Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brandur - The Illusion Of

Remember that shy charming guy Brandur singing blues-ballad "Lulluby" at Melodifestivalen-2008? He's back in completely new image and with completely new music.
Brandur's career has started back in the end of 90ies in teen age. Being talented promising musician he's become popular in the Faroe Islands and in Iceland after release of his debut album "Waiting in the Moonlight". By the way you can check interesting duet performance with Icelandic Yohanna when they were kids talents then.
Later in 2008 he performed at Melodifestivalen with his "Lulluby" and though he hasn't qualified he's got popularity in Sweden as well, being in demand on different festivals and releasing new album "Sometimes Truth Needs A Lie" in the beginning of 2010. Swedish audience could also see him in tour with Sanna, Shirley, Sonja and Måns during this Christmas.
But what an unexpected turn we've got when Brandur presented sample of his new single "The Illusion Of" - stunning electro-pop track in A-Ha meets Neo style with perfect falcetto and stylish dance-production. Due to cover he's gonna be back in completely different image as well - seems like like good guy style is in the past and it's gonna be truly exciting transformation!
Thanx to amazing Popdrömmen blog for the tip.

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Love it. Want it.

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