Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Danny Saucedo - Tonight

Melodifestivalen fever is getting calm, artists are going on tour to sell new released albums trying to stick into folk's memory not to waste such incredible opportunity.
Silver place of Melodifestivalen-2011 Danny Saucedo is back to his band EMD for upcoming tour and says he's not disappointed about not winning contest as it would mean real incredible hardworking closest months. Also he says EMD are going to send entry for next year MF so who knows - maybe it will be the winning song of next Melodifestivalen.
Right now promotion of Danny's new album "In The Club" in a full mode and one of songs that probably will make you interested if you haven't listened to this album yet is "Tonight" - drive-dance-pop track, pretty classic for Danny's previous albums but more mature sounding and featuring The Provider.

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Paul said...

i'm quite liking the 8 track danny album. it's all killer and leaves you wanting more. I get a bit annoyed with these 14 tracks plus various bonus tracks - i find the quality varies and you end up whittling it down anyway!!

Really like Tonight though - great choice of song. I find i'm playing Gangstas Paradise a lot by EMD. They changed the whole song from novelty into something brilliant!

Damian said...

I've missed review of EMD's album but it had some really enjoyable suff, I mean I really like that album, it's sort of magic and very inspiring work that sounds like guys did it just for themselves but I felt it more that their more commercial debut that was aimed for breakthrough.