Sunday, February 20, 2011

Viktorious - Instant Virtuality

Good news for everyone who's managed to fall fo fresh and amazing artist Viktorious! From now during 7 weeks he'll be making every weekend a bit happier for you with presentation of his new song that you'll be able to download absolutely for free (just for posting notification on your Facebook wall).
First presented track is "Instant Virtuality" - loud energetic pop-rock song sounding like colourful tv-advert soundtrack, for now it's hard to say how recognizable it is for Viktorious, he's just forming his musical image but it's pretty different from what we've heard from him before and it's great he provides this diversity.
After all tracks will be presented Viktorious will release EP "Best Of Viktorious Weekends" with all songs and will go out on tour.
You can download "Instant Virtuality" here and check new small rehearsal video below.

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