Friday, January 14, 2011

NEO - Underground (video)

We hadn't wait before watching video for a new single "Underground" from NEO too long, it was delivered without pause after single release and here you can check it below.
Just like track itself it's dark dramatic story with strong scenes (within reasonable limits), Groundhog Day memories and love-will-overcome-everything idea, interesting and not trivial video. We really enjoy it, hope you will too.
Thanks to FizzyPop!! for tips about live performance of this song, it's shot by someone from hall but quality is good enough to realize how stunning NEO vocally in live performance.

2 коммент.:

Myfizzypop said...

Both the live performance and the stunning video have sent me over the top with this song. So very amazing. I think his second album is going to be excellent.

Damian said...

Neo has promised on his blog that it's not going to take long time before new single and new album :)