Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Alice - Piña Colada Boy

Look who's on fire today! Popjustice has just posted the article about new single of the last eurodance-discovery of Catchy Tunes label - Baby Alice. This project is just on the way to make a buzz in Sweden and surprisingly it's already 5 years since guys has started to work on their songs and their first hit "Mr. DJ" was released on Warner Music Sweden, unfortunately it didn't become properly big by sales (that is actually a big shame as it's brilliant and I'm ready to reserve a place in my player for it at least till the end of summer) and recently band has moved to another label releasing their new single "Hurricane" and "Piña Colada Boy" now. This is very warm summer beach hit that you're undoubtfully gonna love if you miss Mr. President, Vengaboys and Basic Element eurodance-vibes.
You can also check some mixes for "Piña Colada Boy" on official myspace of the band.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

it's incessantly catchy isn't and just makes you feel like you are actually in summer no matter what the weather. Loving.

Damian said...

It's true, it makes me also feel a little (no, a lot!) nostalgic about 90s, like all the 90s in one track for me, nice feeling :)