Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Roxette's "Charm School" has leaked!

When whole world of legal music buyers waits for new Roxette's album to be released on February 11th hardcore fans already enjoy leaked full-length tracks on youtube and other sources. So if you can't wait for official release you can check some diamonds of new album already now (videos are getting deleted by EMI pretty fast so these videos can disappear already when you read it).
After reviewing earlier presented samples we actually don't change opinion about favorites. It's "Speak To Me" - dark atmospheric ballad with epic choruses in a style of "Wish i Could Fly", "Only When I Dream" - another beautiful pop-track with expressive choruses starting with old-school pop-rock Roxette exploding with heart-breaking choruses and more dynamic "Big Black Cadillac" with life-asserting beat and dynamite energy.

1. Way Out
2. No One Makes it on Her Own
3. She's Got Nothing on (But The Radio)
4. Speak to Me
5. I'm Glad You Called
6. Only when I Dream
7. Dream on
8. Big Black Cadillac
9. In My Own Way
10. After All
11. Happy on the Outside
12. Sitting on Top of the World

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Dwayne said...

These are nice, and Marie sounds great. It is so good to hear her again. So far only "She's Got Nothing on (But The Radio)" seems like a potential big hit though. I hope it does well.
Please people if you like it, buy it. Make an investment in the artists you want to hear more from.