Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Andreas Johnson - One Man Army

It feels like after years of schlager-experiments and moving from brit-pop to acoustic sound Andreas Johnson is back to his roots, roots that made his name on international stage with world hit "Glorious" - epic pop-rock sound and amazing tune, that's how many people around planet have met Andreas Johnson and now Andreas is obviously coming back to such epic stuff.
It all started with fresh single "Escape" around year ago, followed by final of Melodifestivalen with big ballad "We Can Work It Out" and last Autumn blasting "Solace". Now we get brand new single "One Man Army" keeping line of epic massive sound that's more closer to "Escape" mixing dramatic keys and love-life power of the song in concentration making listener feel like Andreas is making his truly glorious comeback with new music probably first time since his 90s breakthrough!

2 коммент.:

Myfizzypop said...

stunning vocal, beautiful tune. All incredibly lovely :)

Damian said...

Andreas makes really great stuff lately, but glad he's back to what he had to do always :)