piano-part in "When Love Takes It Over" style and explosing with monster beat of chorus breathing Tony Nilsson's hits for Darin and Elin Lanto (nothing weird about it as it's Tony who has produced it and has co-written it with Emma). Word brilliant sounds dimly comparing with this single! It's unbelievable pop-track!
"The Last Time" is already approved by Estonian and Dutch radiostations and will hopefully become huge hit not only in Sweden but abroad as well.

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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! And if this is a reject from this year's Melodifestivalen that jury needs to be changed pronto.

HyattCoolum said...

Well this is rather fantastic!

Damian said...

I'd dream to get it at MF! But there's no official information about it being reject.