Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daily MF: I'm loving angels instead...

Shirley's Angels have presented their official image and new Facebook page and what we can see is pretty stunning. Two vamp-ladies and Shirley as Queen bee make us forget about Shirley's unlucky attempt two years ago. It wasn't she! Someone has copied her image and was singing a ballad that real Shirley would never bring to schlager-competition. But in the final, yes, it was our Shirley that we love so much.

Hope two years of Shirley's work in shop will pay amazing show this year! Recently Shirley was invited to perform at World Aids Day and she's presented small movie from her tour live. It's in Swedish but it doesn't make it any less funny.

And the last but the most important! Wanna see what sort of choreography Shirley's gonna make in Linköping on February 19th? Check this video, she'll demonstrate it in the end!

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Schlagerfiasko said...

So turned on right now.