Monday, April 18, 2011

Dream Beats feat. Alcazar - Feel 4U

This year Sweden gets new really exciting project Dream Beats. And can it be anything less than exciting when it's built by people like Anders Hansson (it's sort of impossible to make a list of all his hits but BWO, Alcazar and Agnes are the most recent artists he worked really successfully with) and Felix Persson with Märta Grauers from Le Kid (guys worked with Anders a lot on productions for different Swedish and foreign artists, for example new Kate Ryan's single "LoveLife" was delivered by this great team).
Now guys start their own project and they plan to invite different vocalists for their tracks. First vocal contribution for the first Dream Beats' single "Feel 4U" was provided not less than Alcazar and it's almost classic 80s disco-track with vocal line taking us somewhere to 90s pop-tradition. We don't take responsibility to judge by remix that was presented on band's site (and that you can check below) but you can read very interesting review on amazing Oswalds Popcorn blog.
Our opinion is that Alcazar never sounded so "alcazarized" like this for at least five years and it's definitely fantastic but not surprising thing - Anders wrote songs for every Alcazar album and sure he knows how to explode with that pure Alcazar disco-pop-fun. There is a looooong intro around 2 minutes, right after you'll become alcazarized (and we still wait for radio-edit to make final decision if it's a great track or if it's a great track).

2 коммент.:

Kevin said...

Cant wait to here the radio edit of this...the remix sounds interesting

Damian said...

Due to Ken from Oswalds Popcorn blog radio edit doesn't sound too different so I guess it's gonna sorta poppier and more concentrated.