Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daily MF: Press reviews of Malmö's songs

Press has just finished listening to fourth Melodifestivalen's semifinal songs and fourth time we're giving summarizing of what Schlagerprofilerna, Melodifestivalklubben and Tobbe Ek have written.

Melody Club - The Hunter - song sounds more like new Destiny Calling (between The Ark and Toto) with Mika-falcetto but not as strong, it's happy guitar-pop with choruses hard to remember like in Linda Sundblad's song, however fans of Melody Club are gonna like it but chances are absolutely unclear.

Julia Alvgard - Better or Worse - song has got much more proper electrosound-update (than in Jonas' case), chorus is stronger than in many songs this year and could break through in a weaker semifinal but still remembering what a big names compete in this semifinal it may have no chance.

Lasse Stefanz - En blick och nånting händer - as classic dansband-schlager as it can be imagined that sounds a bit in a style of The Boppers and Jerry Williams music in the end of 80s and as it's what Lasse Stefanz are about it can be met very well by their fans but it's not The Playtones and dansband didn't do well last years so it doesn't seem to be top on Saturday.

Linda Pritchard - Alive - classic musical ballad between Moving On and Hollow, it's a lot in Kempe's style with big potential to get a great remix for schlager-dancefloor, builds from the beginning till the end with growing tempo and goes a bit too screaming in the end, it lacks hit-potential of Molitva or Is it true, has not so strong choruses and that's what makes it not obvious contender for Globen.

Anders Fernette - Run - sounds a lot in Anders ealier guitar-pop style with long start in first verse and catchy chorus with "Run" repeated many times, it's like Magnus Bäcklund-2011 and gonna be played on commercial radio-stations very well but it's hard to be seen as the song with strong chances.

Linda Bengtzing - E de fel på mig - 100% schlager that sounds like all previous Linda's hits in one, weaker version of Värsta Schlagern or continuation of Hur svårt kan det va? with heavier production. Song about Linda's man who empties her dishwasher and will fix her car but in chorus she dreams about another guy. Probably the biggest schlager-moment of the year but not clear will public get it as good as previous Linda's attempts as it's too classic Linda even for Linda. Loads of pyro can be expected during performance.

Nicke Borg - Leaving Home - classic rock-ballad in style of Takida with gutars and drums passing Nicke's voice very well, reminding a bit Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses" and it sounds like everything Road Salt wanted to be but hasn't managed and it smells like schlagerscandal-warning this week, very possible finalist.

Love Generation - Dance Alone - song in eurodance-sound of 90s with modern production (with Bubbles and Da Buzz vibes), hardly to be imagined performed by Gaga but Nicole and Alexandra Burke could easily sing it, song is very good but it's a big question if it's winner of the year and if girls will sing it better than Sara Lumholdt and Marie Serneholt not to fall with it.

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Patrik Krook said...

varför har di inte skrivit och lagt upp nått om Septembers nya skiva Love CPR än?

Damian said...

Jag försökte att prova det längre darför att det låter inte så...direkt till mig, jag gillar September men jag behöver mer tiden för att älska denna skiva :) Men måste skriva om det snart :)

Ubbe said...

Har nu lyssnat på CPR några dagar och måste säga att jag verkligen älskar plattan!! Grymt bra!

Paul said...

while i'm most excited for Love Gen, i can't help but feel it's Anders time to shine, break forth with something big (Headlines, Hungry Eyes are a good start) and be the popstar i know he can be... I don't think his will be the most exciting song of the contest but it should be a solid pop tune.

Anonymous said...

Will we hear today "Smyglyssna med Elsa" ?Could you please give us a link?

ubbe said...